How is the self-adhesive film used?

Self-adhesive film as a finishing materialowes its origin to polyvinyl chloride, which was invented twice in the 19th century. However, a patent for this substance was received only a century later, when it found commercial application. The progenitor of modern "self-adhesive" appeared in 1930, when in Scotland, Scotch tape - cellophane-based tape with a sticky layer was invented.

self-adhesive film

Today self-adhesive film for repairis released in thousands of options, which makes it a favorite of designers. In addition, the material has an enviable strength, long service, withstands high temperatures (some samples do not change their properties at 80 degrees Celsius). Also, the coating is waterproof and can be operated in high humidity conditions. It is also important that quality film is safe for health. For convenience, a measuring grid with a step of one centimeter is applied to its opposite side.

Self-adhesive film is easy to use andoperation. To decorate the surface with such a coating, it must be degreased and cleaned of dust. Cracks and defects of the base are shpatlyuyutsya and polished. The surface of synthetic materials should be slightly moistened. The process of gluing begins with the separation of a small area (a few centimeters wide) from the paper. It is glued to the right place, after which the paper layer is gently, several centimeters, removed in the "down" direction, and the film is pressed against the surface with a soft cloth. Smoothing should be done from the center to the edges in order to avoid bubbles. If they appeared, you can use a needle to pierce and release air.

printing on self-adhesive film

In addition to repair work, self-adhesive filmIt is used to create a protective coating on documents (lamination). As a rule, these articles have the size A4, a transparent surface, a thickness of about 100 micrometers and a complete set of 100 pieces.

After the appearance of printers, the material appeareda new application - printing on self-adhesive film. It is issued in sets of 25 sheets (as a rule) and allows you to print a color picture or black and white text.stained-glass self-adhesive filmThen a paper substrate is removed from the film, and the material can be pasted onto a surface.

Many of us would like to put the house orgiving beautiful stained glass windows or doors. But their cost is sometimes very high. Therefore, it is easier to buy such material as a stained-glass self-adhesive film. You can buy as ready-made drawings, and draw your sketch on the glass and "collect" a stained-glass window from pieces of film of different colors and textures. There are companies that specialize in selling supplies for such works, including gold and silver self-adhesive tapes that simulate lead lintels.

From unusual stickers it is possible to note suchA sample, like an electrochromic film, that has the ability to change transparency, heat absorption or light transmission. It can be successfully applied in winter gardens, on windows, in attic rooms, etc. This is an excellent alternative to blinds. In addition, it can be used as a screen for displaying movies and for decorating office partitions.

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