How many calories in rolls and can you indulge in their diet?

Perhaps today is the most popular food. Fans of rolls and sushi regularly visit their favorite restaurants, make orders for the house and even virtuosos in their own kitchen. Is it possible to eat these delicious mini-rolls for body shaping? Will they become a danger to a thin waist? And the main question remains how many calories in many calories in rolls

Ambiguous delicacy

In traditional Japanese cuisine, a lot of variety of dishes, but the inhabitants of our country give sushi and rolls the undisputed palm. If judged from an aesthetic point of view, sushi is a small portion of rice with vinegar seasoning and seafood. The ingredients may vary, but the shape remains constant. Rolls - this is one of the varieties of sushi. They are shaped like small rolls stuffed with rice, fish or vegetables. Top rolls wrapped with a sheet of nori seaweed or rice paper.With the last ingredient sweet rolls are usually made. Japanese dishes are very light and savory, so it seems that it is impossible to recover from them. Is it so? Alas, but it is impossible to say with accuracy to one, how many calories are in rolls. Each housewife will cook them in their own way, especially now that the supermarkets are full of sets for home culinary exploits.

Appeal of a dish

When the rolls only appeared in the restaurants menu, nobody was interested in their energy value. What was more important was their singularity, the original combination of rice with algae and raw (!) Fish. Sure sauces were served to the rolls, and the varieties made it possible to take into account any taste wishes. In the analysis, it turned out, however, that there was no longer any exotic in cooking, but with the naked eye there was a noticeable absence of harmful additives and notorious preservatives. There are also antagonists of popular Japanese cuisine. They point to the fact that eating raw fish is dangerous for health. But here they have something to argue. The Japanese strongly recommend to saute rolls with the sharpest sauce of wasabi and pickled ginger. The taste at the same time turns out many-sided and saturated.Taste receptors are irritated, and the digestive system is more many calories rolls philadelphia

What is your attitude to diet?

But how many calories in rolls? First you need to note that the portion can be small and large. In baked rolls, the weight is greater, and the sweet ones altogether frighten by the amount of high-calorie ingredients. You can find rolls up to 65 kcal per serving, and some roll over 250 kcal per 100 grams. To memorize the calorie table is useless, as new items appear every day. It is better to arrange a small analysis of the dish to determine what you can eat on a diet. Rice, which forms the basis of rolls, is useful even on a diet. Mostly used special rice, but you can take the usual white. At 100 grams of its caloric content will be 330 kcal. The lion's share of substances in its composition refers to carbohydrates, and 10% divide proteins and fats. Two thirds of it depends on rice, how many calories in rolls. Rice has a low level of cholesterol, its nutritional value. But there are also disadvantages in it - it washes away potassium and magnesium salts from the body, therefore a large number of rolls are not recommended for people with heart and vascular diseases.The remaining ingredients on the calorie effect only partly. Nori sheets are safe for losing weight. In a large portion, their proportion is only 2-3 grams, and caloric content is 349 kcal per 100 grams. The beneficial properties of nori are identical with laminaria: a lot of iodine, the ability to remove heavy metals and strengthen blood many calories in salmon rolls

Heading for Philadelphia!

Let's try to make out how many calories in Philadelphia rolls. Without exaggeration, it should be noted that this is the most popular variety. At standard stages of cooking calorie equivalent to 202 kcal per 100 grams. Alas, but the controlling package of calories falls on fats. This is the most difficult version of the dish, which is explained by the active incorporation of cream cheese into the composition. The top layer of rolls may include pieces of fresh or lightly salted salmon. The filling includes caviar, green onions and cucumber. In different restaurants they can answer differently the question of how many calories in Philadelphia rolls, as sometimes the recipe is modified. Much depends on calorie calf and top layer of rolls. But, fortunately for losing weight, almost all restaurants have adopted the practice of indicating the energetic value of Japanese dishes in one of the corners of the many calories in california rolls

Caught a fish!

In the diet of losing weight red fish is not very often due to the fat content.But to avoid it is unwise, because these fats are useful for the prevention of heart disease, blood vessels, skin nutrition and improve brain function. If you add red fish to your menu, sleep is normalized and cell regeneration is accelerated. How many calories in salmon rolls, for example? Approximately 115 kcal, if you do not add sesame, which is often used for powder. Often, salmon is based on the California rolls, although the original recipe implies crab meat, cucumbers and avocados. Sometimes cucumber can be replaced with mango or ordinary carrot. "California" refers to the class of rolls "inside out". The author of "California" chose avocado for the filling, as he considered it an analogue of tuna. His principle of wrapping explained aesthetics. From above, the roll spilled tobiko or sesame seeds. In Russia, instead of crab meat, crab sticks are put in the filling, which reduces the cost of the process and facilitates the recipe for its caloric content. Thus, the question of how many calories in California rolls can be answered evasively; in Russia, the final figure may drop to 105 kcal per 100 grams. It is pleasant that in the composition of these rolls there are no raw foods, and therefore the risk of an allergic reaction is many calories in rolls with cucumber

For vegetarians and vegans

For the sake of a good figure and a healthy body, many go for serious decisions. In particular, the number of vegans and vegetarians in the country is steadily increasing. They will be interested in how many calories in rolls with cucumber, because this delicacy fits into the norms of their nutrition. For a portion of 110 grams will be 110 kcal. But of course, you need to take into account the caloric content of soy sauce (70 kcal), wasabi (60 kcal) or apple cider vinegar (13 kcal). Cucumber for the recipe can be taken both greenhouse and regular. For a portion, you will need about a teaspoon of black sesame seeds and wasabi for piquancy.

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