Heavy rock in all its diversity

Rock music began to emerge quite a while ago, andin the 60s of the last century. She grew up from such areas as blues and jazz. Surprising is the picture, if you cover the history of the development of this musical genre. Much of what the blues and jazz grew into became very heavy in sound and difficult to perceive.

Heavy rock today is a popular musical trend among young people. This concept is very extensive, because it includes dozens, if not hundreds of genres.hard Rock

Heavy foreign rock

Generally, hard rock (which just means"Heavy") in its pure form to the modern listener does not at all seem heavy. The fact is that this genre was born in the seventies. He came to replace the easier, though "fatal" music, such, for example, as The Beatles, The Animals, The Who and so on. Among the most famous bands playing in the genre of hard rock, you can name: Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin (these teams were at the forefront of the development of heavy music), Guns N "Roses, Def Leppard, AC / DC, Mötley Crüe sound more powerful, the flowering of their creativity fell on the 80's).

hard foreign rock

A little later, along with hard rock began to developheavy metal. These styles have a huge number of similar features. However, heavy - it's more guitar solos and melodies, a bit more aggression, and also mostly high vocals. Kiss, Iron Maiden and all the same Guns N "Roses and AC / DC are the brightest examples of this direction.

heavy rock band

Soon, along with hard rock and heavy metalbegan to develop more severe styles. A fairly well-known band Metallica, for example, plays in the style of thrash metal. However, now you can see the start of a big competition called "Who is heavier?" Many will say that Metallica is not a hard rock at all, and the thrash metal bands Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth enter with the same team in the Big Four. At the same time, Sodom and Kreator, playing in the same style, can already be attributed to really powerful teams. Trash is the beginning of all the beginnings in extremely heavy music. This is about protesting what is happening in the modern world: wars, injustice, infringement of others' rights.

You have already certainly seen how diverse anda multifaceted heavy rock. Groups that can be called "heavy" can significantly differ in style, sound, ideology, texts, and so on.

For example, other styles have grown from thrash. Here you can say, say, speed metal. In it, the influence of heavy, and both old and new waves, is noticeable. The development of the genre was in the eighties. Thus, the most influential groups include Agent Steel, Helloween, Znöwhite, Grave Digger.hard Rock

Interesting in its history is the Blind Guardian group. Today these guys play in one of the easiest genres of metal - power. However, in the far eighties they recorded two standard albums (in the opinion of many) in the speed-metal genre. Over time, they became more melodic and "kind", but some of the old speed metal compositions continue to play in their performances.

Many people like black metal. A simple inhabitant will find it rather difficult to understand that some people find in the works of such groups as Burzum, Immortal, Gorgoroth, Summoning and many others. Interestingly, this genre is another branch of thrash. At the moment this is perhaps the hardest rock that only exists. Contrary to the popular belief that black metal bands worship the devil, this is not the case. Much of the creativity of such teams has a pagan or atheistic basis.

As you understand, heavy rock - the concept is very, very stretchable. Here you have wonderful classical "ballads", and drive songs, and protest songs, and the most difficult depressive and extreme tracks.

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Heavy rock in all its diversity Heavy rock in all its diversity Heavy rock in all its diversity Heavy rock in all its diversity Heavy rock in all its diversity Heavy rock in all its diversity Heavy rock in all its diversity Heavy rock in all its diversity Heavy rock in all its diversity Heavy rock in all its diversity