Hot springs: Tobolsk, Vinokurova village

The hot springs of Tobolsk are known for a long time: The reservoir was formed in 1964 as a result of drilling wells. At this time, salt deposits of high mineralization were found in the water. Immediately there was an idea of ​​research and application of a thermal liquid for inhabitants of the Tyumen region and visitors.

Geographical position

A place where hot springs are located inTobolsk, is called the "Source". The reservoirs are located at the address: Tyumen Region, Tobolsky District, Vinokurova Village. Location - just 20 kilometers from the city along the road towards the city of Surgut. GPS coordinates: 58.342379; 68.337296. To find the source, it's enough to just take the P-404. And soon you will see the destination, which can be seen directly from the road. To visit the hot springs, Tobolsk, Tyumen and other cities of the region, you can come both as a family and as an organized excursion group.

hot springs Tobol'sk

How does the hot spring function?

Healing waters that form hot springsTobolsk, here they prefer to store carefully. Obviously, for this reason, water is not filtered, but by a huge pipe it flows directly into the pool. The natural source is unattractive. A liquid of dark brown color has a pronounced iodine flavor.

Characteristics of the basin

The entire body of water is divided into 4 parts, whichdiffer in temperature regime. The hottest water (70 degrees) is at the exit from the pipe. The depth of the pool is small - it is 1 meter. The sides and the bottom are lined with concrete. Around the pool there are benches, where you can relax while staying at the springs.

hot springs in Tobolsk

Recommendations for staying in thermal water

Visiting hot springs (Tobolsk), tourists should take into account the peculiarities of this healing place:

  • It is not recommended to stay in water for more than 15-20 minutes. This is not a formal rule, but a real necessity. Therefore, do not neglect the established laws of nature.
  • It is important to observe your own well-being. The water in the source has a high level of mineralization, therefore during bathing, the load on the heart and the vascular system increases.
  • After the procedure it is important to get out of the pond and calmly rest.

Additional service

The organization of the rest on "Istok" is onaverage level. To services of visitors are offered cabanas for dressing, a bath with a clean pool, shower. You can stay for a few days. For these purposes there is a hotel, wooden houses. Also, guests are allowed to organize their own camping by setting up a tent camp.

hot springs in tobolsk prices

Price policy

To rest in this healing place, enoughcome to the hot springs in Tobolsk. Visiting prices are available to all. To enter the territory, it is necessary to cross the barrier. The cost depends on the number of guests. The parking of large vehicles is paid additionally. Parking is large enough and is designed for a large number of cars. Travel to the source will cost the guest 100 rubles. Children under the age of 5 are free. If you want to set up a tent, you need to pay a small sum of money depending on the number of people.

After bathing, the whole body is covered with brownA film that must be washed off with clean water. The shower is located in the sauna room, so it charges 70 rubles per person. Children under the age of 5 can undergo water procedures for free. Many people sometimes have a desire to visit hot springs. Tobolsk in this regard is an ideal place, as the location of the healing pool near the passable road allows you to call in to relax during the trip.

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Hot springs: Tobolsk, Vinokurova village Hot springs: Tobolsk, Vinokurova village Hot springs: Tobolsk, Vinokurova village Hot springs: Tobolsk, Vinokurova village Hot springs: Tobolsk, Vinokurova village Hot springs: Tobolsk, Vinokurova village Hot springs: Tobolsk, Vinokurova village