Holidays in Sicily. Italy, Sicily: recreation, reviews

Holidays in Italy is becoming increasingly popular among tourists from Russia. One of the most universal holiday destinations in this country is the island of Sicily. Here everyone will find entertainment to their liking, because for this there are all the conditions: luxurious beaches, cultural sites and historical monuments, developed tourist infrastructure. Holidays in Sicily will definitely be remembered for you!

Largest island

Holidays in SicilySicily is washed by three seas at once: the Mediterranean, Tyrrhenian and Ionian. The island is located near the tip of the "Italian boot." Today it is the largest in the Mediterranean and is densely populated. The historical name of the island is Trinacria, in different eras it referred to Byzantium, the Roman Empire, Spain and another state. For some time Sicily was completely autonomous, but then became part of Italy. Thanks to such a rich history today on the island there is a huge number of monuments made by masters of different cultures and eras, with striking differences in technique and styles of performance.The holiday season here lasts from May to early November. A small number of tourists arrive in the winter months to explore the monuments of history and architecture. Rest in Sicily is good at any time of the year due to the mild climate. Beautiful landscapes, a unique atmosphere and unusual local cuisine - these are nice additions.

When to go to relax?

Sicily beach holidayIn Sicily, the climate is mild, its main feature is the difference in temperature on the coast and in the central part. It rains very rarely, sometimes there are no months. Due to the proximity of the sea, even in the depths of the island is not too hot and dry. Holidays in Sicily in September - this is a popular offer of many tour operators. And this is not surprising, since the official tourist season lasts all through October, and sometimes even the next month. The average air temperature for the first autumn month is +28 degrees, in winter the thermometer mark rarely drops below +10. Experienced travelers are advised to combine the period from mid-spring to mid-summer to combine the excursion program and beach holiday. In autumn, most visitors try to spend most of the coast.This is also a good time for sightseeing.

Sicily: beach holiday

As in many other Italian resorts in Sicily, beaches delight travelers mostly with white or gray sand. The sea is very clean in all areas, it is interesting primarily for its color - in some places the water seems dark, almost black. Many hotels and holiday homes have their own private beaches. In the resort areas, swimming areas are equipped with everything necessary, and in the immediate vicinity of small fishing villages you can find wild shores. There are special beaches for meetings on interests, a vivid example of this is Capo Playa, where fans of active recreation gather, or Finale di Pollina - the place of the most noisy parties in the high season.

Fun and exciting events

Sicily conquers at first sight with its nature. Local climatic conditions are ideal for the growth of a variety of fruit trees (mainly olive trees and citrus), various varieties of thujas, eucalyptus and agave. Will delight the island and the picturesque landscape: bays and cozy bays, mountains and rocky shores. As for man-made attractions - here you can see the creations of different civilizations, cultures and periods.Holidays in Sicily will be remembered by all tourists as an endless chain of holidays and interesting events. Local festivals and carnivals are held here, Italian holidays and patrons of individual cities and districts of the island are celebrated in a big way.


Holiday sicily reviewsTravels to faraway countries include inspection of local monuments, interesting architectural and natural sites, as well as other sights. What pleases guests of Sicily? In the guidebooks most often you can see colorful photos of local cathedrals and churches, palaces, castles and other unique structures. Holidays in Sicily are a real immersion in a kaleidoscope of various eras and cultures. There are even ancient ruins, more attractive and ancient than in Greece itself. In any city, inspection of man-made monuments should be started from the center. More often it is some famous square surrounded by magnificent architectural ensembles. There are unique museums on the island. The most mystical and strange place - the catacombs of the Capuchins. This is a large underground crypt in which about eight thousand mummies of local residents found their last shelter.Fans of antiquity will like Agrigento more. Here is the valley of the temples, some buildings in which have survived to this day in good condition. The most famous landmarks of the island are the Norman Palace, the fountain on Piazza Archimedes, Syracuse (Museum of Archeology), Palazzo Bellomo. All this is traditional Italy. Sicily offers rest for every taste. There are interesting natural attractions here: Mount Etna, the islands of Vulcano and Stromboli, caves and gorges, as well as lush parks and well-kept botanical gardens.


Holiday in Sicily in OctoberHave you decided to go on vacation to Sicily? Great, it remains only to choose a particular resort, and then you can start to search for a suitable hotel. Palermo is very popular among tourists - it is the capital of the island and part-time main port. There are a huge number of attractions, a lot of hotels for every taste and budget, developed tourist infrastructure. Catania is a city from which you can easily reach the most famous volcano in this area. There are a huge number of attractions, as well as a real paradise for shoppers due to the huge number of brand shops.The incredibly beautiful resort town of Taormina will appeal to lovers of bright relaxation and natural beauty. Here, an incredible atmosphere, with observation platforms offer scenic views. Enough in this city of various shops, including branded boutiques, there are historical and cultural attractions. Also here are the brightest festivals and holidays. The island of Sicily offers beach holidays at many resorts, but the most interesting in this regard are Giardini Naxos, Cefal and Sciacca.

Holidays in Sicily with children

Holiday in Sicily in SeptemberDue to the mild climate, all resorts in Italy are ideal for family holidays. Where better to stay in Sicily, if you plan to relax with children? On the southern side of the island, all the beaches are sandy, in other places there are also mixed. Choose to stay should be a specific hotel. In Sicily, there are family-friendly hotel complexes. Their key difference is more entertainment for kids, special meals in the dining room, the ability to leave children with a nanny. There are water parks in Sicily, as well as a large amusement park "Etnaland", which has attractions for different ages, a laser show and a zoo.

How much is a holiday in Sicily?

Italy sicily holidaysTravel agencies offer tours that include accommodation and tickets. The price of such vouchers starts from 30 thousand rubles per person (including departure from Moscow). If you are going to rest in a large company, it makes sense to look for rental options. In Sicily, apartments and villas of various classes and sizes are rented. If your travel budget is limited, it makes sense to choose a less luxurious hotel, and spend the money saved on excursions and the way to interesting sights. Reduced prices for vouchers at the very beginning of the season or before its end. For example, a vacation in Sicily in October will cost much less than in the middle of summer.

Rest in Sicily: reviews

Holidays in Sicily with childrenBefore you pack your bags for a trip, it is helpful to know the opinion of those who have already rested on the island of interest. Holidays in Sicily reviews has been extremely positive. All tourists praise the local nature, the abundance of attractions and the state of most of them, as well as a developed entertainment infrastructure. Some tourists are dissatisfied with only specific tour operators, as well as some hotels.So choose a place to stay and travel agency on the recommendations of friends or experienced travelers in specialized forums.

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