How is bikini hair removal performed?

There is a desire to show a beautiful body in beautifulswimsuit? Then you can use hair removal procedures, divided into two categories, hair removal and depilation. The methods differ in effectiveness: in the first case, the hair will not grow long enough (several years) or even disappear, while hair removal may appear the next day on depilation. This effectiveness of hair removal is based on the removal of hairs with roots, and during depilation, only the upper part, located above the skin, is removed.

If you like bikini more, then youshould know that agreeing to the procedure, will have to endure the pain if it is electroepilation, waxing or shugaring, which is why most women prefer depilation, even though it is necessary to spend every day.

Interested in how to do bikini hair removal? Find out more information in the beauty salon offering this service. There are different ways of epilation, which you should tell in detail. Since the procedure is carried out in the intimate zone, you need to be confident in the specialist who will conduct it, so ask about the availability of a license from the salon and the recommendation.

Bikini hair removal is not a procedure for shy. If you prefer to remove all the hair from the area, then this "Brazilian hair removal" will require different positions of the body, so you need to be ready to be in the most bizarre and indecent poses. No expert advises you to do hair removal at home, as there is a possibility of infection. In addition, the salons have professional cosmetics that will help prevent unwanted effects in the form of irritations and inflammations.

Before you make an epilation bikini, it's worthchoose time. It is best to plan the procedure after the end of menstruation, because the sensitivity of the skin, at this time is lower. For the same reason, it is worthwhile to refrain from the procedure during ovulation. It is better to choose the first half of the day when the pain threshold is higher.

In order to choose the type of hair removal,suitable for your type of hair, use the advice of the trichologist. Preliminarily learn about how the procedure and its contraindications are conducted, among which the standard is a ban for pregnant women and people with weak psyche.

The article already mentioned that bikini hair removal at home should not be conducted. In the salons offer several types of this procedure: electro-epilation, waxing, laser hair removal, photoepilation.

Among all these methods, waxing(bioepilation) is becoming more popular. The procedure is carried out using a special wax. For the bikini zone, hot wax is used, which is why waxing at home is not recommended.

The procedure of sugaring, the so-called sugarepilation bikini, like waxing, but for this use warm melted sugar. Both after waxing, and after a shugaring, you can not go to the solarium for a few days, you can go to water procedures at public places (sauna, swimming pool) for a day. To the skin quickly recovered, you can not apply any makeup. Sugar epilation of a bikini is more preferable, since irritation after it appears much less often.

Other names of types of epilation speak for themselves:
- Laser hair removal is carried out by a laser beam,which affects the skin pigment melanin and leads to the destruction of the follicle. The procedure is suitable only for dark hair, painless and effective (hair disappears forever or for several years).
- Electrolysis - the procedure leading todestruction of the follicle due to electric current. For the bikini zone is not recommended because of soreness and possible appearance of scars, pigment spots and so on.
- Photoepilation - the effect of light on the follicle,leading to its destruction. The procedure is practically painless and is performed faster than laser hair removal. More effective for dark hair. 6-7 procedures will remove hair permanently.

Special attention should be paid to a new bikini epilation, called elos-hair removal, which allows you to get rid of hair, due to the simultaneous action of light and current on the follicle.

Before choosing the appropriate type of hair removal,you can seriously take contraindications to avoid serious consequences that can harm not only the skin, but also health. Do not skimp on yourself - spend epilation in the bikini zone in a specialized salon, having previously acquainted with the recommendations of other visitors who have already performed this procedure.

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