"Holisal": reviews of dentists. Dental gel "Holisal"

Nowadays there are many medications available for sale. Some of them eliminate pain. Others are used to fight microbes and pathological microorganisms. The third are biologically active food additives. Increasingly, dentists prescribe Holisal gel to their patients. Reviews of this drug is extremely positive. This is what will be discussed further. Also, the article will tell you about the features of the medical drug "Holisal." Instructions for use will also be described.

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Healthy teeth, gums and oral cavity

Surely everyone wants to have a beautiful smile and healthy gums. It is not always possible. Increasingly, people have to go to dental offices. In this case, the patient's age can be from 2-3 years and above. Many new mothers turn to doctors with problems arising from their children.The most frequent pathologies are painful teething, stomatitis of various nature, thrush.

Older people are also susceptible to poor oral health. So, a common cause of injuries to the mucous membrane is wearing dentures. If a person has native teeth, a stone may appear, which also leads to gum damage.

In all these cases, you need to visit a dentist (dentist or dentist). After examination, the doctor will prescribe the correct treatment, which will quickly bring relief. One of the ways to combat the above phenomena was the drug "Cholisal." The gel has some features. Consider what is indicated in the annotation to the drug.

Chalis instructions for use

"Cholisal" (gel) composition

What does the drug consist of? What components allow you to have the desired effect in one way or another?

The main active ingredient is choline salicylate. The drug contains it in the amount of 87 milligrams. The gel also includes cetalconium chloride. This tool is present in the drug in the amount of only 0.1 milligram.

In addition, the drug has in its composition of additional substances that improve its taste and texture.These include methyl parahydroxybenzoate, glycerol, anise oil, ethanol, water, gietellose, propyl parahydroxybenzoate.

Drug properties

How does the gel "Kholisal"? Instructions for use contains the following information. Immediately after application to the mucous membranes, the tool immediately begins to be absorbed. At the same time on the damaged areas the action is more effective. Within a few minutes, the dental gel Holisal has an analgesic effect. Perhaps this is its main quality. However, the drug also has anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effects, cools the surface of the shell and relieves fever.

There is also evidence that Cholisal lowers the production of prostaglandins. Despite the flora of the mucous membrane environment, the drug has an antifungal effect. Also, the agent is a long-acting antiseptic.

Dental gel "Holisal" begins to act 2 minutes after application and retains its effect for 5-8 hours.

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When do I need to apply the tool?

Holisal gel for gums and oral cavity is used in the following cases:

  • inflammation and stomatitis (if there are ulcers);
  • with periodontitis or gingivitis;
  • during various injuries of the inner lining of the mouth;
  • when wearing prostheses;
  • as an anesthetic during teething in adults and children;
  • with fungal infections;
  • before or after surgery and so on.

It is worth noting that in some situations the use of the drug is not enough. In this case, the doctor may prescribe additional means for correcting the patient’s condition.

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How to apply the tool?

When topical application of the gel "KHISAL" for children and adults, the following dosages are observed. For persons under 16 years old, squeeze half a centimeter of the drug on the finger. Adults can double the dose. The gel is gently rubbed into the area of ​​the oral mucosa. At the same time hands should be well washed. Apply the drug can be before a meal (to achieve an analgesic effect) or after eating.

If you are using gel "Holisal" when teething, then you need to be especially careful. For children of the first year of life, you must first get advice and permission from the doctor. In this case, the tool is used before bedtime. The drug is placed in the pockets of the gums.

Also means can be used for rinsing. In this case, half a teaspoon of "Cholisal" must be dissolved in warm water. Rinse your mouth several times a day before and after eating.

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When can I not use the drug?

The tool is contraindicated for expectant mothers and lactating women. This is due to the fact that medicine has not fully studied the effect of the drug on the fetus.

However, in some cases, dentists prescribe gel "Chalisal." It should take into account all possible risks.

How does the drug interact with other medications?

The drug enhances the effects of certain drugs on the body. So, the gel accelerates the absorption of antipyretic tablets and syrups. Doctors strongly recommend not to exceed the dose of the latter when using the drug "Cholisal."

In addition, the tool enhances the action of painkillers. Do not use these medicines at the same time. Calculate the medication so that the break between them was at least two hours.

Price category funds

Depending on where you are purchasing the product, Cholisal Gel may have a different value.The price of the drug on average varies from 250 to 400 rubles per tube. It is worth noting that some pharmacy chains sometimes offer discounts. It is at this time that the Cholisal product can be purchased cheaper. The price in this case is set by the network. It can be from 150 to 350 rubles.

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Holisal: reviews of dentists

Most doctors say about this drug only in a positive way. However, reviews of some dentists argue that the drug should be combined with the use of the main treatment. Only in this case, the effect will be positive. Also, dentists say that when using the tool yourself, complications can arise. That is why before using the drug you need to visit the dental office and consult with a specialist. So, find out what reviews are available with respect to the Kholisal gel.

1. When teething in children and adults.

If the teeth are crawling in babies, then the doctors prescribe this remedy only in severe cases. In this case, the gel not only relieves the nerve endings of the mucous membrane, but also removes the heat, which so often happens during this period.Dentists argue that to relieve the unpleasant symptoms during teething in children it is better to use alternative means, rather than the gel "Holisal." Analogs of the drug in this case may be the following: "Dentokind", "Kamistad" and others.

If the tooth is cut in an adult, the drug is prescribed quite often. However, doctors say that it can be used only with the correct location of the root. When the so-called hood hangs over the tooth, the remedy will bring only temporary relief. Sooner or later, this process must be removed.

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2. When stomatitis in children and adults.

What do dentists say about stomatitis treatment? Gol "Holisal" reviews of doctors in this case is not always positive. The drug will be effective only if the bacterial or fungal nature of the pathology. If there are no ulcers and injuries in the mouth, then the remedy will be useless.

When white spots appear on the mucous membrane, the medicine helps to anesthetize them. For children, it is better to use the gel before meals. At the same time the discomfort disappears, and the child can safely eat.

3.When periodontal disease and gingivitis.

If a patient has tartar that provokes inflammation of the gums, how does the remedy help in this case? Dentists say that you first need to get rid of plaque. Otherwise, the gel will bring relief, and as a result, the loosening of the tooth will begin and, as a result, its loss will occur.

If the treatment is carried out taking into account all stages, then the drug will be quite effective. After removing the stone, the gel relieves the exposed gums and relieves discomfort.

4. In case of damage to the mucous membrane.

What feedback does the remedy have in this case? Doctors say that the medicine is anesthetizing, fighting infection and relieving inflammation.

If the damage was received during a fall (as is often the case in children), then the remedy will ease the condition and relieve pain. Also, the drug will prevent microorganisms from getting into the wound. When the injury was the result of wearing dentures, the gel will be able to disinfect the surface and prevent bacteria from falling into the cut.

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Possible problems with the use of the drug

Dentists argue that the tool does not always act positively.Some people may have an allergic reaction to Cholisal gel. Analogs in this case are selected with an alternative composition, and treatment continues.

Also, dentists note that anise oil, which is part of the preparation, can cause abundant salivation. If for an adult it does not represent any discomfort, then with small children everything is different. So, babies of the first year of life do not swallow the whole saliva discharge. This liquid flows out of the mouth and irritates the skin. Also, dentists say that children can choke on saliva. Most often this problem occurs in babies in the first six months of life. That is why the remedy for children is prescribed with extreme caution and only in some cases.

If you use the drug incorrectly, complications may occur. The most frequent violation is the neglect of sterility. So, applying the medicine with dirty hands, you can carry the infection. In this case, dentists say that the patient is not only not relieved, but also develops infection.In this case, the person is additionally needed antimicrobial therapy.

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Summing up and conclusion

So, now you know all about the preparation "Holisal." Remember that you should not use this tool without the recommendation of a doctor. If you have any problem, you should contact your dentist or dentist. Only a close inspection will allow you to correctly diagnose and find the right treatment.

Purchase the drug exclusively in the pharmacy network. Currently, many supermarkets began to sell medicines. However, in this case, no one gives you a guarantee. Use the services of trusted outlets only. Use Holisal Gel for its intended purpose and never exceed the dosage. Health to you!

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