How climate affects people: features, examples and interesting facts

Climate is, in simple terms, a multi-year, stable weather pattern. And it affects almost everything. On the soil, water regime, flora and fauna, the ability to cultivate crops. And of course, one can not say how the climate affects people and their capabilities.

how climate affects people

Natural irritant

It is no secret to anyone that over the years, in the process of evolution, people gradually adapted to the influences emanating from the external environment. And in the human body developed a variety of regulatory mechanisms that are directly related to these influences. Today, people can live and develop normally only through interaction with the external environment. It is important for a person to consume oxygen, be exposed to the sun and absorb the necessary substances.

How does climate affect people? The impact is actually complex physico-chemical. Absolutely everything matters - radiant energy, pressure, temperature, humidity, magnetic and electric fields, the movement of air and even substances that are released into the air by plants. With such a diverse impact, almost all levels of functional and structural organization are involved in the reaction, ranging from cellular and molecular to psycho-emotional sphere and peripheral nerve endings.

how climate affects people's lives


Now you can go to situations that clearly show how climate affects people. As the experiments of bioclimatologists and the experience of each of us have shown, the human body is able to work optimally only in a narrow temperature range.

In the hot season, especially between July and August, it is rather difficult to exist in the southern regions. Take, for example, Primorye. The climate of this region is moderately monsoon. Summer is hot and humid. And in July / August, the whole region becomes like a greenhouse.

A unique example is Crimea. Despite the modest area (27,000 km²), its territory is divided into three climate microregions and 20 subregions.In Sevastopol, the most visited city in the summer, the subtropical "mode" of weather prevails. Summer is dry and hot. And every year - the unpredictable. In 2016, for example, June turned out to be much more sultry than July and August. Sometimes it can rain for several days in a row, and sometimes the thermometer rises above 40 ° C.

how does a person influence climate examples

Case study

And how does the climate affect people, if you refer to the above? Not the best way. First, under such conditions, air conditioning to the lungs becomes more complicated. When stuffiness decreases performance, deteriorates the overall condition, well-being. At high humidity, evaporation from the body surface does not occur. Moreover, under such conditions, the probability of being infected with any kind of infection transmitted by airborne droplets increases as the stuffiness and humidity form a favorable environment for the development and survival of microbes.

The body due to the dry heat is forced to change the level of heat. We begin to sweat, so that our skin is moisturized. This evaporation absorbs some of the unnecessary heat. But if it becomes cool, then there is tremor and the so-called goosebumps, which serve as certain heaters.

Another of the consequences of disturbed temperature conditions should be noted circulatory disorders and overloading the central nervous system. That is why the working environment creates an artificial climate due to air conditioning / heating. The norm is an indicator from +20 to +23 ° C. And the level of humidity should not be less than 50% and above 60%.

how climate affects human activity


Talking about how climate affects the lives of people, it is worth referring to interesting data clarified by social hygienist Vladimir Ivanovich Chiburayev and doctor of medical sciences Boris Aleksandrovich Revich. In one of their works, they cited statistics that clearly demonstrate the consequences of poor or degraded climatic conditions.

So, for example, up to 40,000 deaths per year are due to air pollution by suspended substances. This factor provokes the onset and development of diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Due to microbial contamination of food and water, intestinal infections appear, which some people start, do not cure. About 1,100 people a year perish for this reason. And due to natural hazards, about a thousand deaths occur annually.

All of this relates to the topic of how climate affects people's lives. As you can see, the neglected consequences are very serious.


Above it was said about the heat and stuffiness. But when discussing how climate affects human activity and life, it is important to mention the effects of cold.

If it is short-term, then breathing stops on intensified inspiration, after which an exhalation occurs and it becomes more frequent. This can be observed when douche, for example. But prolonged exposure to cold contributes to the development of heat and ventilation. Accordingly, carbon dioxide emission increases. The body of people living in the north, works a little differently. They get used to the cold since childhood and, accordingly, are tempered. For example, if a person from Khanty-Mansiysk, where -52 ° C currently prevails, gets to Sochi or the Crimea in July, for example, it will be extremely difficult for him to transfer the heat. Because it has never been there, where the air temperature around +40 ° C can well be considered normal.

how climate affects people's lifestyle

The benefits of cold

But this is not all that can be said about how climate affects people's lifestyle. The effect of cold also changes the number of heartbeats, and even the nature of the jolt. This is useful, because the arrhythmia disappears in such conditions.Another cold contributes to an increase in muscle strength and tone. Even the composition of the blood changes. The number of red blood cells and leukocytes increases. A metabolism usually occurs without any failures. The movement of liquids under the influence of cold occurs normally, so that no stagnation is observed.


About how climate affects the lifestyle and life of people, wrote such great figures as Montesquieu, Boden and Aristotle. To this day, this topic is relevant.

In the North, for example, due to climate, such needs are born that are not found in the South. A person needs to protect himself from external adversity. Northerners spend most of their time inside their homes or workplaces. Southerners have no such problems. But then they must obey the environment.

how does climate affect human life examples

Sea climate

It is also worth noting attention. Little has been said about how climate affects human life. Examples are numerous. But the maritime climate deserves special attention.

People with many diseases, doctors recommend to go to the sea. The air that prevails in coastal cities does not contain dust.In addition, it is saturated with a large number of useful substances that have a beneficial effect on the human body.

Potassium, for example, its constituent, plays the role of an antiallergen. Bromine has a calming effect. Calcium helps to strengthen the connective tissues of the human body. Iodine affects the rejuvenation of skin cells, while magnesium relieves swelling. Maximum air becomes saturated during a storm. By the way, the molecules in it are ionized. And this makes the air even more healing. After all, ions have an impact on metabolism.

how do people influence climate give examples

People and their impact

Speaking about life, it is worth mentioning the topic of how a person influences the climate. Examples exist. The most striking is the development of agricultural activities. At one point, it reached such a level that a question arose about its unintended impact on the climate. What happened? First, plowing up giant tracts of land, for which reason huge amounts of dust rises into the atmosphere and moisture is lost.

Secondly, the number of trees is sharply reduced. Forests are literally destroyed, especially tropical. But they affect the reproduction of oxygen.In the above photo provided are two photos taken by NASA in different years. And visually noticeable to them is how strong the consequences of deforestation are. Earth has already ceased to be a "green planet."

But this is not all that can be said about how people influence climate. Give examples yourself, because they are around us! Recall at least the animal world. Many species have already become extinct. And up to now livestock overgrazing, due to which savannas and steppes turn into deserts, is still relevant. As a result - drying the soil. What can be said about the burning of fossil organic fuel, because of which a huge emission of HF occurs in the atmosphere4and CO2. The impact of industrial wastes alters its composition altogether, increasing the content of aerosols and radiation-active gases.

The conclusion is sad. Earth on the verge of ecological disaster. And the people themselves brought it to her. Fortunately, we now realized it, and began to make attempts to restore the natural balance. However, as everything will be - time will tell.

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How climate affects people: features, examples and interesting facts 22

How climate affects people: features, examples and interesting facts 54

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How climate affects people: features, examples and interesting facts 88

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