Heliodor (stone): description, magical properties, zodiac sign

The extraction of precious stones is carried out from time immemorialtimes. Some are known for a long time, some species have been discovered relatively recently. Heliodor, a stone from the "young", it was discovered just over a hundred years ago. During this relatively short period of time, he managed to find his fans among esotericists and among jewelers.


Mineral is a kind of beryl. It refers to second-order precious stones. Its formula Be3Al2Si6O18, and the presence of beryl and aluminum determinescolor gamut. Usually it is golden green, orange, golden, lemon yellow, yellowish brown, honey, golden yellow. Polychrome specimens are less common. They have a glass shine, are insensitive to acids and resistant to high temperatures.

heliodor stone

Beryls of gray and white with a yellowish tintcolors are also heliodor. A stone may contain a small admixture of uranium, emitting a small dose of radiation. When heated to 400 ° C, such a specimen acquires a transparent soft blue tint. However, its physical properties do not change. Due to the presence of iron ions, streaks of greenish color may be present in the stone. By the way, it is the presence of an admixture of iron that gives off a yellow stone in the beryl family.

Despite the high hardness of the order of 7.5-8points on the Mohs scale and a good density of 2.8 g / cm³, it is perfectly amenable to processing, for which earned the love of jewelers. They are faceted in the shape of an oval, less often rotundas, and a drop-shaped shape is attached to minerals for earrings. A gold-cut crystal weighing 4.5 carats "pulls" at $ 400, an oval, weighing about 6.5 carats - $ 650. Heliodor is a stone, the price of which directly depends on the degree of transparency. Quality copies sell for $ 20 per carat.


The modern history of the mineral originates from1910 year. On the territory of German South-West Africa (modern Namibia) were discovered truly giant deposits of yellow stone. His name he received for resembling a piece of the sun (heliodorus translated as "the gift of the sun"). Formations are found in the form of fairly large prismatic crystals.

yellow stone

Extraction is conducted from pegmatite deposits. Often mineral deposits are adjacent to deposits of topaz, quartz, tourmaline, muscovite, kaolinite. There are several countries supplying yellow stone to world markets:

  • USA. The main production is in North Carolina, there are small deposits in Kentucky. The stones are not very large.
  • Russia. In Siberia, the Urals, Transbaikalia, unique specimens with a bright honey hue are found. Sometimes there is an alternation of gold strips, and the most beautiful have a concentric zoning. Golden beryls with bright yellow core and bluish border.
  • Namibia. It still has one of the largest deposits.
  • Madagascar. Here come across specimens, especially valuable for jewelers, - with the effect of "cat's eye."
  • Ukraine. Relatively recently entered the world market. In Volhynia large (more than 100 carats already after cutting) are mined, they have a collector quality - transparent with a greenish tinge.

Famous for their stones are also Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Argentina, Mozambique.

Heliodor (stone): properties, the sign of the zodiac

Heliodor is recommended for almost all twelveconstellations. But still the fiery stone is closest to Libra, Lions, Pisces and Gemini. With it, they will gain greater self-confidence, the mineral will save them from depressions, help to gain worldly wisdom.

heliodor stone price

Air signs - Aquarius, Libra and Gemini -It is recommended to wear beryl as an ornament in a silver frame. The remaining signs of the zodiac are not so dependent on Heliodorus, but it is absolutely harmless for them.


Heliodorus is a stone whose magical properties have a wide effect. So, he:

  • creates an excellent mood for the owners;
  • endows wit and eloquence;
  • helps to get rid of shyness;
  • softens harsh and conservative personalities;
  • brings cheerful and carefree dreams;
  • attracts the attention of the opposite sex;
  • creates an atmosphere of relaxation;
  • protect the owner from accidents;
  • assists in examinations and litigations.

the value of the heliodor stone

With a mineral you can talk on a weekday. Tell him about your problems. Stone will correct the mood, show the problem from the comic side, and make her laugh.


The value of the heliodor stone, given to it by people using the mineral as an amulet, is quite diverse:

  • he attracts luck, love and happiness;
  • guards on long voyages;
  • drives away bad mood and negative;
  • helps to find financial well-being.

Most suitable for such an amulet to people with namesOksana, Julia, Rimma, Vladimir, Gleb, Stepan. Frame the gem into silver, but white gold is allowed. Stone is considered a powerful talisman for public people.

Healing properties

According to some sources, the ancient Egyptians knewheliodor. The stone was used for medical purposes. Today, many believe that minerals can affect the human body. Lithotherapists recommend it:

  • under reduced pressure;
  • with problems with the pancreas, liver, spleen, bladder;
  • with headaches and migraines (it well stimulates brain work);
  • to inhibit the development of gynecological diseases;
  • to ensure the smooth flow of pregnancy and light labor;
  • to help stabilize the heart rate;
  • with the aim of removing irritability and improving the emotional state;
  • to accelerate the metabolism (especially useful for people leading a sedentary lifestyle);
  • to enhance the effect of drug treatment.

heliodor stone magical properties

A small amount of uranium can be beneficialaffect the body, preventing the development of cancerous tumors. In addition, relieves fatigue, nervousness, stress after a day's work. Mineral is strongly recommended to people who are in debt of service related to solving vital and other problems: social workers, doctors, psychologists. It can stimulate the imagination, increase sensitivity.

Interesting information

Heliodorus is a stone with several more names:

  • commercial chrysolite;
  • beryl canary;
  • the golden emerald;
  • centrial;
  • yellow beryl;
  • davidsonite;
  • Goldburyll (in the English-language literature).

It is believed that this golden transparent stone spoils under the influence of sunlight. It fades and loses its natural beauty. Recovery "spoiled" copy is not.

heliodor stone properties zodiac sign

The unique samples found during mineral extraction are:

  • Green pure crystal up to 20 cm long, found in the Urals (Russia). It is stored in the Mineralogical Museum of the Mining Institute (St. Petersburg).
  • The largest, a baguette-faceted copy of a golden hue weighing 2054 carats. He is in the Smithsonian Institution (USA, Washington), and found in Brazil.

The largest gems, measuring 35 cm by 15 cm, are found in Ukraine. In the United States is considered a record of a faceted crystal, weighing 133.8 carats (the Stoneham Township deposit).

The most rare include multicolored stones. The alternation of colors not only looks great, but also raises the price of the mineral. At present, scientists have developed technologies for obtaining artificial heliodor.

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Heliodor (stone): description, magical properties, zodiac sign Heliodor (stone): description, magical properties, zodiac sign Heliodor (stone): description, magical properties, zodiac sign Heliodor (stone): description, magical properties, zodiac sign Heliodor (stone): description, magical properties, zodiac sign