Heroes-7: review of the game

Today we will talk about the game "Heroes-7", reviewwhich will be given below. To begin with, the first part of the series appeared almost 20 years ago. In total, more than twenty projects have been created related to this virtual universe.


heroes 7 reviewThe company Ubisoft prepared for all fans of the game "Heroes-7 (beta)". We will not do an overview separately for the test version, since very soon after its appearance the full version appeared.


Heroes of Sword and Magic 7 reviewWe already know who the "Heroes-7" project was created. Review of the game should start with the description of the process of its development. Over the seventh part of the series worked the studio staff from Germany - Limbic Entertainment. Prior to this, the specified team worked on official additions. This time the developers carefully studied the many critical comments of fans and tried to correct the shortcomings. At the official game forum before its launch, a special section was created, where everyone could express their views on the future of the famous series. The company also conducted a number of important polls, revising some directions in the process of creation. It was thanks to the fans of the series that the sixth faction in the story was the dark elves, although initially this place should have been occupied by Inferno. The devils also returned to the universe of "Heroes". However, later - in a special add-on for the game "Heroes of Might and Magic-7". The review of the plot can be reduced to the fact that it covers the time interval between parts 4 and 5. More on the development of events we'll talk further.


Heroes 7 review gameEmpress Miv was lost. The Falcon Empire has greatly weakened, it literally crumbles to pieces. Around the young Ivan, the main storyline of the game "Heroes-7" was built. The review will continue with brief information about it. This is the duke of the Griffin family. He is not yet sure whether he should take part in the struggle for the throne. However, the Shadow Council, with the participation of all the allied factions, decides to support Ivan. Thus, he becomes the new head of the Alliance of Light. From this moment begins the struggle, during which the duke will become a real strong and wise ruler. The plot is divided into 7 campaigns. Each narrates about the best hero of one of the factions. As the main character of the seventh story appears Ivan himself.

Heroes-7: review of the gameplay

We are waiting for several factions. Each has its own skills, abilities and capabilities. Initially there are six. The Alliance of Light is represented by people, whose leader was Ivan. Mighty sorcerers run everything in the Academy of Magic. Resigned tribes appear in the image of fearless orcs. As for the ancient race of the undead, it is called Necropolis. The Forest Union includes elves. Dark elves created the League of Shadows. In the course of the development of the plot, new factions join the game. Each race will have its own heroes, as well as unique squads. Say a few words about their composition. The units of each faction include 3 base characters, 3 elite fighters, as well as two champions. Again, there will be various combat vehicles, known to us by the third, and also by the fifth part of the game.


When traveling on a map, you can set upinterface, based on your own preferences. There was an opportunity to move menu items to maximize personalization of the game window. Creatures in each of the cities will be added locally. They can be transmitted through caravans, but the process will require a certain number of resources. In total, we have 12 schools of skills for heroes. Levels are also provided. Three schools allow you to achieve the title of "master".

heroes 7 beta review

In the draft, there were restrictions onconstruction within a single city. You can not organize in the castle a couple of structures to attract champions. The same applies to some other buildings that provide significant advantages. The game is based on the game platform Unreal 3. The player was able to assign the most popular spells and skills in the cells, thereby providing quick access to them.

The number of characters strictly depends on the city of theirhiring. The wheel of abilities and skills of the hero was recycled. The hero gets points that he can spend to choose a skill or ability, or to gain access to levels or schools.

The announcement of the game took place in August 2014 during the international exhibition of electronic entertainment. The official site was opened immediately after the event described.

The elf faction was added to the game bythe results of a custom vote in which she defeated the Northern clans. Another poll was conducted, in which dark elves defeated demons.

The official release was scheduled for September 2015. The preliminary order of the game could be made ten days before its official presentation. In turn, the product key Ubisoft distributed on the appointed day of the presentation. Soon the novelty appeared on Steam. Now you know everything about the game "Heroes-7", the review of which was presented by us today.

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Heroes-7: review of the game Heroes-7: review of the game Heroes-7: review of the game Heroes-7: review of the game Heroes-7: review of the game