"Herbion" from a wet cough: reviews, instructions for use, composition

The fact that coughing is very unpleasant, annoyinga symptom of many diseases, everyone knows firsthand, because all can be sick and coughing - from babies to people at a venerable age. One of the means taken with such a health disorder is "Herbion" from a wet cough. Reviews about it give and patients, and doctors.

Convenient form of release

Preparation "Herbion" from wet coughreceives positive in terms of the form of release, because it is a syrup with a pleasant taste and a light specific flavor. The company KRKA from Slovenia in the line of herbal preparations has three types of medicines under the same brand name "Herbion" - with primrose, plantain and ivy. Each of these means pursues its goals. So, "Herbion" with primrose helps in the treatment of a damp cough. It is packed into 150 ml vials packed in branded cardboard packs. Each package contains a measuring spoon, which is convenient when taking the medicine and is noted positively by the patients who used this remedy in the treatment.

herbion from wet cough

Nature on health!

Those who come to the pharmacy for drugs,helping to win cough, almost always decide to stop their choice on medicines with a plant base, because it is believed that such drugs are not only effective, but also safe. Therefore, pharmacists very often hear the question: "Which" Herbion "from a moist cough helps?" If the cough is wet, then on the advice of a doctor, you can buy herbal medicine "Gerbion" with an extract of primrose. This name of the drug is conditional, because it works two types of plants - primrose and thyme.

The correct name of the plant is primrose - primrose(Primulaceae). Its romantic name it received by the name of the family, to which belongs - Primroses. In folk medicine, this plant has been used for a long time as a means to help fight a damp cough.

Thyme, otherwise this plant is called thyme, veryis popular in southern European countries as a seasoning. And its expectorants, bronchodilators and antiseptic properties allow it to be a demanded component of many drugs and in modern pharmacology.

Union primrose and thyme made the drug "Herbion" one of the most popular in the line of pharmacy plant syrup from cough.

The manufacturer of the drug, after carrying out the necessary studies, produces a herbal preparation in the following combination of its active ingredients:

  • spring-spring primrose liquid extract is made from the primrose of roots and purified water, from 1 to 4 parts of the extract on a water basis;
  • thyme herb simple extract is made from thyme grass and water purified, one part of the medicinal plant is obtained from 3.3 parts of the water extract.

For the manufacture of a medicinal product frommoist cough "Gerbion" with primrose the manufacturer uses 1 part of the extract of the primrose and 2 parts of the extract of thyme. And in 5 ml of the syrup of the first component contains 1.03 grams, and the second - 2.06 grams.

As additional components, the drugcontains levomenthol, methylparahydroxybenzoate (food additive under the index E218) and sucrose. These substances create the desired consistency of syrup, as well as give it a certain taste and aroma.

herbion from wet cough instructions

How does the active ingredient work?

Preparation "Herbion" from wet cough, compositionwhich includes two plant components, refers to the pharmacological group of secretolytics and stimulants of motor function of the respiratory tract in combinations (expectorant plant). Its functional is based on the harmonious operation of two plant extracts. It has an expectorant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect.

The basis of the drug is an extract of primrose,Despite the smaller amount compared to the extract of thyme. After all, it is this plant that contains substances that stimulate the activation of the secretion of bronchial secretions, dilute sputum, and facilitate its removal from the lungs. This property of the drug is due to the presence of saponins in the extract of the primrose. In addition to improving the withdrawal of sputum effect, this component of the drug "Gerbion" contributes to the normalization of blood circulation in the bronchopulmonary system, which makes production and sputum removal more effective. This property of the primrose made the drug "Gerbion" an active ingredient in the therapy of the so-called senile cough, when due to age-related changes in the body, sputum badly departs, accumulating in the bronchi and causing coughing. Primrose extract promotes the formation of a protective film on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract than inhibits cough receptors.

Its role is played by the extract of thyme (thyme). Its unique essential oil - thymol - has an antiseptic effect, passing through the bronchi, has a disinfecting effect. Also this substance helps dilute thick sputum and relax the bronchi, activating special bronchial cells - ciliate epithelium. All this makes the work of thymol effective in removing the secretion of the bronchi, and it also has some analgesic effect.

Levomenthol has an anti-inflammatoryaction, facilitates breathing, affecting the mucous membranes of the entire respiratory tract. It activates the work of two plant components, makes the drug more effective in solving the tasks assigned to it.

herbion syrup

How to treat a wet cough?

Cough that occurs as a symptom of variousmalfunctions in the body, can be different - dry and wet, with a hard to separate sputum and the inability to cough properly to clear the airways. In clinical therapy, cough treatment is performed against the background of treatment of the cause of its appearance. Therefore, the most correct is complex therapy, which includes such drugs as "Herbion" with primrose or "Herbion" from wet cough and ivy. Yes, the last drug also has the ability to fight a wet cough, although its basis is an extract of ivy. The main difference of this drug from the above is that it is made with alcoholic infusion, which makes it absolutely contraindicated for children, pregnant or breast feeding women, as well as people involved in the management of various mechanisms, which requires increased concentration of attention.

Thanks to its composition, "Herbion", syrup withprimrose, receives grateful feedback from patients of different ages and recommendatory responses from specialists. Its use is more productive if it is carried out in combination with other drugs according to available indications, as well as physiotherapeutic procedures. About what drugs and physiotherapy procedures to use in complex treatment, the decision is made only by the specialist based on the results of the examination, analysis, collection of anamnesis, an adequate determination of the cause of the disease.

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When should I take medicine?

For a medicinal product on a plantBased on the "Herbion" from wet cough, the instruction for use points to the main direction of work - a cough with hard-to-separate sputum and difficult coughing. Therefore, it is designated for use in the following cases:

  • bronchitis (acute and chronic);
  • laryngotracheitis in chronic form;
  • acute tracheitis;
  • acute respiratory infection of the lower respiratory tract, unspecified etiology.

The drug well helps to fight with socalled cough. But the treatment should be carried out only after consultation with the doctor in conjunction with other medicines and physiotherapy procedures. You do not need to practice self-medication even with the help of a herbal preparation, because only a specialist can make the right diagnosis.

herbion children

If the medicine can not be taken?

Very often prescribes the drug "Herbion" for childrenpediatrician. The specialist will determine what is the cause of the cough and what drugs can help him cope. Even harmless at first glance, plant-based medicines have contraindications for use, which must necessarily be taken into account in the appointment of therapy. For the preparation "Gerbion" from moist cough based on primrose and thyme such restrictions are:

  • pregnancy;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • high sensitivity to the ingredients of the drug;
  • croup in a recent medical history;
  • lactation;
  • laryngitis (obstructive) in a recent history;
  • inadequate isochlorase-isomaltase insufficiency;
  • intolerance to fructose;
  • diabetes;
  • syndrome of glucose-galactose malabsorption.

The drug is contraindicated for use in children under 2 years of age, as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women.

cough herbion

Side effect

The preparation based on plant raw materials "Gerbion"(syrup) has a sweet taste. This must be taken into account when appointing and taking the remedy, since it can cause allergic reactions. Also, as a side effect of the medication, gastrointestinal symptoms may appear-diarrhea, constipation, or nausea. Appearing and not passing through the unpleasant consequences of using the drug in the treatment of a cough require its cancellation. If necessary, you should undergo symptomatic treatment. All the side effects of the drug "Gerbion" should be told to the treating doctor.

How to take the drug?

For the "Herbion" medication from a damp coughThe instructions for use indicate a clear adherence to dosing and reception mode. In each cardboard box with a bottle of the drug, the manufacturer inserts a special measuring spoon. Its volume corresponds to 5 ml of the preparation. The medicine is taken 3-4 times a day after meals. Each serving should be washed with plenty of water. The exact number of receptions a day should be prescribed by a doctor. For adult patients, the instructions for use recommend taking 3 measuring spoons of the drug at one time, which corresponds to 15 mg of the drug. Children are shown the use of medication depending on age.

herbion from wet cough composition

Children and "Herbion"

"Herbion" from a damp cough to children is prescribed taking into account the age. The specific dosage is shown in the table below.

Patient's age The number of measuring spoons for one dose with a three-time application of the drug per day
2-5 years Half a measuring spoon, corresponding to 2.5 ml of the drug

5-14 years old

One measuring spoon - 5 ml
14-18 years old Two measuring spoons - 10 ml

"Herbion", expectorant syrup based onprimrose and thyme, to obtain a qualitative therapeutic effect is taken a course that lasts from 2 to 3 weeks. The exact time of the drug should be told by the doctor.

herbion from a damp cough during pregnancy

Possible overdose

The drug has a specific flavor and sweettaste. But you can not take it thoughtlessly - this is medicine. There is no information about a possible overdose of the drug. But all therapeutic doses are indicated in the table above, it is not recommended to increase them at their own discretion. Potential for the development of intestinal disorders due to the activity of saponin-containing components.

Medications together - is it possible or not?

It is necessary to clearly know from which cough "Gerbion"should be purchased at the pharmacy and taken. The attending physician will diagnose, collect the patient's anamnesis, give clear recommendations on the use of this or that drug. He also needs to know which medications are prescribed to the patient and whether their use with Gerbionum on the basis of the primrose is possible.

This drug can not be combined with admissionantitussive drugs, as this can cause sputum stagnation and worsening of well-being. Do not use this drug with drugs of the opposite direction, working to reduce the secretion of bronchi. There are no other restrictions on the joint treatment with different medications, so "Herbion" from the wet cough testimonials and in this area has only positive.

herbion from wet cough and ivy

How to buy and store the drug?

Medicinal Herbion with primroseis released from the pharmacy network at the request of the buyer without a doctor's prescription. Pharmacists in pharmacies often hear the question of how much "Gerbion" costs. After all, preparations are produced on a plant basis a lot, often they have similar actions, but the price for them can be different. In pharmacies the cost of this drug for packaging varies between 250-350 rubles. Store it in a place inaccessible to children, without access to sunlight, at room temperature. After the expiration date the drug should be disposed of, it can not be treated!

What do doctors and patients say about the medicine?

"Herbion" from wet coughing reviews gets and fromspecialists, and only positive from patients. Doctors speak about successful practice of complex therapy, which includes this medicine. Patients like Herbion's ease of use, easy dosing of the product with the measuring spoon attached to each package, virtually no side effects, and the ability to perform comprehensive treatment without harming one's health. It is especially noted in many responses that the drug is readily accepted by babies, because it has a sweetish taste and unobtrusive aroma.

which herbion from wet cough

The drug for pregnant and lactating women

"Herbion" from a damp cough during pregnancycontraindicated because of the lack of quality, comprehensive research on its effects on the fetus or infant. It is also unknown whether active substances penetrate through the placental barrier and into breast milk. That's why it should not be taken by women who are expecting a baby's birth or already breast-feeding a baby.

Complex treatment is the key to qualitative recovery

Any treatment, even, it would seem, of such ahabitual "catarrhal" cough, should be performed only after examination and an adequate diagnosis. Self-medication without consulting a specialist is fraught with serious complications, because to qualitatively cure the disease and get rid of its symptoms, it is necessary to establish the exact cause of its appearance. It is impossible to make a common man in the street, even in spite of many years of experience in treating himself and his family. Therefore, any disease manifested, including a wet cough, requires a visit to the doctor or call him at home. Cough is difficult to cure only by taking medications. It is necessary to take a whole complex of measures, including both physiotherapy, vitamin-mineral complexes, changing the regime of the day and observing hygienic moments and sanitary norms. Despite the fact that herbal remedy "Herbion" from wet cough testimonials is in the overwhelming majority of recommendations, it must be taken only after receiving the appointment of a specialist.

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