Hotel Sandunes Beach Resort 4 * (Vietnam, Phan Thiet): review, rooms and reviews of tourists

When Turkey, Egypt, Greece and Tunisia have become boring, and you want more exotic, then you should head for Vietnam, where the sea is beautiful and beautiful people. One of the best options to stay and have a great rest, the hotel is called Sandunes Beach Resort 4 *. Many citizens have already visited it and were satisfied, happy with such a good, right choice.

Outlandish vietnam

Gone are the terrible days when the country was mentioned only in context with the American military actions, numerous victims and tragic events, when every street was in flames and devastation.

The Indochina Peninsula, where Vietnam is located, is washed by a warm, velvety, transparent South China Sea.

The neighboring republics are a huge China, the Republic of Laos and the state of Cambodia.

Everyone in Vietnam is ruled by a Communist party.

The people here are incredibly zealous, friendly, sociable, affable.And to those who speak Russian, they are especially warm, often recall the Soviet Union.

The hotel Sandunes Beach Resort 4 * (Phan Thiet) often rest the French, Chinese, Russian, Americans. The hotel staff is fluent in all languages ​​and communicates easily with guests. Such is the developed people in Vietnam, smiling and good.

sandunes beach resort 4

When is it better to come to the hotel

The best period, or as it is called the high season, begins in the winter, from December, and it ends in the spring, in April.

But the wet season, when it rains, around puddles and slushy, begins in May and lasts until November. Wet weather is usually observed at night. The rains are mostly short, and this is why they come at night - a mystery of nature.

February is considered the velvet season. This month is especially comfortable, there is no sweltering heat, the sea is unusually gentle and the humidity level is quite low.

I must say that the hotel Sandunes Beach Resort 4 * (Vietnam, Phan Thiet) works for a year and, regardless of weather conditions and air temperature, is always ready to open arms for the rest, where they will have excellent service, healthy food and always a good mood.

Phan Thiet resort

Almost all of Vietnam is located along the seashore, for this reason, there are all kinds of recreation that are called beach.

Fanhiet itself settled in the south, where all hotels, cottages, and boarding houses for recreation and reception of dear guests are concentrated.

But the beach is a topic for constant disputes, discussions and discussions. Some people do not like too small sand, some people occasionally have muddy water from the rains, some have large waves, and others, on the contrary, like everything, and nothing can influence the good mood.

In Phan Thiet it is always warm, the air temperature is almost never below 25 degrees, even at night. The only thing sometimes the mood can spoil the rain.

sandunes beach resort 4 phan thiet


It has four stars, and all living conditions comply with European standards. This is a very high figure. Tourists point out that the hotel is really great.

But not many people know that in order to get such a high mark, the hotel had to put a lot of effort, namely:

  • The area of ​​each room must be at least 16 m.2.
  • Toilet, bathroom must be present in each room.
  • Various tables, luggage racks, radio, air conditioning.
  • Hygiene products: detergents, shampoos, towels, lotions.
  • Minibar with a large assortment of drinks, ranging from alcoholic, to water.

Also at the Sandunes Beach Resort Spa 4 * (Phan Thiet), take care of the guests' clothes and change the bed on their first request.

sandunes beach resort 4 vietnam reviews


In total there are 145. Apartments are presented and luxury "suites" and simple, inexpensive rooms.

You have already received a small idea of ​​the rooms, but we will give more detailed information for the awareness of future travelers who want to thoroughly study the features of the apartments.

The rooms at the Sandunes Beach Resort 4 * (Phan Thiet) have a huge satellite TV and free Wi-Fi.

In the toilet room there is a hairdryer, and in the apartment there is a safe for storing valuables, a toaster, an electric kettle, a telephone. It also makes long-distance calls for a fee, and calls for personnel, ordering food in the room, drinks and other services.

In general, all for the comfort and convenience of each client.

sandunes beach resort spa 4 reviews

General amenities

We should also talk about the general amenities that are present in the territory of Sandunes Beach Resort 4 *. These include:

  • Absolutely free breakfast.They are presented as a chic buffet where a variety of snacks, canapés, snacks, sandwiches, cheese, meat and sausage cuts, as well as dishes from fish, rice, potatoes, vegetables and exotic fruits are located.
  • Free parking for cars.
  • Possibility to rent a vehicle.
  • Beauty saloon. Cute girls will make men, women and children any hairstyle, if desired with a local flavor. That is, braids will be braided, they will decorate their heads with flowers and so on. There is also an opportunity to perform manicure, pedicure, face masks, depilation, wrapping.
  • Spa.
  • Sauna with all the necessary attributes.
  • Sports Complex. Where you can work out on a variety of simulators, conduct professional training with an experienced trainer, go on aerobics, yoga, Pilates, callanetics.
  • Pools. There are three of them and all are open. So there is enough room for everyone.
  • The reception desk is round-the-clock, which means that guests are settled at any time, and there is an opportunity to contact the receptionist for any reason, day or night.
  • Garden. The hotel has an excellent flower garden, where unseen, strange plants, flowers, shrubs and trees grow.
  • Lounge bar with all sorts of drinks, cocktails.
  • Bar by the pool. Where always available delicious canapes and drinks for every taste.
  • Bicycles for rent. This is quite a popular sport in Vietnam, and on this type of transport is convenient to travel and consider the sights.

sandunes beach resort spa 4 vietnam phantom

Hotel for children

Do not forget, and the leadership of the hotel Sandunes Beach Resort 4 * (Vietnam) about the most raspberry their guests. For them there are many interesting things.


  • Free multi-colored swing - beds.
  • Sports arbor with sand, pasochka, carousels.
  • Babysitting services for additional fees.
  • Room for kids, where everything is possible for active leisure.
  • Animators, clowns and other entertainment, also for a fee.
  • Children's circles, where kids can sculpt, sew, make various crafts, draw and just watch.
  • Interest clubs for those who enjoy the world of animals, insects, astrology, astronomy. Instructors are fluent in Russian. For a fee.
  • A variety of toys.

sandunes beach resort spa 4 fantiet

Additional hotel services

What unusual can offer on site?

In Sandunes Beach Resort 4 * there is an opportunity to rent a car and go alone on a tour or book a personal guide, he will take a rest to exotic places and show the most noticeable sights. Also at the reception tourist booked a plane, train, bus, trip to Vietnam.

And in the hotel Sandunes Beach Resort Spa 4 * (Vietnam, Phan Thiet) there is a special meeting room, where there is an opportunity to discuss business projects. That is, to combine business with pleasure: and relax, and work. It is worth mentioning about the business center, which is also provided to guests.

We also tell you that the hotel provides free luggage storage, concierge service, porter, and also for smokers there is a special room available.

And those who have soiled their clothes can not run around the city in search of dry cleaning or laundry - these services are also present in the hotel.

sandunes beach resort 4 fantiet

Are there any difficulties in the trip?

Frankly - no. Citizens of the Russian Federation do not need a visa to travel to Vietnam.

Arriving in the country, a foreign citizen will be stamped in a passport for a period of fifteen days. Extend the term will not be any difficulties.

International law is not legally binding, but for a certain reward you will be given a rental car. But you should not break the law, the authorities strictly refer to the violators, the law will always be on the side of a Vietnamese citizen.

In fact, Vietnamese people are extremely curious, inquisitive and very direct, naive, behave like little children.

All those who make the decision to leave the tourist area and walk around the town, they see as a kind of wonder, can show their fingers inwardly at a person and discuss it loudly among themselves.

So you have to get ready for this, if you decide to take a walk. Nobody will show aggression, just too pronounced curiosity.

And if you learn a few words in Vietnamese or in English, most understand it, and start talking to the local population, they will take it with joy. Tourists are guaranteed a warm welcome and a friendly attitude.

Do not forget about acclimatization, for some it is extremely painful, but pharmacies have the necessary medicines that can help solve such an unpleasant problem.

sandunes beach resort spa 4 vietnam


Those who buy souvenirs, I must say: around the hotel Sandunes Beach Resort 4 * mass of stalls and shops with mementoes. Tourists should also know that bargaining is a must. Often, the Vietnamese break the price of the product three times - this is such a present for tourists, of course, they sell everything to their “normal” at a normal price. Therefore, it is recommended to show patience and begin to actively bargain, because any European for the seller is a wallet.

Unique features

Hotel Sandunes Beach Resort Spa 4 * (Vietnam, Phan Thiet) is located in the place where the climate is absolutely unique. Some call this place a paradise. At one time, it was discovered by astronomers. In 1995 there was a solar eclipse, and from this point it was best to watch him.

After viewing, all the experts left, each in his own country, and the world learned about the pink dunes, about the colorful, unusual rubbing, about the ever-flowering nature and huge palm trees, in the shadow of which you can spend a lot of time enjoying the stunning scenery.

sandunes beach resort spa 4 vietnam fanhiet

Sandunes Beach Resort Spa 4 *: reviews

Vacationers quite rosy about the hotel in question. First of all, they are pleased that the hotel is located on the first coastline.

I also liked the kitchen, fed tourists and national food, and also European, more acceptable.

Also, many guests say in a positive way that the hotel has rooms for both smokers and non-smokers.

Liked the restaurants located in the hotel, and also delighted the gym and animators for children.

The local course is very pleased. One American dollar is equal to 21 thousand Vietnamese Vong. Accordingly, we can say that the most optimal price-quality ratio is here.

Also, guests note that the staff here are very kind, friendly even to boorish and sometimes unrestrained tourists.

In general, Sandunes Beach Resort 4 * (Vietnam) receives positive feedback, the best impressions of the holidaymakers. Many say that they did not want to leave, and this is due not only to the awesome atmosphere of Vietnam, but also because the hotel was magnificent. You can also add that many tourists return to the Sandunes Beach Resort 4 * is not the first time, because everything is beautiful in it - from cozy rooms to charming people who are always ready to make contact and please tourists with their hospitality.

So, there is a lot of information about the hotel, we hope that it will be useful and valuable. But, as they say, it is better to go and see, than to listen about the beauties of Vietnam from the rest. So, if you are thinking of traveling, then by all means choose the proposed hotel, we guarantee that no one will remain disappointed.

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