How can you call a loved one?

Yana Lisitsina
Yana Lisitsina
March 26, 2015
How can you call a loved one?

The assignment by partners of each other of petting nicknames, of gentle references emphasizes the degree of closeness between them, their reverent attitude towards each other. In this case, the fair sex should be more careful in choosing a common noun for a man, so as not to offend him.

Let's think about possible appeals to your beloved.

Types of appeals to the beloved

Option 1

It is very common to assign a diminutive nickname to a partner, so to speak, “animal themes”. And here it is necessary to take into account that few men will like comparison with small representatives of the fauna (gopher, hare, fish), as well as with animals, the image of which can be interpreted in a way that is not very acceptable to men. For example, a goat (a hint of horns appears, and they are known to appear in men after female treason), a pig (this animal doesn’t look very neat), a bull (a powerful animal, but at the same time quite rough in appearance, and therefore the nickname will be perhaps offensive for men suffering from excess fullness).

Instead, it is better to draw a parallel between your boyfriend and some strong noble animal. For example, you can call a loved lion or a tiger. It is not always pleasant to the representative of the stronger sex the nickname "cat", but it has become so common and natural for romantic relationships that it can also be used in principle.

It is also important to note that such options of appeals to your man are best left to communicate one-on-one.

Option 2

It will be more pleasant for a man to contact him by name - in abbreviated form, of course. For example, Andryusha, Sasha, Kolya, Gosh, etc. You can invent your own name abbreviation forms, just make sure that they are neither too rude nor sugary-sweet.

Option 3

There is a mass of words with which you can refer to your boyfriend, including in public:

  • Dear;
  • Native;
  • The sun;
  • Cute;
  • Favorite.

Option 4

Make up your own funny words, but use them exclusively in personal communication. For example: Gugusik, Busechka, Lelik.

How not to call a man?

  • As already noted above, it is not necessary to use offensive associations with animals.
  • Do not call a man words that emphasize his shortcomings. For example, it may be the following nicknames: Tolstik, Durashechka, Lysik.
  • Do not use too “cloying” and excessively intimate nicknames in public. This is indecent, and, moreover, very offensive for a man.

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