Hotel Almiros Apartments 3 *, Corfu: an overview and reviews

Corfu is the most popular of all Ionianislands of Greece. Attracts here vacationers are not only charming nature, many historical attractions and clean beaches. Popular among tourists around the world this island including, and thanks to the well-developed infrastructure of local resorts. To rent a good home in Corfu, if necessary, will not be absolutely no difficulty. For example, good rooms are rented on the island in Almiros Apartments 3 *.

Hotel location special features

The nearest town to this hotel is Corfu Town. Distance between the hotelAlmiros Apartments 3 *and this resort is 39 km away. In the immediate vicinity of the hotel there is also a popular tourist village of Acharavi.

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Arrive in Greece, Russian tourists usually,of course, on the plane. The nearest international airport is 40 km away. Usually, domestic tour operators provide their customers who have bought accommodation with accommodationin this hotel, shuttle bus. Therefore, the trip to the hotel from the airport should not cause any special problems. If you want, you can also reach the complex and take a taxi.

General description of the hotel

This hotel belongs to the class APTS.Almiros Apartments 3 *(Corfu)Corfu -one of the smallest hotels. Guests here take in a smalltheirtwo-storycottage, builtin the Greek style. Judging by the reviews of tourists, the atmosphere in this hotel is very cozy, homely and quiet. Those holidaymakers who are accustomed to rest in multi-star hotels of large resorts, this "rural" complex is hardly suitable. A good choice, it can become mainly for those tourists who are looking for a rest silence and intimacy with nature.The hotel is surrounded on all sides by a tropical garden. And therefore it seems completely cut off from the whole world.

Near the hotel there is a small parking. Tourists who rented cars for sightseeing of the island can leave them here for free. The hotel's parking is not guarded. But there are almost never cases of theft of equipment in Greece.

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Number of rooms

Total Corfu guests at the hotelAlmiros Apartments 3 *(Corfu, Greece)There are 5 comfortable rooms and a villa. If desired, you can rent a studio area of ​​25 m2or 30 m2. The rooms of Villa Aphrodite are large in size - 55 m2. In all rooms taken in the hotel, tourists canuse a fully equipped kitchenette. There is a two-burner stove with oven for cooking, kettle, refrigerator, toaster. Also in the kitchens in the rooms of the hotel there are coffee machines and crockery.

In the rooms themselves, in addition to the standard set of furnitureand household appliances, there are also soft, comfortable for restsofas. Beds in the rooms can be set up single (two or double). Of course, there are air conditioners and individual showers in all rooms. If necessary, hotel guests can use a hairdryer, which, of course, is very convenient.

In class rooms Studios Type B cancan accommodate up to 2 adults. If necessary, 1 child up to 12 years of age can be accommodated here. Studios Type A apartments accommodate either 4 adults or 2 adults and 2 children up to 12 years old.

Reviews of tourists about the number fund

Hotel reviews APTS Almiros Apartments 3 * уvacationers who have ever stayed here, it was simply magnificent. In the rooms of this hotel, according to most tourists, there is everything necessary for a pleasant stay. Television in this hotel is satellite. If desired, guests can watch including two Russian-language channels.

Furniture in the hotel, according to reviews, installedvery comfortable. Household appliances here almost never breaks. Among the advantages of this hotel, its guests include, among other things, that there is always hot water.

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Another advantage of the hotel is many guestsconsider the presence of rooms in terraces and verandas. Here, if you want, you can sit in the evening with a cup of tea or coffee, admiring the garden. The only drawback of the hotel's verandas from tourists is that the tables of neighboring rooms are separated from each other only by a braid.

Hotel Infrastructure

No special amenities on siteAlmiros Apartments 3 * is not available for tourists. There is no swimming pool in the hotel. The same goes for the safe, laundry and other similar services. However, if desired, hotel guests can visit the swimming pool of a neighboring hotel for free. The distance to it from the buildings of the complex is only about 250 meters.

Since it is considered that this hotel is best suited for couples, there is a playground on its territory.

Reviews of the staff

Serves guests in the hotelAlmiros Apartments 3 *(Acharavi)their owners themselves. Reviews about the service in this hotel on the web are only good. Relate to their occupants the hotel owners are very polite. Any problems arising from the guests associated with accommodation, they try to solve as quickly as possible.

Praise the hosts of this hotel, many tourists alsoand for the fact that they are very fond of children. Sometimes the owners of the hotel even treat their little guests to all kinds of tropical "delicacies." And they can offer adult guests, for example, figs or fruits for free.

Dining at the hotel

Rent rooms in hotelsAlmiros Apartments 3 *(Corfu, Acharavi)Unfortunately, without breakfast or a boarding house. There is no own dining room in this hotel. But, as already mentioned, every room in the hotel has its own kitchen. So the tenants of the hotel can prepare themselves. There are absolutely all conditions for this. Products, if necessary, tourists can buy nearby.Directly in front of the hotel there is a smallsupermarket. However, judging by the reviews of holidaymakers, the products here are somewhat expensive. Therefore, those tourists who want to save, it is worth visiting the hypermarket "Dilos" in Acharavi. Here, meat, milk, cereals and other products are sold at quite democratic prices.

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You can get to Acharavi if you wantnumber and on foot. In this case, the journey will take about 25 minutes. However, the road to this busy resort town from the hotel, unfortunately, is not very convenient for people to move around. It is not equipped with sidewalks and has a small width. At the same time, cars can travel about it at a fairly high speed. In addition, on this road there are many unlighted areas in the evenings. So the walk to Acharavi from the hotel, among other things, can also be unsafe.

To stay inhotelAlmiros Apartments 3 *It was the most comfortable, experienced touristsadvise newcomers to rent a car in Acharavi. Worth this service here, as everywhere in Greece, very inexpensive. If there is a car, the tenants of the hotel will be able not only to quickly buy all the necessary products for cooking, but also to see a lot of interesting sights about. Corfu.

Those tourists who do not want to spend time on holiday for cooking, can eat in any of the many cafes of Acharavi.

Where can I rent a car?

There are rental offices in Acharavithe beginning of the city and closer to its middle (in the direction from Almyros). The day of renting a car costs about 35-40 euros. It's certainly inexpensive. However, the rental offices in Acharavi are usually asked to deposit, among other things, a deposit of $ 300. This is for tourists, holidaymakers inAlmiros Apartments 3 *,it is worth bearing in mind. After renting a leased car, according to the reviews of vacationers, in all offices it returns without problems.

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Almiros Apartments 3 * (Corfu): reviews of the beach

From the sea hotellocated quite a long way - at 600 meters. Go to the beach on foot for his guests, so it takes about 20 minutes. The very path to the sea, despite the fact that it is quite long, many tourists do not consider tedious. Some even believe that such walks in the mornings and evenings can be beneficial to health.

The road to the sea from the hotelAlmiros Apartments 3 *(Greece, Acharavi, Corfu)through blackberry thickets. Many tourists even stop to eat it. Also on the way to the beach are two mini-hotels with swimming pools, where you can swim for free.

The hotel beach itself deserved from tourists simplyexcellent reviews. A good opinion of him developed in holidaymakers in the first place, due to his lack of people. There are never too many people here.The hotel beach is covered in some places with pebbles,in others - the sand. So it's quite convenient to walk on it in slates, and also to sunbathe on a towel. If you want on this beach you can rent a chaise longue and an umbrella for a small fee.

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The entrance to the sea in this place is very convenient (including for children). The sea on the beachAlmiros Apartments 3 *aboutclean and quiet. There is also a small tavern in this place, where you can have a snack if you want. The food here, judging by the reviews, is inexpensive and tasty at the same time.


Of course, hotel guestsAlmiros Apartments 3 *,like any other in Corfu, can be inspected onRented car or with a guide and various interesting places. The most visited attractions of the island, according to most vacationers, are:

  • aquaparkIoannis »
  • fortressAngelokastro
  • monasteryPontikonisi.

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Also lodgersAlmiros Apartments 3can see the Palace of the Empress SisiAchillesonLake Corissillonand many other attractions.

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