Honey wrap: how to perform the procedure

Honey wrap is used for body care,as well as to reduce cellulite. This procedure has many advantages: it removes slags and toxins, accumulated excess fluid, improves immunity, helps to eliminate swelling, stimulates metabolic processes in the body, activates the metabolism in the fat and subcutaneous layer. Using honey wrapping allows you to make the skin smooth, reduce scarring and scars, restore elasticity and contours of the silhouette of the skin, the surface of the body after the procedures becomes velvety and tender.

Honey wrapping gives such an effect thanks touseful and rich composition of honey, which contains vitamins A, B, K, C, E, various microelements and amino acids. During the procedure, all the useful components of honey penetrate the skin and help get rid of excess fat deposits, cellulite, soften and moisturize the skin.

Honey wrap against cellulite can beDo it yourself, without recourse to specialists, at home. To do this, take about 15 tablespoons of liquid natural honey, which must be heated in a water bath. However, it can not be overheated, since this product loses its medicinal properties with strong heating. Then warm honey should be applied evenly on the problem areas (hips, abdomen, legs or buttocks). Top should be put polyethylene film. In the wrapped state, it takes about an hour. After that, take a shower and moisturize the skin with lotion or body milk.

It should be noted that before starting a honeybody wrapping, it is recommended to take a body peeling, for this you can take ready-made cosmetics or take home (oat flakes, sugar, salt, coffee). This preparatory procedure will help to remove dead cells and allow useful components of honey to penetrate deeper into the skin.

At home use as pure honey,and together with additional components, performing a honey wrap. The feedback of people who took such procedures indicates that various effects have been achieved by mixing honey with mustard, apple cider vinegar, coffee, milk or essential oils.

Carrying a honey wrap with apple cider vinegar, 200 grams of liquid honey is mixed with three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, which allows to increase blood circulation.

When wrapping with essential oils in honeyadd a few drops of these substances. It is better to use essential citrus oils (grapefruit, orange, lemon), which have anti-cellulite properties and help to reduce weight.

A good means for nourishing the skin is honey wrapping using powdered cream or milk. For this, honey and milk must be mixed in proportion of two to one.

A surprising result in the fight against cellulitegives a combination of honey and mustard. The latter component stimulates the influx to the skin of the blood and dilutes fat deposits, and together with honey, toxins and toxins are very efficiently discharged. For the solution take honey and powdered mustard in the same proportion (for example, four spoons). If after applying the mass on the body feels a burning sensation, it is necessary to wash off the mask and next time reduce the share of mustard.

Unfortunately, the honey wrapnot suitable for everyone. These procedures are contraindicated for patients with ailments of the cardiac and vascular system, people prone to hypertension, having skin lesions or varicose veins, suffering from diabetes. Also, we should not forget that honey is a strong biostimulator and can cause allergies. Therefore, before performing honey wraps, you need to make sure that there are no allergic reactions to this product.

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Honey wrap: how to perform the procedure Honey wrap: how to perform the procedure Honey wrap: how to perform the procedure Honey wrap: how to perform the procedure Honey wrap: how to perform the procedure Honey wrap: how to perform the procedure