How is the certification of auditors?

Increasingly, in the modern world, companies andenterprises need a third-party view for their successful development. The need to apply to the services of an audit firm arises under certain circumstances:

  • impossibility to obtain objective information from the administrative department of the company (enterprise) in case of conflict or disagreement between the department and the owner, investor or creditor;

  • obvious dependence of making an important decision on the basis of the information received;

  • lack of specialized knowledge for accurate verification of transmitted information;

  • lack of necessary access to information for a correct assessment of its quality.

The resulting circumstances led tothe emergence of the need for professional services of independent experts - auditors. They are specialists with appropriate training, sufficient qualifications, and specialized experience.

Guaranteed professionalism of such a specialistis the timely certification of auditors, which must be confirmed once a year. Before retesting, the applicant is trained in advanced training courses. In our country, serious demands are made on persons wishing to conduct audit work. This applies to education, professional experience, and knowledge of business Russian.

Checking the qualifications of the future auditoris held in the form of a qualification exam. The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has developed the procedure for conducting the exam, outlined the range of issues that the applicant is facing. Attestation of auditors with the conduct of the qualification examination is conducted specially created by the procedure developed by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, by a single attestation commission. All the constituent documents of the commission and the amendments to them must be approved by the Ministry of Finance, and then approved.

Qualification of a specialist is checked in the following areas:

  • general audit;

  • audit of exchanges, investment institutions and off-budget funds;

  • audit of insurance organizations;

  • audit of mutual insurance societies;

  • audit of credit institutions, banks and bank holdings.

Based on the results of the passed and successfully passed exam, a single auditor certificate is issued.

Certification of auditors is not carried out if the candidate does not meet the requirements put forward:

  • Lack of required length of service;

  • inadequate higher education (for example, the university does not have state accreditation for conducting educational activities).

The decision to refuse to conduct certification and issue qualifications can be challenged in court.

In Russia, the legal and organizational framework for auditing includes four main levels:

- The law on audit. The basic Law. Determines the place of audit as an equal element in financial and economic activity;

- federal standards and rules. Define general regulatory issues at the level of the subjects of the state;

- standards of professional auditorganizations and regulatory acts of departments and ministries. Applied in specific industries and on certain issues of taxation, business law and accounting;

- internal standards of audit organizationsactivities based on federal standards and own practice. These documents are the property and prerogative of audit firms that determine the quality of its work and prestige in the services market.

Every professional who has received a qualificationcertificate of the auditor, must annually confirm it. Thus, attestation of auditors is annually held after the refresher courses. The training program is approved by the federal body authorized by the Ministry of Finance.

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