Heroes and images of M. Sholokhov’s novel "Silent Don". The image of Don in the novel "Silent Don"

Many works written in the twentieth century were dedicated to the topic of war by the authors. Some described the horrors of battles, others described the heroic deeds of the soldiers, and still others described the inner peace of the people who witnessed all the difficult events of the past century.

Mikhail Sholokhov in his novel “The Quiet Don” reveals a whole world before us, in which the fate of the heroes is intertwined in a complex and confusing way. The work can be called extremely philosophical, but at the same time patriotic, which gave him the opportunity to undergo censorship. There is a deep undercurrent in it, though not everyone manages to understand it from the first reading. The image of Don in the novel “The Quiet Don” is of no small importance, let's talk about this in more detail.

the image of Don in the novel "Silent Don"

The story of the novel. Initial idea

Already in the 20s, Mikhail Sholokhov had an idea - to create a work that would tell about ordinary people, about how their views on life changed, how the conflict between “brother-in-law” changed, how Soviet power was born.In 1925, the author began writing the novel Donshchina. This was the original title of the work. Sholokhov did not assume that events would unfold so widely, and he would create a whole epic.

The idea of ​​the author is to reveal the historical conditions of life of ordinary people so that it becomes clear why they led to the revolution. The image of Don in the novel “The Quiet Don” appeared before the reader as a symbol of the power of the national, Cossack will, wide soul. The change of purpose served to the fact that the novel began to be called “The Quiet Don”. The author's view also implies that the life of the Cossacks before the revolution and during the Civil War is revealed in the novel. The main task of the work Sholokhov puts to show the tragic fate of people who fell into a terrible whirlpool of events of the early 20th century.

Work in Veshenskaya

female images in the novel "Silent Don"

The new idea of ​​the novel has matured from the author in 1926. Sholokhov began collecting material. To do this, he settled in the village of Veshenskaya, toured the nearest farms, talked with local residents, participants in the revolution and war. So accumulated material, matured plot. For a more detailed study of the Cossacks, Sholokhov carefully studied materials from the archives of Rostov and Moscow.The novel was published as writing parts. The press did not stop, in all editions reviews and reviews about the work were published.

Mikhail Sholokhov worked much slower over his fourth book, readers were very worried about the fate of the heroes and wrote many letters to the author. There was a period when an opinion arose among the writers that the novel was written not by Sholokhov, but by some murdered officer. The manuscript was allegedly found in his bag. The author had to prove his case before the Rostov Commission, which was specially created to refute the slander. The work stood the test of time, the image of Don in the novel "Silent Don", as well as other real heroes revealed the essence of that time. So, we understand the history of writing an epic. Now let's take a closer look at the images.

The image of Don in Sholokhov's novel “The Quiet Don”

Sholokhov named the immortal epic “The Quiet Don” in honor of the mighty, ceaseless, rumbling Don. And it is not in vain. Of course, it's not just geography. The meaning is much more important and deeper ...

Events, indeed, occur on the banks of a mighty river, and the image of the Don in the novel “The Quiet Don” plays an important role.The river flows in the south of Russia, the Don Cossacks have chosen this area for a long time - freedom-loving and free. Don and is a symbol of their freedom.

Grandfather, father, and Grigori Melekhov himself, as well as other heroes of the work, were born and raised in the hot steppes, which are approaching the river from two sides. Two natural powers, land and water, influenced the formation of the characters of these people. It is not surprising that Sholokhov used the word Don in the title of the novel. So why "quiet"? After all, the events described in the novel took place in the early 20th century, which cannot be called calm at all. Millions of people were victims of revolution and war, the rivers were purple from blood.

Hidden in the name of a special meaning. Life changes, goes on as usual, and the quiet waters of the river are eternal and unchanging. The image of Don in Sholokhov’s novel The Quiet Don is very important. The mighty river, which gave life to the dry steppes, nurtured the freedom-loving Cossacks, she herself embraced their bodies.

the image of Don in Sholokhov's novel “The Quiet Don”

Live don

Don may be different in character. Then he calmly rolls its waters under the sun, and then it rages and spreads, overflowing its banks. But whatever events take place in people's lives, the river invariably directs its waters toward the sea.Nothing in the world can stop this process: neither war nor human malice, no revolutions. Don in the work - a symbol of stability and hope.

The image of Gregory Melikhov in the novel “The Quiet Don” is compared with a mighty river. After many years of wandering, he returns. Over the years, the Cossack lost his father, brother, daughter-in-law, beloved woman. In the farm, many ashes were left of many houses; childhood friends did not return from the war. But Gregory takes his son in his arms. He is his grain, sprout, hope for the future. The final of the novel personifies the continuation of life. Don’s description here is in harmony completely with the image of a free Cossack - a strong spirit who has passed through many difficult trials on his life path. The Don is still ice-bound, but in some places black water is already visible, the river throws off its “chains” and rushes forward, towards the sea.


Considering the female images in the novel “Silent Don”, I would like to pay special attention to Natalia. Two women fell in love with one Cossack - a classic triangle. Natalia is the rightful spouse. Aksinya - the neighbor's wife, loves Gregory passionately, ardently.

Natalia's life is disfigured and tragic. This woman is deeply moral, being a bride, she looked at her beloved in love eyes. It looked forward to the days before the wedding.Surprisingly, it was shy Natalya who insisted on marriage when her parents opposed it.

 image of Gregory Melikhov in the novel "Silent Don

But life was such that her marriage became unhappy. The image of Grigory Melikhov in the novel “The Quiet Don” reveals to the reader a wayward Cossack who is subjugated by Aksinya and is ready to go with his beloved to the ends of the earth. He honestly admits to Natalia that he does not love her. The whole Melekhov family took the side of the daughter-in-law. For the disinterestedness, simplicity, hard work, they all fell in love with Natalia. She takes care of everyone, she experiences her grief in herself. In her face, Sholokhov draws to us the image of a hardworking Cossack, a faithful wife and a loving mother.

Unrequited love

Female images in the novel "Silent Don" can be described as polar. If Aksinya is militant and hot, then Natalya is a modest and obedient wife. Not knowing family happiness, she finds solace in children. After the birth of Polyushka and Mishatka, she prettier and flourished unusually. And with what pride Natalia showed her children to Gregory. The image of Melikhov in the novel "Silent Don" is changing in this scene. His heart at this moment is flooded with a wave of tenderness and compassion for his wife. But now he did not feel love for her.He pulled me close and kissed her white forehead.

In recent days, on the deathbed, the greatness of Natalina’s soul, her selfless love, courage and moral purity are manifested. She asks her to put on that green skirt that Grisha liked, and Mishatka is punishing to kiss her father as he returns. Despite all the insults that her husband inflicted on her during her lifetime, Natalia forgives him and does not hold any evil.

The image of Aksinya in the novel "Silent Don"

image of Gregory in the novel "Silent Don"

Central to the novel is the image of Aksigny. A woman is beautiful, strong and independent, capable of passionate feelings. The image of Aksinya in the novel “Silent Don” personifies the true Cossack who is able to sacrifice herself for the sake of love.

The life of the heroine is very difficult. On the connection with Gregory said the whole farm, which became known to her husband. When asked whether it was true, the Cossack proudly confessed her sin without hesitation. The ability to take responsibility for actions confirms her strong spirit. The relationship between Aksinya and Gregory was not an easy affair. They carried their love through many trials for several years. Both were confident in the strength of their feelings, although all the farmers accepted their connection as immoral.It was Aksinya who had thoughts to break with conventions and leave the farm. The woman, without thinking, followed her beloved, without asking unnecessary questions. So strong was her love.

Gregory Melekhov

The image of Melekhov in the novel "Silent Don" is multifaceted. At first it seems that he is the main character. But then the reader sees his primitive horizon, realizes that he does not see further than the “grandfather's sword”. Immediately you can not even say, is a negative or positive character. First of all, Gregory is the truth-seeker. However, he lives from his youth mindlessly, follows established traditions. Parents married him to an unloved girl, like everyone, he was preparing for service. Everything happened as if without his participation. Even passionate love for Aksinya did not turn his life around. Everything went on thumb. Gregory did not come to the world to shed blood. But the harsh times in his worn hands put Cossack saber.

image of Aksinya in the novel "Silent Don"

Gregory's tragedy

The image of Gregory in the novel "Silent Don" can be called tragic. The last test for him in the novel was the death of his beloved Aksinya. The woman received a bullet at the moment when, together with Gregory, they were heading for a new, as it seemed to them, happy life.Everything in his soul died, stopped in one moment.

image of Melekhov in the novel "Silent Don"

At the end of the novel, the Cossack is completely alone. All the people dear to him have left this world. The image of Melekhov in the novel "Silent Don" is collective. He united in himself those unfortunate destinies, which, in evil years, died down and were reborn, they began life with new forces. The only thread connecting Gregory with life was his son Mishatka, his native land, a farm and, of course, the Don Father, whose strength and power was transferred to the Cossacks from clan to clan.

Sholokhov did not create in the novel the image of an ideal Cossack. But he managed to describe the fate of a whole generation - a strong spirit, a free Cossacks.

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