How many baby teeth in children should be normal

It is worth the child to come into the world, as loving andcaring parents are encouraged to customize it under certain schedules and rules. Fortunately, different calendars of development and other similar things are full of space in the vastness of the World Wide Web! Ah, the neighbor child is already holding his head? Hence, our lagging behind, urgently to the doctor! Sometimes parents manage to create a panic on a flat place, not knowing how many baby teeth children should have, when they appear and when they fall out many baby teeth in children

It would be nice to understand that every childindividual, and in terms of "growing" teeth, including. Of course, there are certain standards, for example, it is known how many baby teeth in children grow to 2-3 years. By this age, the child has twenty teeth. But the other nuances can vary quite sensitive depending on different conditions.

Usually the teeth begin to be cut at the age of six months. But this is averaged, someone becomes toothy before (some babies are even born with teeth!), Some later. It is not necessary to panic, but if the teething of the child is delayed for several months, it is better to consult a doctor. It is he who will say whether this is the result of a lack of vitamins or a physiological feature. By the way, if the parents' teeth erupted late, most likely, children also have early teeth should not wait.change of baby teeth in children

But it's not only a painful question: "How many baby teeth do children have?" excites many moms and dads. Other "dental" problems are also a cause for concern. For example, at what age does the change of infant teeth begin in children. Here too very flexible terms. The first tooth a child can lose in 4 years, and at seven. But more often it's 5-6 years old. Most often in the beginning, the child "gets rid" of the lower teeth, and then from the upper ones. Usually, to the first class, most kids flaunt with holes in the mouth, so it's worth worrying only when the milk tooth staggers for a very long time, but does not fall out. In this case, it is better to consult a doctor, since the incising root tooth, not being able to grow freely, can get out crooked or cause discomfort to the child.

Hence another question follows itself: Is it necessary to remove baby teeth from children? As already mentioned above, it is worth removing the staggered milk tooth, if it causes pain, discomfort, prevents eating or jeopardizes the health of the future molar. It seems everything is clear, but what if the tooth is affected by caries? The answer to this question can be given only by the dentist after the examination.

removal of baby teeth in childrenMost parents, unfortunately, believe thatMilk teeth to treat, and even more so to remove, it is not necessary. Like, still fall out! And absolutely in vain - because a sick milk tooth can not only infect future molars, but also seriously infect the body. The fact is that only the incised root teeth have a weak enamel, which is why they are more prone to caries. So the patient's tooth is better to remove, good, modern pediatric dentistry has a lot of safe and effective means for painless treatment.

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How many baby teeth in children should be normal How many baby teeth in children should be normal How many baby teeth in children should be normal How many baby teeth in children should be normal How many baby teeth in children should be normal How many baby teeth in children should be normal