Happy birthday to father from children

The article presents congratulations on his birthday to his father, which will help to please the loved one beautifully, lyrically or cheerfully.

Beautiful congratulations to the father

  • "Congratulations, beloved father! Kind, beautiful, dear. You are very happy to be your only daughter. And I am proud that you are you, that you are only mine! Daddy, be happy all, be healthy and strong always. Eyes you are all prettier. So the most pure and soul! "
  • "Fair, strict, wise, adored and loving! Dad, teacher, mentor and friend! Happy birthday! Young people every day, healthier with every breath and in a new way fall in love with life. Tear up for your favorite fishing, beat chess friends and catch luck by the tail. Never forget how real you are - cordial, kind and honest! "
  • "My dear father, happy birthday! Love life and do not lose patience. Let dreams and plans come true, only sincere people on the way meet! You did not only give me life, you raised a word of love in a person.For us, you are young and always strong. May God extend your years by a whole century! "

Happy birthday greetings to father

Happy birthday to father from son

On a birthday, it is not necessary to say only wishes. This day can be used to express feelings close. This is especially true for relatives. Let congratulations on his birthday to his father will be proof of this.

  • "Dear father! My peers have always been equal to superheroes and characters from films. And for me, the standard of a man, a role model has always been just you. Thank you for a good example!"
  • "Father, not a single person in life could teach me all that you gave me. But the most important achievement is that you showed me what it is like to be a real man. I am proud of you and happy for myself, for the opportunity to reap your hand. Dear Dad, I am happy that it was you who raised me! "
  • "Dad, let me sincerely wish you a happy birthday! We, men, do not so express our feelings, but today I want to fix it. Father, you are my real support. I respect you for your principles and lifestyle. Thank you for everything that you gave us. I wish you strong, vigorous health, interesting everyday life and no less exciting weekend. Be the most cheerful and cheerful person! "

Happy birthday to father from son

Happy birthday to father from daughter

  • "Beloved Daddy! I congratulate you and thank you for your fatherly tenderness, affection and support. I long for your kind eyes and warm embraces when I do not see you for a long time. Dad, I will forever remain your little curly daughter. And you for me the strongest, most superhero! "
  • "Dear Dad! Not only today, but every day I remember the bright moments of our life. You, as the captain of a family ship, always knew how to send us to a quiet bay of peace and support. With you, we never feared life storms. Thank you for your soul and the effort that you put into it. Be happy, our dear navigator. Be yourself, my beloved father! "

Happy birthday to father from daughter

Congratulations in your own words

Father's birthday congratulations in your own words touches to the depths of the soul. After all, these lines are the most sincere, the most personal.

  • "Dear our dad! Today is our common, family holiday. The head of our family is celebrating ... years. We are sincerely glad that it is you. That we have your support, care and kindness. Dad, please take care of your health, stay cheerful in spirit and give your wisdom to us, children and grandchildren who love and respect you! "
  • "Daddy! I wish you with all my heart to shine with happiness. I wish you many victories on your way. I wish to fulfill all the dreams, but the main thing is to continue to dream. I really want you to be happy with your every day and proud of my achievements. I really love! "
  • "Father, thank you for the happiness of being your children. Thank you for the opportunity to share with you problems and joys, for the opportunity to come to you for advice and always be heard. We wish you happiness - that all-encompassing feeling of joy, pride and peace you deserve , like no one else!"
  • "Beloved, most wise and loving parent! My congratulations cannot fit all the respect and admiration for you. Let you never leave the creative inspiration with which you treat life, health and a wonderful sense of humor. Take care of your diligence, cheerfulness and optimism. Take care yourself to the joy of us all! "
  • "Dad, on your day I wish you an endless stream of energy, good health and strength that will help you achieve your goals. Continue to fulfill your cherished dreams. Continue to be the best!"

Happy birthday greetings to father in prose

Original prose greetings

Happy birthday greetings to father in prose can be no less original and lyrical than poetic lines. We offer options for such statements.

  • "Dear father! We wish you never to know disappointments, to believe in the kindest and brightest in the world, to notice joy in every moment of life, to feel the love of loved ones and the respect of colleagues. Remember, you deserve to be happy!"
  • "Dad, you are our support, support and protection. You are our family joy. Your home is a safe haven for children and grandchildren. Let your life develop as you want and we wish. Let it be only joyful and fascinating moments. We wish to meet on the way honest and open people who will appreciate you. And you deserve to be the best! "
  • "Dad, you always admired your courage, humanity, readiness to protect and come to the rescue. We always wanted to be like you and dreamed that you were proud of us. We wish you to keep your peace of mind and go through life with your characteristic optimism!"

cool congratulations on his birthday father

Cool greetings

Funny congratulations on his birthday to his father will surely cheer up a loved one and make the family celebration fun and perky.

  • "Dad, your patience needs to be erected a monument! You tolerated my whims, when I could not get up on the rollers, comforted when I fell off the bike, together with me I was offended by the girl who did not answer me in return. Dad, for your patience! "
  • "Dear dad! They say that girls choose guys who are like their fathers. If you believe this, then I am doomed to remain unmarried. Such a beautiful person like you, just do not find! Take care of yourself, dear!"
  • "In a close-knit family, like in the fairy tale about the turnip: everyone helps each other and with joint efforts everything works out. But you have always pulled this turnip out of us. You need to look for such a strong and courageous person!"

Happy birthday greeting in your own words

Short congratulations to father

Happy birthday to father can be formulated in a few words and at the same time not to lose the desired meaning.

  • "Dad, dear and dear! You are standing behind us." Happy birthday! "We say, we always want to see your joy!"
  • "Daddy, let there be health with you and good luck, let joy be with you, keep pace with you. Friends do not fail, life shines brighter. With birth, our dad is dear!"
  • "There are many good fathers in the world. And everyone is proud of his accomplishments.But for me you are simply the best on the whole planet. Beloved, dear, dear happy birthday! "

The best congratulations on your birthday to your father are pure, heartfelt and touching words. And it is not so important how beautifully or correctly they are formulated, because what comes from the heart comes to the heart.

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