How can listen to the phone?

Those who like to talk on the phone, but want his conversations to remain a secret to others, it will be useful to learn how they can listen to the phone. Moreover, not only cellular, but also stationary. But since most of us have used mobile phones in recent years, let's start with them.

How can listen to mobile phones

As with any radio, cellular communications can also be intercepted. Basically, attackers use software to decrypt the GSM protocol over which the signal is transmitted. Few know that today there are already more than 20 types of various equipment for intercepting GSM-signal and listening to data. The cost of this equipment, however, is quite high and ranges from 150 to 600 thousand rubles and even higher. How does such equipment work? Typically, conversations on a mobile phone are protected by special encryption methods. Encryption is either performed by the operator, or the subscriber uses the appropriate hardware, if the conversations are particularly important. The attackers, with the help of their equipment, are trying to decipher this signal and get the subscriber's key.Usually, a brute force method is used to obtain the key, which a special program performs. However, it is possible to get the secret key in an easier way - by accessing the subscriber registry of the cellular operator to which the victim is connected. To do this, you just need to get access to the network itself, which is actually not so difficult to do. The fact is that far from all components of the network of any cellular operator are connected by cable - some use radio-relay or satellite communications to connect to the network, and wireless data transmission is, of course, highly vulnerable. In some cases, the attackers even penetrate into the building of telecom operators, where the appropriate equipment is installed, in which the keys of subscribers are stored.

How can listen to the phone at home

In addition, attackers can access and cables that come from the base station. This method is used to listen to conversations on mobile phones and landlines. As for stationary phones, everything is simple - just install a device in the immediate vicinity of the cable that allows you to read the signal, in other words, a bug.Bugs are installed in telephone sets and tubes, in a word, in all places where there is access to the signal. In addition, when gaining access, you can listen to conversations from landlines through equipment located at telephone exchanges. Well, now back to how can listen to mobile phones.

Other ways to listen

As for cellular communication cables, session keys are usually extracted here, thanks to which you can easily intercept calls on the air and listen to the desired channel without any problems decoding it in real time. Well, the last possible way to listen to conversations, which also applies to mobile phones, is direct access to the SIM card, which is carried out with the help of a so-called reader - a special device connected to the computer. The secret key is determined by attackers using differential data cryptanalysis. Of course, in order to use this method, a person must have a solid mathematical background, but in order to connect the reader to the SIM card, it takes several hours, so the attacker will have to either steal the phone or ask it from the victim under some pretext.Well, now you know how to listen to the phone, it remains to tell you how to find out if your phone is tapped and how to do it yourself.

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