How does a miscarriage happen?

The time of the merger of the egg and sperm is considered the beginning of pregnancy. The normal development of the fetus can be hampered by various factors, the result of which is a miscarriage. In this article, we will discuss in detail why a miscarriage occurs, what are its symptoms, and what is prevention.

Miscarriage is considered an abortion, which occurs spontaneously at a short time, up to 22 weeks. In pregnancy, it is recommended to pay special attention to 4-5, 8-9, 11-12 weeks.

Early miscarriage

A spontaneous interruption of up to 12 weeks is considered an early miscarriage. This is a big problem now, because there are quite a few such cases in medical practice. Almost 25% of pregnancies end in tragedy.

It often happens that a woman does not know about pregnancy and miscarriage. In a single case, miscarriage can be considered as a set of circumstances or natural selection. The occurrence of several miscarriages in a row (usually three) is already diagnosed as habitual miscarriage.

In any case, it is worth contacting a specialist who will analyze your case in detail and prescribe the appropriate treatment.


At present, it is not always possible to identify the exact cause of spontaneous abortion up to 22 weeks. In medicine, the following main reasons stand out:

  1. Hormonal problems in the mother's body - this is the most common cause, which results in a miscarriage. In some cases, timely treatment at the hospital can save the fetus. In case of hormonal deficiency, the attending physician prescribes drugs that compensate for the lack of hormones. In some cases, a surplus of male hormones, namely androgens, can contribute to miscarriage. Polycystic ovaries may be one of the causes of this phenomenon.
  2. Genetic anomaly. Associated with a particular case of fetal mutation, and not with a hereditary pathology (as a rule, mutations are caused by the action of various harmful external factors). The body, realizing that the embryo stopped in development, begins a spontaneous miscarriage. It is impossible to stop such an abortion, since the fetus has already died, and there is no point in preserving pregnancy.Mutations in a woman’s body can be caused by: smoking, drugs, alcohol, ecology, drugs, etc.
  3. The causes of the immunological nature - usually occur due to Rh-conflict. It manifests itself in women with a negative Rh factor. In this case, the threat can be eliminated with the help of drugs that neutralize the antibodies in the woman's body.
  4. Harmful habits - always negatively affect the fetus, therefore, all harmful factors are recommended to be excluded even when planning a pregnancy.
  5. Any infections, including sexually transmitted infections, also cause mutations and lead to miscarriages.
  6. Stress of a different nature, and especially long-term experiences, are accompanied by the release of harmful hormones, which very adversely affect the course of pregnancy, and in some cases lead to miscarriage.


In this section, we will discuss the symptoms of early miscarriage, which are divided into several stages:

  • first there are nagging pains in the lower abdomen, while the general state of the body is normal, but there is no discharge;
  • in the second stage, there are significant discharge, which indicates the detachment of the ovum; colic pains are possible;
  • then the fetal egg perishes; there is a complete detachment, accompanied by severe pain and heavy discharge. At this stage, it is necessary to consult a doctor, because sometimes additional procedures may be required to remove the remnants of the fetus.


How to understand that a miscarriage occurred at an early period, if there are no obvious signs? The main method used in medicine in the diagnosis of pregnancy and miscarriage is ultrasound. This method allows early diagnosis of abnormalities, as well as the fact of fetal fading.

The study of hCG levels is also considered a method for diagnosing possible problems during pregnancy. With fetal fading, the level of hCG decreases.


In order to avoid complications after a miscarriage, compulsory drug treatment is required. If the treatment is done on time, then there will most likely not be any complications. Let's take a look at what happens after a miscarriage, if you don’t go straight to the hospital.

Pulling off the scraping, you can get an infection that contributes to the development of endometritis and inflammation of the appendages, which in the future can lead to infertility.The fallopian tubes may be impassable, and as a result, the ovaries will no longer function normally.

To find out the causes of miscarriage and to normalize the condition of the woman after it, the gynecologist usually prescribes an examination. When re-miscarriage, you need a full examination, which includes the study of hormonal levels, genetic diseases, infections and much more. Miscarriage is a very serious shock to the body of a woman. It is recommended to take a vacation or sick leave in order to adapt both physically and morally.

Timely determination of the causes of miscarriage and their elimination (treatment) are important for the normal development of further pregnancies.


Preparing a woman for the upcoming pregnancy will help eliminate the factors contributing to miscarriage. In preventive measures, you need to quit smoking, use alcohol and drugs, as well as balance the diet, normalize the daily regimen. You should also examine the body for infections and determine whether hormones are normal.

From the beginning of pregnancy, you should tune in a positive way, which will also serve as a kind of prevention.It has been proven by science that in a calm emotional state a spontaneous miscarriage occurs much less frequently. And with the risk of miscarriage, it is best to go to the hospital for preservation.

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