Hookah flasks: description

A popular smoking machine - hookah - is used not only for its intended purpose. Flasks for hookah, mines, mouthpieces are sometimes true works of art. It can serve as an interior decoration, be an original expensive gift. Some are kept in museums. A crystal flask dated to the 17th century is stored in the city of Gus Crystal.


Hookah flasks play an important role in the smoking process. Size, material, form — everything matters. It is filled with liquid, which serves to perform three main tasks:

  • cool the smoke;
  • moisten;
  • to clear.

The classic option is clean water. Other ingredients are also possible: milk, alcohol (wine, absinthe, rum, etc.), tea, juice. It helps to enrich the taste of smoke with new, unique shades. This filling is an amateur, not everyone likes the taste of lactose or the effect of mild intoxication.hookah flasks

Another important function is to serve as the base of the hookah. Reliable stability of the device is a guarantee of safe smoking.Still, hot coals are used, with careless handling, burns or fire may occur. And finally, it is one of the most beautiful parts of the hookah, which differs in shape, color, presence of light, material.


Hookah flasks can be made of the following materials:

  • Plastic. Acrylic products are not popular, although they are inexpensive. They absorb the smell of smoke, leaving an unpleasant impression of smoking. Opaque walls do not allow control of the fluid level. They wash badly, look unassuming and cheap.
  • Metal. Copper alloys are commonly used. The disadvantage is the ability to absorb odors, rust, oxidize. They require special care. A significant advantage is the strength of metal flasks. Inaccurate transportation sometimes causes deformation of the product.
  • Glass. They can be made of ordinary glass, Bohemian, crystal. They are easier to care for, they do not absorb foreign odors, do not oxidize, are not subject to rust, look very aesthetically pleasing, transparent glass allows you to control the water level.The biggest minus fragility of products, with careless handling, they fight. The Egyptian Khalil Mamoon hookah flask is produced in an old-fashioned way: the molten raw material is poured into the prepared mold and cooled. Bohemian flasks are made according to Czech technology, this is blown glass. Crystal heavy, with carved ornaments, look very impressive, but they are not cheap.hookah flask with thread

The form can be almost any. Author's unique works are valued as objects that decorate the interior. Classic consider the shape of the bell. It is stable and serves as a reliable hookah base. Cones, balls, squares, pyramids, octahedrons, avant-garde models are also widespread. An additional decoration are the figures of animals, flowers and other things. Shades and patterns are diverse, green and blue are considered classic. Syrian vessels will be recognized by thematic images.


The flask is a part of the hookah and is connected to the shaft in two ways: by thread or by means of a compactor. Models with thread appeared relatively recently, but quickly gaining popularity.There is a simple explanation for this: as a rule, the owners of the hookah carry it, holding it by the mine. The container simply slides off, falls and breaks. For threaded connections, this is excluded.

The hookah flask with thread is firmly held in place and provides a reliable tight connection. In case of accidental damage to the vessel, threads can be re-glued:

  • the flask with the corresponding size of a mouth is selected;
  • the thread is cleaned of glass residue;
  • thread, after applying glue to it, tightly pressed to the neck and allowed to dry (at least 12 hours).khalil mamoon hookah

The lack of a threaded connection is that in case of damage to the thread itself (deformation) it is difficult to find a replacement. When compounding is periodically required to replace the seal. High-quality use of hookah is possible only with a tight tight connection of all its parts.


Flasks for hookah is selected according to several criteria:

  • the size should correspond to the hookah, the shaft should sit tightly in the flask and not touch its bottom;
  • a glass container without chips and cracks, made of thick glass, with smooth edges, preferably transparent, it is better if it has an additional metal rim along the edge of the neck;
  • in any form pay attention to the stability of the vessel.

The larger the size, the larger the volume of liquid that can be placed in the vessel. This allows you to more effectively control the density, concentration and strength of the smoke.

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