How and where to play poker for money?

Gambling is a very dangerous, but quite interesting and informative exercise. One of the most popular is poker. But, unfortunately, in Russia there are very few real places where you can go play with friends or just spend your leisure time. The law forbids it. But in such a situation helps the Internet. There are a number of websites where you can play poker for money online.

The best poker rooms for card games

Man loves to play poker

To begin to learn the wonderful world of gambling, you need to carefully select the sites where you are going to play. After all, on the Internet, in addition to honest online rooms, there are scam artists. If you want to play poker for real money and invest your savings in an unverified source, it is likely that you can not even start, not to mention the return of their funds.

It is necessary to carefully analyze the existing poker rooms, read reviews confirming their honesty. This procedure will help avoid fraud and financial losses.Below is a list of the most popular sites for poker (2018):

  1. 888poker. Recently became one of the best, very popular domain. There you can play both for money and for "candy wrappers".
  2. PokerStars. Not less popular, but starting to lose its position poker room.
  3. Pokerdom. The site which has arisen recently, will be suitable for beginners in the field of card games. There you can easily find entry-level rivals.

After you make a decision where you would like to play poker for money, you need to learn the subtleties of replenishing the game account and withdrawing money received from it.

Start game on 888poker

888 poker

For ease of use of this service, you can download the client 888poker. It is released for Windows and Mac platforms. If you want to register before you download the client, just go to the official site of the room and click the "Register" button. The registration procedure involves the input of your personal data, including your address and phone number. After you finish, you will receive an e-mail confirming your registration via the e-mail address you provided when filling in the data. Do as it will be written in the attached instructions, and you activate your game account.Of course, you can play online, through the browser. But it will be very uncomfortable.

The big plus of 888poker is that the browser will receive a $ 1 gift at the time of registration. He will not need to make a deposit to use the bonus. You can start the game immediately after activating your account. In the game process and with due success, other bonuses of the same size will be credited to the account. In addition to crediting to the balance, the player will receive pass tickets to tournaments with cash prizes.

How to make a deposit

If you want to make your first deposit, it is important to remember that its minimum amount is $ 10. To deposit funds into your account and start playing poker for money, you need to start the 888poker client. Next you need to click on the "Cashier" button. A window will open in which you need to select the "Deposit" item. There you specify your payment system through which you want to throw money. Write the desired amount and your payment details. After you only need to confirm the payment, and the funds will be in the cashier of your account.

Cashier 88Poker

Now you can choose any of the tables where there is free space, as well as any kind of game. For example, you can play on the snap-tables.There, each new distribution you will have different rivals. Wait until everyone finishes the game is not necessary. As soon as you fold, move to another table. In addition, you can play on the most ordinary tables in a cash game. With the same rivals.

Tournaments are also a very interesting type of card games. You will struggle with a large number of people (the number can be up to 9000 people) for a large cash prize, while investing, for example, $ 1.

There are other varieties of competitions that you can easily find in the game menu. Which poker to play for money - Omaha, Texas Hold'em or others - is up to you.

About PokerStars

Poker stars

Despite the noticeable rating recession, PokerStars remains the famous major room, which is loved by many players around the world. Of course, if you are a beginner, you should start to thoroughly study the interface of this client and read the guides of experienced poker fans who tell you how to play Poker Stars for money. It is better to start the game with conditional chips, and only then move on to real bets.

On this site, you can also download the client for convenient pastime. But there is one nuance.PokerStars has two domains - and If you download a client from the first site, the Cashier tab will be missing there. Accordingly, you will not be able to play Poker Stars with him for real money. To have this opportunity, you have to download the client from the second site. By the way, the program can be installed on both Windows and Mac.

After installation, you will need to go through an easy registration procedure. In general, in many poker rooms this process is almost the same. But so that you can play not only on virtual currency, you will have to provide your passport data.

PokerStars is good because your account is provided, in addition to the password, also with a security code of numbers. So you can secure your funds and personal data.

Cashier at Pokerstars

To deposit money into your account, you, as in the case of poker888, will also need to log into the cashier, select a deposit method and enter your account details. The minimum deposit is $ 5. Smaller than the first poker site.

Cashier Poker Stars

PokerStars can be played with dollars, euros, British pounds and Canadian dollars. By standard, after creating your account at the checkout, only one account in dollars will be opened. But at any time you can go to the settings and open others if you need them.

As soon as you open several accounts, you can not worry about switching from one to another. During the game, if you need pounds or euros, the system automatically converts the currency into the necessary one. You can withdraw funds to e-wallets in any currency that you set up yourself. Information about the commissions of each online wallet will be listed at the box office.

If you're ready to play poker for money, all that remains is to choose the tables that suit you. Types of competitions at PokerStars are quite interesting. You can choose tables zoom. There you will be alone with the enemy, and, as soon as the distribution is completed, you are immediately sent to the next opponent.

As elsewhere, there are regular cash tables and a wide variety of tournaments: a knockout game, poker with limited playing time, global tournaments and others.

Poker school

It is worth mentioning that PokerStars has its own poker school, in which you will be taught the basics of card competitions data, special strategies and tricks. If you pass their courses, you will receive a reward in the form of a cash bonus to your account.

No deposit bonuses from this service change from time to time, so it’s better to clarify information on their official website.


Poker house

The best in the world poker room to play for Russian rubles.If you are a beginner and want to play Russian poker for real money, "Poker" is what you need.

They also have their own client, but you can play through the site. The procedure for creating an account is almost the same as that of 888poker or Pokerstars. But “Pokerdom” has an advantage: you can not register, but enter through your social network “VKontakte”.

Top up through the card

The most pleasant thing in this room is that you can replenish your account and withdraw money using your credit card, and the commission will not be charged for this. At any time you want, you can start playing. Not less pleasant fact is the minimum amount of the deposit - 400 rubles. Nothing needs to be converted, just throw your money in the usual way. And at the tables, you will also play Russian money.

Cashier poker

Such a variety of tournaments and types of games, like the others, the Russian service has not provided. But in order to earn some extra money or have fun, ordinary cash desks are enough for you.

Unfortunately, generous promotions and lucrative bonuses on the website "Pokerd" is also not observed, but everything ahead. Their service is evolving, and perhaps administrators will decide to make updates.

On a note

Strong Hand 2 Kings

It is very convenient that all three poker sites mentioned above have mobile apps.With the Internet, you can play from anywhere without having access to a computer. These applications also provide a game for money, and this service appeared relatively recently.

Before deciding which poker to play for money and how much to throw into the gaming account, it is recommended to complete the initial courses or at least familiarize yourself with the basic rules of the game. What combinations are, what is a strong or weak hand, what strategies to use in different situations and why. Often, beginners "merge" their entire cache of stupidity because of their ignorance.

Game process

This game has a large number of subtleties and secrets. Good to know the rules is not enough, you need to count the strength of your cards against the cards of rivals. And where to play poker for money, you can always find. The main thing is skill.

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