Hotel Bentota Beach (Cinnamon Beach) 4 * (Sri Lanka, Bentota): description, reviews, photo

The focus of our article today will befour-star hotel Bentota Beach. Cinnamon Beach 4 * - this was the name of this hotel until two thousand and thirteenth year. Taxi drivers, minibus drivers and even locals still know her exactly under that name. The hotel management belongs to the John Keels Hotels Group. The former name of the hotel "Cinamon Beach" ("Cinnamon Coast") is very romantic, but Bentota Beach - more accurately. The hotel is located at the mouth of the Bentota River, not far from the town of the same name. What are the conditions in this hotel? We will tell about this in our article. We took the information not only from the hotelier, but also from the reviews. The photos attached to our report will be additional confirmation.

Who is this hotel for? Judging by the photos that tourists leave, it's safe to say that lovers of nature will feel good here. On the lawns of the hotel running nice chipmunks, proudly pacing peacocks, on the trees jumping little monkeys and fluttering exotic birds, and on the riverbank you can see sunbathing turtles and lizards.Bentota Beach (Cinnamon Beach) 4

How to get to Bentota Beach (Cinnamon Beach) 4 *

Sri Lanka accepts foreign tourists inairport Bandaranayike, which is located ninety-five kilometers from the hotel. The village of Bentota is located on the south-western tip of the island. It is between the capital of Colombo (sixty-five kilometers to the north) and the commercial city of Halle (56 km). From the airport at the general transfer it is necessary to go more than two and a half hours. Taxi can also drive you from Colombo airport in an hour and a little. The hotel is located on the northern outskirts of the village of Bentota and on the shore of the same river. A tortoise farm and a luxurious Brief Garden are a ten minute drive away. There should be no problems with tourists and with the search for a hotel Bentota Beach (Cinnamon Beach) 4 *. Bentota is a small village. The hotel is adjacent to the Ventura Beach Hotel and the local Hindu temple. From the Indian Ocean stretches a magnificent three-kilometer beach "Paradise" ("Paradise").

Bentota Beach by Cinnamon 4

Territory of the hotel

In a huge tropical garden, among the luxuriousflower beds, paths, green lawns and coconut palms, stands the only residential building of the hotel Bentota Beach (Cinnamon Beach) 4 *. Photos of the territory and species that come off the balconies of the rooms, are always accompanied by enthusiastic reports of tourists about the rest. The three-story building of the hotel is built in the style of the Portuguese fort. In the photo it seems that it is surrounded by a common balcony. But this is not so. All balconies are individual, separated from each other by partitions. The windows are mostly overlooking the ocean. There are rooms that "look" at the river Bentota - vacationers were happy with them. For "si-vuy" no one had to pay extra. Guests are met at the reception desk, which immediately amazes the newly arrived with its beauty. The ceiling and walls in it are painted with Tamil patterns. The hotel's territory, as some romantic travelers assure, reminds Eden before the fall of Adam and Eve. Everywhere peacocks and other representatives of fauna. Tourists warn of quick lizards who can enter the room. Do not be scared - no harm from them.

bentota beach cinnamon beach 4 reviews


Most of the guest rooms at the BentotaBeach (Cinnamon Beach) 4 * are classified as "Standard" for two or three people. Remarkably, the design of all rooms is also inspired by the ancient culture of Ceylon. White walls are very well in harmony with the bright bed linen and colored furniture. Rooms - even standard - are quite spacious. The double bed is complemented by a desk, TV with satellite channels (two of which are in Russian), air conditioning, safe, mini-bar and a set for making coffee and tea. In the deluxe category, apart from the bedroom, there is a small living room. The suites are equipped with unsurpassed modern amenities, and from their terraces offers a magnificent view of the ocean. Tourists were pleased with the cleaning. Every day, wash the floors and wipe the dust. Towels are changed even twice a day - in the morning and in the evening.

Bentota Beach (Cinnamon Beach) 4 Bentota

How to feed

Hotel Bentota Beach (Cinnamon Beach) 4 * notlimits its guests in choosing a diet and does not impose anything. The price includes breakfast. He is served in the restaurant "Peacock". This breakfast, that is called, English, that is very dense, with a large selection of salads, snacks, hot dishes. The reviews mention a huge amount of fruit. You can order a half-board or three meals a day. Even on arrival, you can officially pay for "all inclusive". Some tourists recommend this. Such a holiday you will not soon arrange for your stomach! In addition to "Peacock", you can visit the restaurant "Aralia", which serves dishes from the chef to the accompaniment of exquisite European wines. Good alcohol to guests with "all inclusive" pour in the lounge bar. And you can have a snack and drink refreshments in the "Suriye" near the pool. Those tourists who ordered only breakfast, say that there are many cheap cafes near the hotel, where they are also very tasty. Just the choice of dishes there is not rich.

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Swimming pool and beach

Hotel Bentota Beach (Cinnamon Beach) 4 *It is located on the cape formed by the confluence of the Bentota River into the sea. Therefore, the hotel guests have a large selection of places for swimming. A very salty Indian Ocean (in which sometimes surges of serious waves) can be replaced by a fresh river. However, only solitary tourists risked entering this waterway. After all, there live lizards, which outwardly look a bit like crocodiles.

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But the pool in the hotel is clean and safe. It is located at the hull. It is surrounded by a sunny terrace, covered with sun beds and mattresses. Beach towels are given for free. A wide coastal strip of perfectly light sand enthralls. Sun beds on the beach "Paradis Beach" are reserved only for hotel guests. Rescuers are constantly on duty on the coast, although there are no buoys as such. On the beach you can do water sports. For residents of the hotel there is a discount of twenty-five percent.Bentota Beach (Cinnamon Beach) 4 photos

Service at the hotel

BentotaBeach by Cinnamon 4 * offers itsguests a variety of services. Probably the most exotic of them is riding elephants. Those who follow their health and tone, can visit the Intersport fitness club. And those wishing to relax under the caring hands of the masseur are waiting for the Azmaar center with a large selection of spa treatments. If you can not sit still, you can rent a bike, scooter and even a car in the hotel. But, warn responses, with driving last be cautious - in Sri Lanka instead of road there is "Brownian" traffic. In the hotel, guests can use the tennis courts, squash courts and billiard tables lit in the evenings. Satisfy the passion for shopping you can, without going outside the hotel. There is a souvenir shop with beautiful Tamil statuettes and works of local masters.

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A well-coordinated team of animators is doing their best toDuring the whole day trying to diversify leisure guests Bentota Beach by Cinnamon 4 *. Since 40 percent of tourists in the hotel - Russian and Ukrainian, all the staff more or less know the Russian language. Animators offer to do aerobics in the pool, hold competitions, organize games in beach volleyball. In the evening, the administration invites local ensembles or dancers. For children there is a dedicated area in the pool and a well-equipped playground. But many parents left feedback and a photo about how their child feeds from chipmunks and peacocks. In one of the bars, music lovers are invited to sing in karaoke. The hotel has a small library. There you can take beach reading, including in Russian. Every day, guests are offered a fresh press. In the lounge you can watch TV.

bentota beach by cinnamon 4 reviews


The hotel Bentota Beach (ex Cinnamon) 4 * isown travel agency. Some tourists took advantage of his services. Basically from Bentota they carry on a river safari on a boat, to a tortoise farm, to a school of elephants. Further excursions (for the whole day) visit the plantation and tea factory, the ancient fortress of Halle, the Temple of the Tooth of the Buddha in Kandy, the excavation of precious stones. Not far from the hotel there is a small airfield where you can take a seaplane or helicopter. On the beach there are many Russian speaking operators offering tours at a price much lower than in the hotel. Tourists assure that there is no fraud. The saturation and service of such a trip will be no worse than the excursion purchased at the hotel. Tourists recommend to go to Galapata-Viharu. This complex was built in the 12th century and many paintings and Buddha statues have reached us. Those who know how to dive with an aqualung will be delighted with coral formations not far from the shore. There are underwater caves, walls, abysses. But there are no dangerous currents, and visibility is beautiful - up to thirty meters.

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Bentota Beach (Cinnamon Beach) 4 *: reviews

The tourists were mostly satisfied with theirstay at Bentota Beach. Many appreciated the decoration of rooms and territory on the "five". Meals, if ordered half or full board, was beyond praise. Breakfasts at the hotel were standard, but very plentiful. The reviews often mention the benevolence and diligence of the staff. Many tourists, especially children, liked the animals that walk, crawl, jump and fly on mangrove thickets and green lawns Bentota Beach by Cinnamon 4 *. The reviews mention that the hotel has electric fumigators, so there are no mosquitoes in the rooms, and you can sleep with an open window.

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