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What could be better than an opportunity to relax, enjoy the water element, be alone with your thoughts and at the same time improve your physical fitness? It is for this that a lot of people come to the pool "Harmony", where everyone will be given attention and will let them forget about the problems for at least a couple of hours.


Pools are becoming increasingly popular. Why not? Scientists have long proved that water is a good anti-depressant. And in a world where vanity is around, noise and difficulties, calm nerves are what you need. In the sports and recreation complex with the Harmony pool, they understand this and try to please their guests as much as possible.pool harmonyFor years, this place has met a very different contingent of people, because whether you are an adult or a child, everyone wants to splash in the water. The pool can be found at: Moscow, Zamory Machela Street, Building 6, Building 4. It looks like a simple two-story building with an inconspicuous sign and ramp, but inside there is an atmosphere that fully justifies the name: the place really gives a feeling of harmony, and these want to come again and again.

The mode of operation of the institution

You can visit the Harmony pool any day of the week from 7 am to 10 pm. This mode of operation provides ample opportunities for visitors, because someone better to swim almost immediately after waking up, someone likes to leave the building in the evening dusk, and someone just work or study does not allow to engage in daytime. In this place they make sure that everyone gets what they want, and they do it perfectly well. True, enjoy the clear water and engage under the supervision of a coach all year round will not work. The complex closes in the summer for one month (usually in August). Phone pool "Harmony" is easy to find in the directory.

How to get there

There are two options for moving in a big city: either by car or by public transport. The pool "Harmony" has quite favorable location. If you have to take the subway, it is recommended to get off at the Troparyovo, Belyaevo or Konkovo ​​stations.Zamory wallowedBut many people still advise you to come with your own transport, as it is not convenient for everyone to get to the pool from the subway, especially with a child. The complex has parking.You don't have to worry about free places: there is always enough for everyone, even on weekends.

Services, infrastructure

Regular aqua aerobics can significantly improve the health and physical condition of a person at any age. The Harmony pool offers its visitors a number of opportunities that will make their stay on the territory of the complex the most comfortable. Those who have not yet decided on a visit can pay for a one-time lesson instead of buying a monthly subscription. At the administrator, you can get the key from the locker for storage of things, as well as purchase, if necessary, shoe covers for 10 rubles. On the ground floor there is the most important thing - the pools. There are two of them in the “Harmony” recreation complex: one for adults (25 meters) and one for children (5 meters).

The water is plain, not sea. To disinfect it, it is chlorinated, but it is not felt. The territory at the pool is not very large, but it is well-equipped: neat benches and green plantings perfectly complement the atmosphere and allow you to relax from classes in a pleasant place. Fans of iron gather on the second floor, because there is a small but cozy gym there.At the entrance there is an information stand, as well as a schedule of classes. On the territory you can buy some water, tea, coffee, chocolates and waffles. A special apparatus for making freshly squeezed orange juice is also provided. Price - 100 rubles for 150 ml.

Children are engaged in a special program developed by the seven-color children's development center "Seven-colored". Older visitors can swim every 45 minutes. In front of the pool windows there are large soft chairs. They can be seen as parents who are very worried about their kids, and just want to drink coffee and look at the swimmers. In Harmony, various events are often held at the city level. It can be seen that all this was done competently, with love, and therefore many people choose the swimming pool on Samora Machela Street.

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Prices and restrictions

Comfort, comfort, attention - all this is very important, but besides this, visitors are concerned about the price. The average cost of a single visit to the pool "Harmony" - 250 rubles. When buying a subscription, this amount will be significantly lower. Particular attention in this place is given to pensioners. For stimulation to continue their classes, a 50% discount is valid for sessions until 4 pm.

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But just because the pool "Harmony" does not fall.The complex cares about their reputation and therefore a prerequisite is the presence of a special certificate from a pediatrician, which can be obtained after passing the necessary tests. Before plunging into the water, it must be handed over to the administrator each time and taken back after class.


The pool "Harmony", the reviews about which are increasingly being replenished with good words, deserves all praise. Excellent conditions, pleasant people, qualified personnel, opportunities for children's health, well-established infrastructure - all this plays its role and is reflected in the enthusiastic responses of guests of the complex. fitness complex with harmony poolVisitors say that this place meets all their requirements and gives the portion of good mood for which they come. In it, everyone finds what he is looking for. But there is nothing perfect, and some are faced with minor flaws in the work of the Harmony pool.

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