Harmful or useful valerian in pregnancy

When a woman understands what is inside of hera new life, she begins to worry about anything, because she is so worried about her child. And besides the justified experiences, it is pursued by the usual "pregnant" hysterics, which, although they arose out of the right thoughts, are still harmful to both mother and baby. In addition to the help of close people and doctors who unanimously repeat: "Only calmness!", Sometimes it is necessary to resort to medication and sedatives. The first such remedy that comes to mind is valerian extract in various forms (tablets, tinctures and decoctions). How safe is valerian in pregnancy, and is it possible to take this affordable and natural drug to women in an interesting position?

Despite the fact that the composition of valerian is includedenvironmentally friendly and natural raw materials, for all medicines during pregnancy, we apply one principle: "Apply, if not impossible to apply, and take, if the benefits are greater than harm!". Take valerian extract during pregnancy can only be prescribed by a doctor, and the fact of admission must be recorded in the exchange card. If there is an unexpected reaction, the doctor will be able to draw an analogy and prescribe the right treatment.

Valerian is very softsedative and antispasmodic. Therefore, valerian in pregnancy - almost the ideal drug for increased nervousness and spasms of the uterus (tone of the uterus), which most often worries a woman in this state. In addition, taking valerian helps to improve sleep, gently soothes, relaxes.

But even the most natural substances in somecases can adversely affect the unborn child (cause miscarriage or developmental delay). So, for example, do not recommend taking mint, wormwood, thuju, because they are harmful to pregnant women. And the flowering rape can not even be approached because of the threat of miscarriage. And even our grandmothers knew about this. Similarly, the tincture of valerian during pregnancy is low in toxicity, but it is not worth the risk. And such universal immunostimulants as ginseng, garlic, echinacea, despite their high efficiency, are recommended to be taken in very small quantities, since there is no exact data on possible harm.

But when the pregnant woman is tormented by constant spasmsuterus and causeless nervousness, sleep disturbances, it is more likely that the doctor will prescribe a natural sedative and antispasmodic. Therefore, if valerian is unavoidable during pregnancy, it is better to choose a decoction or tablets, since the tincture is prepared for alcohol. The most effective decoction and infusion, but they are long and difficult to prepare, so most patients prefer a convenient tablet form of medications.

Restrictions on uncontrolled intake of drugValerian is due to the fact that it is capable of long-term admission (especially in large quantities) lead to disruption of cardiovascular activity (tachycardia attacks, pain in the heart), digestive (upset, nausea, constipation), nervous (dizziness, trouble with sleep) systems, cause allergic reactions. Similarly, valerian during pregnancy affects the fetus. It lasts for a long time, and this can be bad for the child's condition, which is categorically contraindicated in any change in the rhythm of the heartbeat.

The benefits of this drug, of course, more,than harm, especially if not to abuse his reception in the first trimester, when the most important systems of the new little man are being formed.

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Harmful or useful valerian in pregnancy Harmful or useful valerian in pregnancy Harmful or useful valerian in pregnancy Harmful or useful valerian in pregnancy Harmful or useful valerian in pregnancy