How is the teacher's salary calculated? Accounting

Teacher is a noble and necessary profession. The first teacher is remembered if not all, then many for sure. In turn, the teacher remembers each student, who fairly spoiled his nerves. How much does the teacher receive, and how is the teacher's salary calculated?

how the teacher's salary is calculated

Calculation of basic salary

Payment for a difficult work of a teacher is calculatedin three ways: on a base salary, a fixed rate or a student's hourly pay. Basic salary is a method when bonuses for checking exercise books, conducting electives, number of pupils, number of pupils-winners of olympiads and others are added to the base salary.

To understand how to calculate salaries for a teacher by salary, you need to know the rates for the following blocks:

  • the amount of the teacher's salary;
  • special payments, which includethe deviation of working conditions from the norm, the presence of supervised classes as a class teacher, the assigned category, the holding of meetings with the parents of students, the need to check notebooks, work on educational materials, management of the cabinet;
  • incentive payments (this block includesencouragement for the results achieved on the basis of participation in regional and regional olympiads, the success of passing a unified state examination and the lack of facts of deviant behavior among children).

Calculation of wages at a fixed rate

How to calculate a teacher's salary bycalled, the "All inclusive" method? This method is based on the official salary based on 36 hours of teacher work, as well as incentive payments. Stimulant payments, as in the first case, are the same. The application of new solutions and approaches in the field of education, fulfillment of especially important tasks of management is also taken into account. Of considerable importance is the length of service.

Pupil-hourly remuneration

On how to accrue a teacher's salary based onworked hours, accountants are thinking in many regions of Russia, including in Moscow or the Kaliningrad region. In this case, the concepts of the basic and stimulating parts remain, proceeding from the ratio of 70% to 30%. The base part takes into account the load, the number of pupils. Conducting research, participating in conferences and competitions, developing educational materials become the main factors for the accountant who pondered over the question of how to calculate the salary of the teacher.

how to calculate a teacher's salary

Wages of a primary school teacher

With children from 6 to 10 years of work is interesting, butnevertheless difficult. At this age, the child first encounters a world of seriousness and responsibility. The teacher's task is not to harm the children's curiosity, the desire for knowledge, to help the child become more diligent, attentive and responsible. How is the salary of the primary school teacher calculated, if the opportunities for participation in major regional and regional events are minimized, and the junior student is still far from the exams?

how to calculate salaries for a teacher's salary

The main variables in the calculation of wagesfees will be the hourly rate approved by the director of the educational institution, the number of hours worked, the number of children the teacher holds classes and the percentage of the allowance, depending on the teacher's category.

Teachers of Foreign Languages ​​and Wages

Today it is fashionable and even necessary to teach foreignlanguages, because this is a direct path to success and decent earnings, as well as the possibility of free travel. It is easy to imagine how the English teacher's salary is calculated and what it consists of.

how to calculate the salary of an English teacher

Provided that, for objective reasons, uschool management is not possible to give additional stress to the teacher, he is guaranteed wages at the same level as if he had assumed additional duties. In this case, there is a good opportunity to help the student learn the material in a foreign language and prepare him for participation in the olympiads in English.

How to calculate the salary of English teacherslanguage? As well as other teachers. The advantage of teaching English is also that a teacher can always earn a tutor.

Bookkeeping calculation of teacher's salary

Teacher's salary is calculated as the product of the base rate per hour (the academic hour is taken), the number of hours worked and the percentage of the premium for the qualification awarded.

The qualification of a teacher includes education and work experience, as well as the results of passed attestations. The higher the qualification, the more the teacher's income.

The qualification category is valid for 5 years, after which its confirmation or increase is required. There are the first qualification category and the higher one.

how the primary teacher's salary is calculated

Recommended charging frequency - once peryear, with the exception of curricula, according to which hourly work is established in the semesters. Volumes of loads are coordinated at the beginning of the first and second academic half-year. Based on curricula and developed educational programs, the hourly load of each teacher is considered to be multiplied by the wage rate. Cases where one teacher replaces another is paid extra. Teacher's remuneration should remain at the same level, if the load was reduced for reasons beyond his control.

Tariffication must be made inthe end of the school year before the teachers leave on vacation. The rules established that informing employees about tariffication should occur no later than two months before the effective date.

Payroll to the teacher

Talks about salary of budgetaryworkers do not stop. From the TV screens, the public always hears only that another increase in wages is planned or already put into action. Despite this, the budgetary sphere is in the constant search for employees.

How to calculate the teacher's salary in order to attractThis demanded in the labor market profession of youth attention. With a view to resolving this issue, new remuneration systems are periodically introduced. The latest changes in the system came into force on January 1, 2017.

If the teacher starts working in themid-year, the average salary is calculated according to the following scheme: the established rate per hour is multiplied by the total amount of hours of the teacher's load and is divided by the number of full months left before the end of the school year. Calculation of wages for an incomplete month is based on the actual hours worked.

how to pay a teacher's salary

How to calculate the teacher's salary for the new system

A new system of remunerationsetting the basic part of wages at the level of 70% in the overall structure, the remaining 30% will account for the compensatory and stimulating parts. Also, to equalize the income, it is proposed to cancel the lowering coefficients for teachers without higher education.

Regulations on the payment of teachers' work, which prescribes how the teacher's salary is calculated, should contain the following main points:

  • definition of the concept and rates of salaries of specialists;
  • hourly wage rates;
  • definition of the structure of compensation payments;
  • definition of the structure of incentive payments;
  • making payments on the basis of tariffs;
  • hourly wages are fixed;
  • The inclusion of additional hours of substitution for other teachers.

Salaries of teachers in Moscow and Moscow region

The level of salaries in Moscow is much higherregional indicators. Delays in salary payments are also rare for Moscow teachers, compared with colleagues from the regions. A negative moment for a teacher from Moscow is only delays in indexing.

how to calculate teacher's salary

From how the teacher's salary is calculated inMoscow, there are differences in the calculation of wages for teachers of the capital and for his colleagues from the Moscow region. For example, an accountant in an educational institution in Moscow will apply the method "Pupil-hour", in the Moscow region, the "Basic salary +" method will be used as a basis.

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