"Handsome with noodle": actors, roles, plot

The film "Handsome Noodles", actorswhich attracts more of the plot itself, rarely anyone else remains in the bookmarks after viewing. Doram as a Dorama, nothing so remarkable in it. And it is unlikely to look at her looking. The first few months. After a certain time, the song from the credits will come to the head in some exciting and romantic moment. It is inexplicable, but everyone who has looked at all the series, the Doram again draws to himself. The directors obviously did not fail to create this tape.

The actors of the drama "Handsome Noodle Girl"deserve praise. Their incredible game brought them enough popularity, so much so that the biography of celebrities replenished and other high-profile main roles.handsome men from noodle actors

Atmosphere in the Doram

The plot line may not be interesting right away. The main difference between a successful picture and others, no less famous, is that it is almost flat, like a board, humor. It's not even everyone understands. The film crew and the leadership of the drama "Handsome Noodle Man" (the actors also made similar statements) warned about this before the release of the first series. In fact, all jokes that are released at the skirting level are primitive and, oddly enough, sometimes superfluous.

The authors did not pass by the description of perceptionlove line and plot as a whole. A light intrigue, a young man who does not care about everything, will finally be defeated, the inconspicuous girls that evoke only pity do not cry throughout the series, but, on the contrary, are optimistic about how not to say about the princes who are really simply gorgeous - around all this, the plot of the drama "Handsome Noodles" is being twisted. Actors and roles completely harmonize with each other, leaving the most necessary side for a more correct perception of certain actions. The series will teach you to believe in yourself, because it depends on this the final result of most decisions. And "you have to be able to love and forgive" - ​​the main syllable of the drama.

main character

The main character simply captivates the audiencefacial expressions. Only at the end of the series can you see her true face. Yes, she masterfully deceived the fans. What are her constant grimaces, terrible, often tasteless clothes, constant horror on her head, protrusion of eyeballs. And yet her eyes are amazing. In serious moments, one can immediately see the beauty of Lee Chon A (the name is the actress herself). Atmosphere adds stoop and some kind of clamping. The girl was clearly difficult to cope with the role of street girl, but she was able to show a highly professional game.handsome noodle actors and roles

Main character

Constant admiration and surprise - just like thismet the main actor shooting group of the drama "Handsome Noodle." Actors repeatedly noticed his professionalism and full return to the work that he is doing.

In this series, he showed a young "crazy" guy who at the same time has a soft soul and is the leader of this street gang. Indeed, Lee Ki U has amazingly coped with his role.actors doram handsome noodle

Chon Il Wu

Chon Il Wu performs such a character thatcauses only a smile from the viewer. He plays the same main role in the series as the guys described above. Thanks to him come to life all the frames, moments and even dramatic scenes. The actor was able to transmit through the screen his energy, feelings and, of course, beauty. And not only external, but also internal. He is able to conquer any girl even with a slight smile. His beauty and talent is the main asset of the character of Chon Il U. "Naked-bellies", the actors of which are often cute jokes at press conferences about his innocent face, have become one of the best works of this actor.

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Handsome with noodle: actors, roles, plot Handsome with noodle: actors, roles, plot Handsome with noodle: actors, roles, plot Handsome with noodle: actors, roles, plot Handsome with noodle: actors, roles, plot