Honda Crosstour: photos, specifications, reviews of owners

Already, many appreciated the benefits of using cars in the station wagon. These cars have a spacious trunk and spacious interior. But some people refuse to buy such cars because of too low clearance. Not everywhere there are good roads, and sometimes a couple of extra centimeters is simply necessary. And what if you combine a wagon and a crossover? This is not a joke at all - this was done by the Japanese from Honda. And today we have a review of the Honda Crosstour. Features, photos, price and reviews - on.


So what is this car? Honda Crosstour is a front-or all-wheel drive fastback, mass-produced from 2009 to 2015. The car was focused mainly on the North American market, but was supplied to Russia.

honda crosstour specifications

By the way, this car was originally called the Honda Accord Crosstour. The prefix "Accord" Japanese removed in 2011.


The design of the car has similar features with the Honda Accord sedan. But the version of the "CrossStream" more like an SUV.So, the car has volumetric wheel arches and a massive bumper with a wide grille. Fastback design is uncommon. This machine is not like any other, and therefore attracts the eyes without any tuning.

honda specifications

Behind the Honda Crosstour looks no less original. So, it is worth noting the huge trunk lid, which stretches along the entire body, and large taillights.

Dimensions clearance

The car has a solid size. Thus, the body length is almost 5 meters, width - 1.9, height - 1.7 meters. The size of the wheelbase - 2.8 meters. In this case, belonging to the SUV says confident ground clearance. Its value on standard wheels is 20.5 centimeters. The car feels great on the winter and sandy road.


Inside is the same "Accord" of the eighth generation. Of course, to our time, the interior is already outdated, because for the first time such an interior was proposed in 2008. But you can not say that the cabin uncomfortable. Ergonomic miscalculations are not here, say reviews.

crosstour specifications

The seats are comfortable, all controls are at hand. The color scheme may be different. But the light salon presented in the photo in our article looks especially impressive.The quality of finishing materials - at the level. Nothing creaks and does not irritate. And noises from the street barely reach the salon.


According to reviews, Honda Crosstour has a roomy trunk. Its volume in the five-seater performance is 457 liters. In this case, you can fold the rear seats. So it turns out a flat cargo area of ​​757 liters.

new honda crosstour

Honda Crosstour technical specifications

Under the hood of the car can be one of the two proposed by the manufacturer of the engine. So, the base is a four-cylinder gasoline engine with a 16-valve head, variable valve timing system and I-VTEC technology. With a working volume of 2.4 liters, the car develops up to 194 horsepower. Torque - 220 Nm. According to passport data, the car spends from 6.4 to 11 liters of fuel, depending on the operating conditions. But, as the reviews, in practice, Honda Crosstour is more gluttonous. So, in the city the car spends about 11.7 liters, and on the highway - 7.6.

In tandem with this power unit works automatic five-speed gearbox. It is distinguished by the Logic Control system, which allows you to optimize the range of switching speeds.A hundred car dials in 11 seconds. Maximum speed - 190 kilometers per hour.

The luxury version of the Honda Crosstour is completed with a six-cylinder petrol engine. Each cylinder has four valves, in addition, the engine differs in the I-VTEC system, which allows you to get more acceleration from the engine during acceleration. Also, the unit has a system that allows you to turn off half of the cylinders at low loads. This saves fuel. The power of the six-cylinder unit - 280 horsepower. Displacement - 3.5 liters. Torque is 341 Nm. According to passport data, the car spends 11.8 liters in the city and up to 8.1 on the highway. But, according to reviews of owners, Honda Crosstour in fact spends from 10.4 to 14.7 liters of gasoline. In tandem with the power unit works automatic six-speed gearbox. The 3.5-liter Honda Crestur is equipped with a box with manual shift speeds. To do this, in the cabin derived separate stalk petals. By the way, up to a hundred car accelerates in 8.9 seconds. And the maximum speed is 194 kilometers per hour.

According to reviews, even with a base motor, the car has a good acceleration dynamics. This power is enough to confidently carry out overtaking and do other maneuvers.


The front of the car is equipped with triangular, double wishbones with coil springs and an anti-roll bar. Applied rear multi-link suspension. There is also a transverse stabilizer.

The characteristics of the suspension are configured in such a way that the car has excellent handling and does not behave rigidly in the pits. According to reviews, the car perfectly swallows potholes and small pits. Also, the car is equipped with tenacious disc brakes. The diameter of the brake discs - 305 millimeters for the front and 296 for the rear.

On the reliability of the suspension

Unfortunately, Honda has drawbacks. And many people complain about the reliability of the suspension. She does not live on our roads for a long time. So, after 15 thousand kilometers lower ball bearings fail. Dampers require replacement in 30-45 thousand kilometers. The control unit steering rack needs attention through 60 thousand kilometers. The CV joint requires replacement in 70-100 thousand kilometers. Also to 100 thousand brake discs wear out.


When creating a crossover "Honda Crossover" was paid much attention to the issue of security.So, the car received five stars out of five possible in the course of a frontal strike with a 40 percent overlap.

honda specifications

The Honda Crosstur has also earned high marks in a collision with a pedestrian. In addition, the machine is equipped with a number of passive security systems. So, there is a lane monitoring system, as well as a camera with wide viewing angles in the rear.

Configuration "Honda"

The car was offered only in two trim levels:

  • EX (base).
  • EX-L (respectively, the maximum).

Standard equipment includes:

  • Front-wheel drive.
  • 2.4-liter engine with a five-speed automatic transmission.
  • 17-inch alloy wheels.
  • Climate control with air filtration.
  • Honda Link speakers for six speakers with a total power of 360 watts.
  • Auto-dimming salon mirror.
  • Rear View Camera.
  • Electric windows all doors.
  • Automatic inclusion of headlights.
  • Central locking.
  • Immobilizer.
  • ABS system and motion stabilization.
  • Starting the engine with a button.
    honda crosstour specifications

In the luxury version are available:

  • 18 inch alloy wheels.
  • 3.5-liter engine and six-speed automatic transmission.
  • Wheel drive system.
  • Leather trim.
  • Seat memory.
  • Headlight washer.
  • Rain sensor.
  • Light sensor.
  • Electric sunroof.
  • Multimedia complex with a navigator and Internet radio.
  • The system warning about leaving the occupied lane.
  • Control of dead zones.
  • Alarm system with feedback and startup.
  • Rear parking sensors.
  • Collision warning system.


Unfortunately, the new Honda Crosstour is no longer for sale. All cars are available only in the secondary market. The price of a Honda may vary. So, the cheapest version can be bought for 800-900 thousand rubles.

new honda crosstour

Well, the most recent, in a good configuration available at a price of 1 million 600 thousand rubles. The cost of this car is almost the same as the eighth generation Honda Accord sedan.

Summing up

So, we found out what is the Japanese car "Honda Crossover". This car is a good option for those who want to get a roomy wagon with high ground clearance. Sometimes it makes no sense to overpay for an SUV or crossover. Honda Crossover is a kind of compromise. It combines the practicality of the wagon and the SUV. Of course, no one will take it for offroad. But it can cope with snow drifts or wet primer.

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