Hardware manicure - the secret of well-groomed pens

Our hands, like the face, are always in sight. In addition to their basic, they perform and aesthetic function. On well-groomed hands with soft clean skin, neatly polished fingernails, under which there is no black stripe of dirt, it is pleasant to look, and their touch causes positive sensations. It will help to bring your hands into an ideal state of the hardware manicure, which can be advised not only for the female sex, but also for the male.

Plasticity of nails?

Pushkin also wisely noted that it is possible to be "efficient"man "and at the same time think" about the beauty of nails. " An intelligent person is distinguished not only by good manners, but also by an impeccable appearance. The hardware manicure will support our efforts in this area. Experts attribute it to the European manicure of the unedged type. It is made by a special device, which slightly cuts the cuticles, not cutting them. Nail treatment is carried out in a gentle mode, on carefully cleaned and well-dried skin.

The most suitable hardware for manicure is thatthe nail plate is weak, the nails are weak, bend and break, and the skin around the nail is dry, the cuticle is growing too fast. That's why this procedure is referred to as a kind of nail plastic. After all, in her process, some cosmetic defects are corrected - the appearance of the nails, the surface of the plate. Traditional operations on the hands of hardware manicure does not provide. That's why it will not be shameful for men either. By the way, pampered in this way you can not only hands, but also your feet!


Hardware manicure and pedicure are called sobecause they do not take traditional tweezers, scissors and nail files, but a special machine, at the end of which there are nozzles for grinding nails with high speed. Each nozzle has its own specific function and its own function. They replace the professional scissors and other instruments that make a classic classic manicure. With the skillful use of nozzles, it is almost impossible to damage the nail and the skin around it. Therefore the client of the salon, where such operations are usually done, is practically protected from cuts, small cracks and other injuries. However, if for the master the hardware manicure and a pedicure is a new matter, it is better not to apply to these services - it is easy to damage the nails.

Nails grow fast enough. In order not to run them, it is advisable to carry out manicure twice a month.

Home Tricks

Not everyone and not always have the opportunity to visitbeauty salons, the more so do it regularly. But beautiful and well-groomed nails should always be. The solution is to learn how to make a manicure at home. Of course, for this you have to spend some money and personal time, but the candle is worth it!

The first step is the purchase of a device designedfor home use. It differs from the professional only by the speed of rotation - at home speed is 5-10 thousand per minute, and in the professional - from 30 to 40 thousand. Professional will acquire rationality only when you master the appropriate skills well. In addition, you need to be careful: there are devices for processing artificial nails, i.e. accrued, and there are - for the "living." These devices are of different types, they are not interchangeable!

So, for the work!

  • Clean the nail from the varnish with a liquid that does not contain acetone.
  • Using a wooden stick, slide the cuticle around the nail plate.
  • Medium grain nozzles are designed to remove dry particles of skin and handle side rollers. Do them this procedure.
  • Fine-grained attachment go through the calloused areas of the skin on the palms.
  • The outer edge of the nail give the desired shape. If the nail is injured or the skin around is inflamed, it is not recommended to touch them.
  • Nail polish and polish. At the same time, it is better not to touch the tips of the nail tips - they can easily be scratched.
  • To finish the procedure of the hardware manicure at home, it should be an easy massage with the use of a hand cream or massage oil.

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Hardware manicure - the secret of well-groomed pens Hardware manicure - the secret of well-groomed pens Hardware manicure - the secret of well-groomed pens Hardware manicure - the secret of well-groomed pens Hardware manicure - the secret of well-groomed pens Hardware manicure - the secret of well-groomed pens