How does wi-fi work?

Alexander Smaznev
Alexander Smaznev
October 5, 2014
How does wi-fi work?

Wi-Fi is a modern technology of wirelessly connecting computers, laptops and smartphones to one network and connecting them to the Internet. You can read more about Wi-Fi, how to configure it on your computer in the article What is wifi.

The principle of Wi-Fi

Wireless connection of computers to the Internet occurs through the use of radio waves and, by the principle of operation, does not differ from the operation of radio stations, cell phones and television receivers. The only significant difference in Wi-Fi is the use of higher frequencies than in radio communications and television broadcasts (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz). Work at such frequencies and allows you to transfer large amounts of information.

To implement wireless Internet access, a router (router) with a built-in radio transmission module and a similar module installed in a computer or laptop are required. The router connects to the Internet via a network cable through an ISP. By cable, a digital signal from the Internet is fed to the router, where it is converted into radio waves.The router sends a radio signal to the computer receiving module, which again converts it to digital. Similarly, a digital signal from a laptop is encoded by a transmission module into a radio signal, transmitted “over the air” to a router, converted into a digital one and sent to the worldwide network.

How does a Wi-Fi router work

Routers are able to transmit a signal from the Internet to more than one device. This allows a single network cable to access the Internet immediately from a stationary computer, laptop, tablet, etc. The area of ​​operation of modern routers is 50-100 meters (in the absence of obstacles). This allows a person to freely move around the apartment with a mobile device, without losing the connection with the world wide web.

The memory of the router contains a routing table in which the paths to all connected devices are stored. The width of the Internet access channel provided by the provider is also distributed among all mobile and stationary devices. It should be noted that the connection via Wi-Fi via a router is convenient for communicating in social networks or via Skype, viewing email, surfing the Internet.For online viewing of surround video or downloading files, a network connection is more suitable.

How does Wi-Fi work on a laptop?

Most modern laptops are equipped with a built-in module for receiving and transmitting radio signals that support a Wi-Fi connection to the Internet. Such devices usually have a Wi-Fi logo sticker. Network equipment for wireless connections is produced by many companies that use different technical solutions for this. However, the presence of the Wi-Fi logo tells consumers that manufacturers use a single communication standard, and devices from different companies will be mutually compatible, that is, they will be able to work with each other on the same network.

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