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Answered 19 march 2015 21:17
Good evening! The correct answer is 8 square meters. see. If it’s a humanitarian mentality, it’s hard to figure it out right away, so for understanding, let’s imagine this very square and divide it into four equal small squares. Now we will drive one of its corners to the center, a pentagon is formed, the area of ​​which is less than the initial square by 1 cm. It turns out that we have bent half of one small square to the center. We will do the same with the other corners of the square - and each will reduce the area of ​​the original square by 1 cm. As a result, we will get a smaller square consisting of the other half of the small squares into which we divided the original large square. Each of these halves is equal to its bent half, and it is 1 cm. It turns out that we have 8 small parts of 1 cm. Each is the original square. Multiply 1 by 8, we get 8 square meters. see - the area of ​​the square.
Yegor Yeremeyev
Yegor Yeremeyev
Answered 19 march 2015 22:59
It's simple - if you bend the corner of the square with its top to the center, then its area will decrease by 1/8. It turns out that of the milestones of the proposed options, only the answer under the letter d) is suitable, sinceonly 8 is divided completely into 8 parts :-) it turns out, 8-7 = 1 square. cm.

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