Hookah - what is it? The essence of the hookah

The traditional oriental smoking device, in which the inhaled smoke is filtered and cooled, is a hookah. What is the name means, they know now all over the world. In Farsi, this word is borrowed from Arabic, which means "boiling, burning". Hookah smoking is a philosophy that allows you to create a relaxed special atmosphere, something akin to aromatherapy and immersion in a special world of smells, thoughts and ideas. This exotic device is now popular all over the world.

Hookah - what is

History of tradition

Hookah originally came from India, from there it spread to all Muslim countries, and already from Turkey merchants brought it to Arab countries. The main parts of the device are the mouthpiece, or pipe, tip, tube, vessel, smoking bowl. Masters competed in skill and art, making from gold, silver and copper with decorations a special device that was loved by everyone - the hookah. That such a device would quickly become popular could have been foreseen when fashion for Oriental rites quickly spread throughout the world.Now the bowl of the device can be made of metal, as well as of orange or grapefruit, which gives the smoke a special flavor.

The essence of smoking

Fans of hookah argue that what matters is not what the vessel is filled with, and who the smokers are with. The essence of the hookah is the tube of the world, a means of uniting guests, friends, relatives. Its difference from conventional smoking is cooling smoke, so ice is used. Other names in the countries of the East - nargile, bori, jajir, chilim, shisha, gosa.

Fans often argue about how to properly hook the hookah smoke. Is it worth it to inhale deeply, gathering more of it into the lungs and slowly exhale, or do you need to do a small but frequent tightening. Every smoker is sure that he knows all the secrets and smokes correctly. The beauty of this process lies precisely in the fact that any method, if it brings pleasure, will be right.

For a party and a peaceful conversation

Hookah smokers are not in a hurry, tradition implies a peaceful atmosphere, relaxing music, a small amount of light wine and abstract conversations. This process is as significant in Middle Eastern countries as a treat of pilaf or tea ceremony.Therefore, it is best to smoke hookah at home or in restaurants and hookah, where visitors will be given everything you need to get full enjoyment.

the essence of hookah

It is not accepted to refuse if the guest was offered a hookah. What is a special pleasure to enjoy, there is no doubt.

Tobacco and accessories

Tobacco for hookah is different from cigarette. It can be divided into several types: most often it is pleasant fruit and berry or spicy mixes for mixing - "Al Fakir Fresh", "Afsal Pan Raas" and others.

The taste of tobacco is flavored with syrups:

  • apple;
  • strawberry;
  • watermelon;
  • cardamom;
  • cinnamon;
  • licorice;
  • menthol;
  • coffee or chocolate.

In almost every package of modern tobacco, you can find a syrup based on honey or glycerin.

The process of obtaining smoke is quite simple - the coal for the hookah transfers the heat to the glycerin-soaked tobacco, which, in turn, begins to burn and give off flavor.

Coal is needed to ensure that tobacco does not fade. They must quickly ignite and not interrupt the smell of tobacco. It is good to use charcoal, rather than pelleted.It is safer for health and does not add an unpleasant smell.

How to choose the device correctly

A good hookah can be a central attribute of cozy parties and invited parties. It is easy to assemble, but apparently it has a height of at least 40 cm, optimally 70-100 cm.

The metal part of the device must be stable. The build quality can be checked if you close the tobacco cup with your palm and try to draw air through the tube: the device is tight, if it is difficult to do.

hookah smoking

The price of the device depends on the decor, the main thing with the purchase is to carefully examine it. It must be airtight, without cracks. Disassembled, you should check for seals.

The choice of the size of the apparatus also depends on the purpose of its application:

  • for decorating a stylish interior, a tall hookah over 1.5 m for two - three tubes, with gold leaf and crystal will suit.
  • for smoking alone - a small mobile device that you can take to friends and carry with you, or buy a regular hookah at least 50 cm.
  • for a large company, the device should be from 70 to 120 cm high, with decor.

Feel free to buy modern devices: new technologies and materials provide durability and usability, and the appearance is changed under the influence of bold design ideas.

hookah charcoal

However, in the countries of traditional production most of the hookahs are still made according to the old technologies.

Where better to buy abroad

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Syria, Iraq and, in extreme cases, China and Romania, are considered the best countries to purchase a high-quality smoking apparatus.

Where the hookah is not worth buying is in Turkey or Egypt. There, products are often substandard, and the product for tourists there is often just such. Your new exotic smoking device should, however, be manufactured industrially and not artisanal.

tobacco for hookah

Hookah: harm or benefit

For a long time it was believed that smoking hookah does not harm health, since it was believed that a significant part of harmful substances dissolved in water, and the smoke before getting into the lungs cooled. But it is not so. The most harmful component in the smoking mixture is carbon monoxide from coal. During the hour of smoking a hookah, a person inhales smoke ten times more than from a cigarette. At the same time tar, nicotine and harmful heavy metals get into the respiratory tract - their amount depends on the type of tobacco. The content of toxins in this case is slightly lower in comparison with cigarette smoke due to the lowered temperature of burning the mixture in the hookah device.

How to collect hookah and use it at home

If you would like to learn how to make a hookah yourself, use the diagrams and select the right ingredients:

  • the bowl should be made of clay;
  • coal - pressed coconut;
  • foil - 14 microns thick, extra strong;
  • food grade silicone hose;
  • The mouthpiece can be any desired.

The main thing in the assembly - to ensure tightness, otherwise you will not get the pleasure of smoking.

where is the hookah

Stages cooking device

For the organization of a party in the Oriental style hookah will be useful. In order to guarantee pleasure and not waste time on replacing accessories, it is recommended to observe all stages of preparation of an exotic smoking apparatus.

  1. Cleaning up Before first use, rinse all parts with water, except the hose, if it cannot be washed with water, wipe with a towel and leave to air dry.
  2. Filling the vessel. Pour the liquid: water, milk, juice or light wine.
  3. Add ice if desired.
  4. Insert the shaft into the vessel, lowering it so that the rod is immersed in water.
  5. Check the tightness of the device by closing the tobacco bowl with your hand and pulling air through a tube.If the connections are tight enough, the air will not pass.
  6. Connect the hose to the side hole in the shaft.
  7. Double-check the water level, making sure that it does not come close to the point of connection of the pipe, otherwise the water will damage it.
  8. Put the tobacco in the cup with tongs.
  9. Close the cup tightly with foil and pierce thin holes on it.
  10. Kindle coal - it is better to use a special wood.
  11. Start smoking - when the vessel is filled with smoke, the device is ready for use.

It will be correct to wash the device after use and to clean it in case a precipitate appears in the vessel or the smoke has an unusual taste.

how to make a hookah

A beautiful stylish hookah is a good acquisition for giving a new atmosphere not only to the interior of the house, but also as an alternative to the habit of smoking. Where he is thoughtfully smacked to music, there is no vulgarity and vulgarity. Hookah can also unite congenial people, take others with their strengths and weaknesses. What is familiar cigarettes compared to a sophisticated device, a pleasant aroma and unhurried conversation with friends? Especially if you know the measure and leave refined smoking for special occasions.

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