How is coffee grown?

Alena Anisimova
Alena Anisimova
February 25, 2013
How is coffee grown?

Probably, many will be interested to learn how to grow coffee - a drink that has conquered the whole world with its taste. Coffee tree belongs to the genus of small trees or evergreen shrubs from the marenov family. Grows in a humid, hot climate. There are more than fifty kinds of coffee trees. However, to get coffee beans, use only three of them. This is Arabica, Robusta and Liberica. Since Liberian grains get coffee of rather poor quality, it has not received much distribution.

The main advantage of Arabica, which is also called the "Arabian coffee tree", is quality. It is thanks to him that the share of Arabica makes up three quarters of the total coffee produced in the world. These coffee trees are very whimsical to natural conditions. They grow only at an altitude of more than 900 meters above sea level.

Less whimsical to the natural conditions of Robusta. Trees grow at a lower height, tolerate heat more easily and are more resistant to parasites.However, because of this, its quality and taste indicators are inferior to Arabica. Robusta grains are usually added to coffee blends or make them instant coffee, as they tend to give the coffee a pleasant bitterness and strength.

Where does coffee grow

Coffee is grown in the so-called "coffee belt of the Earth", which is located in the area between the southern and northern tropics. Brazil is considered to be the largest country where coffee is grown. Behind her are Guatemala and Colombia. High quality coffee that is grown in Ethiopia and other African countries is famous throughout the world. However, it is grown much less here. In Asian countries, Robusta is mainly grown. The leaders in the production of coffee, where the largest number of "fragrant" trees grows, are considered to be such countries as Vietnam and Indonesia.

How coffee grows

The coffee tree begins to bear fruit 3-4 years after planting. And only after another 2 years, the trees begin to give a stable, good harvest. Blossoms coffee tree is not long, but very beautiful. Its flowers have a gently white color, and the smell and form resemble jasmine.For quite a short time, these flowers turn into green berries.

Ripening, the berries become dark red, for which they are called "cherries." The ripening time of robusta and arabica is different. Arabica matures in 7 months, but it takes about 10 months for Robusta. Fruit trees bear fruit throughout the year. Therefore, on the same tree you can find both flowers and very green berries and ripe, dark "cherries" at the same time.

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