Hollywood beauty secret: rejuvenating mask from Sophia Loren

A rejuvenating mask from Sophia Loren - a uniqueA tool created by a Hollywood diva to preserve its beauty. This woman has won the hearts of millions of men around the world. Despite the age of the star, her skin shines with youth, and she herself is still the embodiment of elegance and charm. The actress thoroughly knows secrets of attractiveness, which help her to look beautiful always and everywhere.

Sophia Loren has revealed to all comers secrets of care forin the book "Woman and Beauty". According to her, she always followed a non-aggressive and natural skincare program, which consisted of simple rules. Among the main methods used by the star is a rejuvenating facial mask from Sophia Loren.


In order to prepare this composition, you havethe night will pass, but the delightful effect of its use can last a whole week. If you have a normal skin type, take one small spoonful of gelatin and dilute in 100 grams of milk. In the case when the epidermis suffers from a high fat content, it is better to use kefir or yogurt.

rejuvenating mask from sophie

The rejuvenating mask that Sophie coinedLauren, should brew in a cold place during the night. For a given period of time, gelatin will completely dissolve in the liquid. Then pour the mixture into the blender and add the following ingredients to it:

  • a small spoonful of olive oil, it perfectly nourishes the skin with nutrients;
  • as much honey and dry white wine, thanks to them, the dermis will get a lot of useful substances that smooth it, make it soft and elastic.

Then a rejuvenating mask from Sophia Lorendiligently mixed and poured into a glass container. You can store this remedy in the fridge for a very long time. It does not deteriorate due to the preservatives contained in the wine.


rejuvenating facial mask from sophie

Gelatin, which is part of the mask, createseffect of lifting. Therefore, it is recommended to apply it in courses of 10-15 sessions. The mixture must be applied to the skin every other day. At the end of one stage, a month must pass before you start a new approach. This mask will tighten sagging cheeks and help you get rid of the second chin.

In the morning it should be applied cold, so that the skin"cheered up". And before going to sleep, the composition should be slightly heated in a water bath or in a microwave to enhance the nutritional effect. Attention! No need to heat up the entire staff! Each time, dial exactly as much content as you plan to use.

How to use Sophia Loren's rejuvenating mask? First, clean the face, neck and décolletage skin and apply the mixture in a thin layer. After 15 minutes, gently wash it with running warm water or a napkin soaked in warmed milk. Then rinse under a cold running water.

Application features

If you have oily skin, before starting the procedureYou can make a steam bath to better open and clean the pores. For dry and prone to peeling of the derma, a warm compress is suitable: moisten the towel in warm water or herbal decoction (for example, from chamomile) and apply 2-3 times on the face.

how to use a rejuvenating mask is soothing

If during washing you noticed thatRejuvenating mask from Sophia Loren badly descends, so you need to pick up other proportions of its components. The whole problem may be too much gelatin. During the next session, try adding more other ingredients to eliminate this deficiency.


With regular and correct use of this tool, you can achieve the following results:

  1. The skin will tighten, and swelling will decrease.
  2. Wrinkles will decrease (especially with regard to the so-called crow's feet).
  3. You can apply the composition to the skin under the eyes to make the look fresh and radiant (do this at most twice a week for a month).
  4. Oval face becomes more expressive and fit.
  5. The dermis is cleaned, its surface is leveled and softened.

rejuvenating mask which was invented sophie

The rejuvenating mask from Sophia Loren stands outamong other means by its universality. It is great for any skin. But she also has contraindications. In particular, they are allergic to honey. In this case, this component should be replaced with oat flour, diluted in any liquid or melted vegetable oil.

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