Honey slide. Recipe and small tricks

Unique flavoring, filled witharomas of honey and dried fruits, like everyone without exception. The East gave us a remarkable dish of its nutritional value. This is a honey slide. Its recipe is simple in execution, and taste qualities will surely be appreciated by both children and adults.

Honey Hill Recipe

Description and origin

This is interesting and unusual in cookinga culinary masterpiece came to us from the East. There it is called a chak-chak, considered solely festive and served only for large feasts. Our mistresses interpreted it a little, and we got an unusual honey slide, the recipe of which still includes all the main ingredients - fragrant honey, flour, eggs and milk.

Honey slide recipe with photo

Secrets and small tricks

Deep-fried strips of dough, afterbeautifully laid and necessarily filled with sweet syrup - this is a honey slide. Recipe (with a photo of the finished result) includes some nuances that make this dish as tasty as possible.

  1. It is not necessary to knead the dough alone, itscan be purchased at the store. Often mistresses use scraps for these purposes, which remain after preparation of chebureks or other similar products.
  2. The fryer should warm up gradually, on small fire, so that thin delicate strips are not overcooked.
  3. Pouring is prepared without water, only honey and sugar are used in equal quantities.

Honey Hill Recipe


To get a tasty honey-slide, the recipeyou need to perform in stages, and dried fruits, nuts and other useful additives to purchase in advance. We make the dough steep, dense, like noodles. In flour (1,5 glasses) add eggs (3-4 pieces) and a small amount of milk (100 g).

  1. Cut the dough into strips about half a centimeter wide, try not to sprinkle them with flour, when frying, it quickly burns and spoils the taste and external qualities of the prepared dish.
  2. Do not go anywhere from the stove, the strips are fried in just 15 seconds, we pull them out with a noise and definitely let the oil drain.
  3. We put on the dish a slide, separately prepare a sweet syrup, boiling 2 tbsp. spoons of sugar and 200 g of honey for five minutes over low heat.
  4. We will do the decoration - beautifully we lay the pieces of dough, we cover them with dried fruits, cover them with nuts, fill it with thick syrup.
  5. A little secret: after a few minutes, when the dish is a little cool, gently press it down with your fingers to make the finished product more dense.

Honey slide recipe with photo

Benefits and contraindications

Such a natural, very fragrant and unusuala honey slide, the recipe of which is as simple as possible, very much like children. Due to the large content of honey and useful additives (nuts, dried fruits), you can strengthen immunity. But to use it, like all fried flour dishes, in large quantities is not recommended.

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Honey slide. Recipe and small tricks Honey slide. Recipe and small tricks Honey slide. Recipe and small tricks Honey slide. Recipe and small tricks Honey slide. Recipe and small tricks Honey slide. Recipe and small tricks Honey slide. Recipe and small tricks Honey slide. Recipe and small tricks