How Luba from "Interns" lost weight? We know the answer!

For decades, many womenwonder about how to get rid of hated pounds at the waist. Indeed, such a serious problem has always attracted interest. So, some prefer to rely solely on themselves, experimenting with diets. Others resort to the help of modern medicine, using all sorts of operations for liposuction and reducing the volume of the stomach. Still others follow the example of stars who managed to cope with this problem. In this article, we'll talk about how Luba has lost weight from Interns. Judging by the latest photos, this woman really managed to acquire a dream figure.

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How Luba from "Interns" lost weight? A bit of prehistory

As the actress Svetlana Permyakova admits, withher childhood was not very thin. Moreover, after pregnancy the woman could not come to form in any way. Her sides were rounded every day, and the butt and legs "grew" in breadth, literally by the hour. It was then that the actress decided to put herself in shape. At first she refused from fat and spicy food and started to visit the gym daily. However, the weight was all "standing" in place, so it was the turn of hard diets. Svetlana had to forget about sweet, flour, bread and meat. The daily ration consisted of kefir and vegetables, but all efforts were in vain.

any of the interns lost weightLuba from the "Internov" lost weight on coffee?

As is known, all efforts in our life arerewarded. Once the actress found information that green coffee with ginger helps to get rid of excess inches at the waist. However, it was not an advertised drink, but a special kind of coffee and the so-called Argentine ginger. The actress read reviews and decided on this step.

How Lyuba from the "Internov" lost weight? Photo and result

Indeed, the actress Svetlana Permyakovahas acquired this unusual drink and began to use it daily. The result, as you know, did not take long to wait: just a week later she noted that her complexion had improved, her sides had tightened, and there was nothing to say about her stomach. Undoubtedly, such pleasant changes forced to continue this "diet". By the end of the second week, she managed to get rid of six kilograms. Undoubtedly, the actress continued to actively engage in sports, but the pounds all the while melted. After 1.5 months Svetlana said goodbye to 26 kg. Now the Internet and all kinds of magazines are literally full of her pictures with a thin waist and a pumped-up booty. That's the whole secret of how Lyuba lost her mind from Interns. Now the actress advises this miraculous recipe to all her friends.

any of the interns lost weight photo


So, in this article, we talked about howLyuba from "Interns" lost weight. Believe this "diet" or not - it's up to you. However, today an increasing number of women prefer not to exhaust themselves with hunger and exercise in the gym, but simply drink delicious and healthy coffee. It should be noted that now it is possible to find the most diverse and simultaneously unimaginable recipes and the results of the coffee diet so popular in recent times.

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How Luba from Interns lost weight We know the answer How Luba from Interns lost weight We know the answer How Luba from Interns lost weight We know the answer How Luba from Interns lost weight We know the answer How Luba from Interns lost weight We know the answer How Luba from Interns lost weight We know the answer