Hammock for bathing newborns with their own hands: photo, reviews

The first exciting event for parents after getting out of the hospital is bathing the baby. As a rule, devices for this procedure and many related things are bought in advance, and the process raises many questions about how not to cause trauma and make everything safer.Hammock for bathing newborns with their own hands: photo, reviews

Today, to facilitate the task, use special slides and hammocks. What is a slide and a hammock for bathing a newborn, how to choose it, is discussed in this article.

Does the baby need a hammock

Hammock is a fabric or mesh device that stretches over the tub and hooks or elastic bands attached to its edges.

Another modification is similar to a slide - it's a metal frame of a special ergonomic shape, covered with a cloth. It is placed inside the tub and serves as a support for the crumb during the procedure.

Most parents appreciate the hammock for bathing newborns. Reviews say that the presence of support for the head and ass of the baby is very helpful in bathing, as it excludes the possibility of missing a crumb, and his motor activity is not limited. In addition, the hands of the mother are released for the procedure.

Some mothers are disappointed in the product when the baby, while in a hammock, is either too high above the surface of the water, or slides off the ground. This happens in those cases when the wrong size of the product is chosen and does not correspond to the weight of the baby and the dimensions of the bathtub.

Which is better: a roller coaster or a hammock

A slide-frame for swimming is an adaptation of an ergonomic shape that is placed in a bath. Despite the fact that both products can be manufactured independently, each family decides for itself that it will use. The manufacture of the suspended hammock looks a little easier than on the frame.

The slide has grooves for legs and handles, raised side walls and a lock between the legs, so that the baby can not slip into the water.

Such devices as a slide, a hammock for bathing newborns can be used from birth, but you need to take into account some of the nuances.

In case of the use of a hammock, it is necessary to accurately calculate the size of it and the bath, since in the case of the birth of a large baby during bathing, it can be deep in the water when it is stretched. A small crumb of this product perfectly keeps the months to four. At the same time, a small child will feel uncomfortable on the hill, as there is a possibility of its slipping.

So, both products have their pros and cons, and you should carefully and carefully approach their choice to be sure of the safety of the baby during bathing.

Hammock with your own hands: what you need to take into account

A hammock for bathing newborns creates comfortable conditions for bathing crumbs, because the baby comes into contact with the water column and feels the natural environment. The most important thing is the safety of the baby, therefore, with the hand-made manufacture of such a product, all pluses and minuses concerning its use should be taken into account:

  • compact dimensions and folding;
  • sufficiently affordable prices for materials for manufacturing;
  • the possibility of manufacturing products of such dimensions and characteristics that are suitable for a particular bath;
  • simple care - after use rinse and dry;
  • for hand-made production, you can choose the fabric of the desired color and texture, or choose a combination of several materials;
  • the fabric must dry quickly - it is important to choose it not only durable, but also thin;
  • in the bathing of the baby one adult can participate - the dimensions of the hammock need to be calculated so that there are not large spaces between it and the bathroom into which the active kid can fall;
  • hammock for bathing newborns is relatively short-lived, if it is made of fragile thin fabric, you must be ready to replace it;
  • load restrictions - a hammock can stretch out and sag under a growing child, so choose a tissue that is moderately elastic so that it sags just below the surface of the water.

When the hammock is too sagging, the child descends deeply, which makes it possible to choke.

Choice of model and material for a hammock

First of all, this soft device should be made of durable and pleasant to the touch material. Since the skin of the baby is tender and prone to irritation, the tissue should be selected without a clearly expressed relief pattern, necessarily made from natural fibers.

If there is a desire to sew the device from the mesh, it must also meet the conditions of softness and smoothness, should not be too elastic and stretchable, with a cell size of about two to three millimeters.

To facilitate the task of the mother, the well-chosen hammock for a bath for the bathing of newborns will perfectly serve. For sewing, choose models based on the weight of the baby. The mesh products themselves are not very dense, so small children are more suitable, and crumbs with a large mass need to select fabric designs. In case of a certain uncertainty, you can sew a mesh hammock first, and as the crumb grows, replace it with another, more suitable model.

You can also consider the combined options, which have a mesh built in the middle, and the edges are made of a dense non-stretch fabric.

Dimensions of the hammock should be selected in proportion to the bath so that the baby can not slip into the formed gap from the side. When properly cut and sewn the product, it only slightly bends under the child and does not touch the bottom of the bath.

Hammock-slide on the frame

In the case of a slide, the bends of the carcass must be properly made so that the child's spine does not experience any load and the crumb does not crawl into the water. The sizes and the form of such products can be looked in children's shops.

The metal for the frame should also be tough so that the product does not lose shape under the weight of the infant. Requirements for fabric for sewing are the same as for the manufacture of gamachka.

First, a frame of the necessary dimensions is formed in accordance with the dimensions of the tray. Then it measures the pattern for it. It should be taken into account that the fabric will fold and stitch together doubly, as for a bag. A pattern is created with allowances, cut out and superimposed on the fabric. Then it is cut, the elements are sewn together, the edges are machined. At the final stage, the cover is pulled on the frame.

Hammock for bathing newborns with their own hands

For those who are engaged in housekeeping, it will be easy to make a hammock or slide on a metal frame with your own hands. The main rule - the fabric should be of high quality, the thread - strong.

  1. First, choose a model of a hammock, which will become an assistant for mom.
  2. Further on the internal dimensions of the tray are calculated the dimensions of the hammock so that, taking into account the allowances for seams after sewing and fixing the product behind the edges of the bath, there are gaps of not more than five centimeters.
  3. Then draw a pattern. When building it, you need to leave allowances for seams about one and a half centimeters at the edges and increase the length of the elements in which the staples will be inserted. This is useful for fitting.
  4. If a combined model is planned, then at this stage the contours of different fabrics are applied to the pattern, the pattern is cut along them and those elements are again drawn for which seam allowances are added along the inner seam.
  5. All parts are stitched together, the seams are processed.
  6. Hammock tries on the bath, the dimensions of the loops are refined.
  7. Insert metal fasteners (brackets) into the loops and sew, trim off any excess fabric, seal the seams.

Staples should be made of hard metal, so that there is no possibility of their extension under the weight of the baby.

Tips for using

Everyone knows that microorganisms are multiplying intensely in a humid environment. In this regard, it is important to hygienic care of the product, so as not to harm the baby. Hammock for bathing newborns after use must be rinsed and dried. Periodically it must also be washed with baby soap. In this case it is possible to save the crumb from the pathogenic bacteria and irritations on the skin.

During the bathing procedure, the baby needs to be watered with warm water and added to the bath so that there is no hypothermia. And jets of water will provide the crumbs with a light touch and a pleasant massage.


Due to the short period of use, many are wondering whether it is worth buying a hammock for bathing newborns. Photos of this product are given in the article, and its usefulness is obvious.

Bathing babies is a daily procedure, so four months are not that fast. The hammock will be an excellent assistant, especially if the mother has to cope with the bathing of the crumbs of one. The product fully justifies the costs and will allow the baby and mother to get pleasure from bathing.

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