Haircut "page" for short hair (photo)

When you want not just to change your appearance, but to directly transform and look extraordinary, you should think about the shape of the hairstyle that is now and what it should be in the future. Properly chosen hair shape can drastically change the appearance, which allows many girls to "start life from scratch." If you want to change yourself, then consider a variety of haircuts. The haircut “page”, popular in Soviet times, has again become in demand among women of all ages, but now instead of one classical form, there is a mass of its variations. This means that everyone will be able to choose the right shape.

Haircut "page". Character traits

The classic version of the haircut is characterized by the presence of straight bangs and hair, cut in one straight line. The length of the strands may vary depending on the desires of the girl.

A popular and interesting option is haircut “page” along the line of bangs. The length of this part of the hairstyle is small, approximately along the line of the eyebrows, but then all the hair behind it is clipped only along one line.Fits, by the way, such a haircut is not for everyone. It should be discarded from owners of a round or rectangular face shape, as well as girls with sparse hair. Haircut "page" is very capricious in its performance, and therefore its creation requires extremely healthy, straight and thick hair.

Also this form of a hairstyle differs from others in that the hair must be cut according to a special technology (cut angle), because the specificity of the hairstyle also includes the ends bent inwards. If a professional took the job, then the shape of the haircut will remain even after taking a shower. Properly made "page" does not change its shape, and the tips of the hair still remain concave inward.haircut page

Classic "page"

There are several types of hairstyles. The classic version is the most popular and well-known, in which the main feature is one line of hair length (in terms of bangs). This haircut "page" for short hair easily fit and feminine looks.

Over time, priorities and tastes changed, and today various variations of the classic “page” have appeared, which are also popular with girls."Page" length just below the ear line - another interesting version of the hairstyles for girls. In this case, the haircut is carried out as follows: the shortest bang left, but in the direction of the ear line the length gradually increases. This haircut looks very neat and feminine.haircut page photo

Modern haircut variations

Also no less popular elongated "page". Its length is just below the two options presented above and usually reaches the shoulder line or even slightly lower. In such a haircut, the hair smoothly lengthened, and the shortest part still remains bangs. It is important to note that the elongated "page" is suitable only for thick cutting page

For those who prefer extravagant options, trendy shapes, an asymmetric “page” hairstyle is perfect. Photos of this hairstyle clearly demonstrate that in this case the length of hair near the ear is always short, and on the other side is long. This haircut is performed exclusively with an oblique fringe, and there is a smooth transition of hair length. The asymmetrical version looks very unusual, but only creative individuals and girls who love change choose it.

Who should choose this haircut?

Choosing the shape of your future hairstyle, you should definitely take into account a number of characteristics, without which it is impossible to choose a convenient and practical option. For example, the oval face - this is the main feature on which to choose a haircut. "Page" is ideal for girls with an elongated oval face, but if you are the owner of a round shape, then the hair in this case must be straight. The girls with curls obviously have to give up this hairstyle: they will make the styling big, and the face - cumbersome and disproportionate.

Choose a haircut need girls who do not like to spend a lot of time on styling. Particularly comfortable short haircuts "page". Due to the rounded tips, even if the hair is wetted, it will not change shape and will also remain concave inward. Also, choose a haircut is slim girls. If a woman is the owner of a pear-like figure, that is, she has wide hips, small breasts, then such a haircut will aggravate the situation and it is better not to use it.haircut page for short hair

Haircuts "page" haircuts

The classic variation of this hairstyle is smooth hair, spread out in the form of a “cap” from the center point - the top.It looks, of course, very interesting in this form of haircut "page". Photos of many examples clearly demonstrate that the classic version is straight hair, gently framing the face. But there are other ways of styling, which will also appeal to many owners of this haircut.

short haircuts page

If the girl has an elongated version of the haircut, then you can twist the hair not inside, but outward. This form will give the image a special lightness, femininity and unobtrusiveness.

Do not limit yourself to straight strands, choosing such a haircut. From hair of this shape, excellent curls are obtained, but the main thing here is not what curls, but how they are located. Also, do not give up on bright accessories. "Page" is a haircut that goes well with rims.

Owners of long haircuts should have on hand tape for the Greek hairstyle. Since the strands are not so long, then twist them into the desired shape is not difficult.

How to care for the haircut?

This is a very specific haircut. “Page” is not so easy to do, because you need to have special scissors and the skill to cut at a certain angle.In order for hair to remain curled down after trimming, it is important not to damage the ends of the hair with curling irons or ironing. If they dry up, they will lose their shape, and the “page” haircut will not look so interesting and original anymore.

Haircut is suitable for thick hair, so if you are the owner of medium thick strands, it is better to use different oils to increase the amount of hair. And, of course, regular washing. This shape of the hairstyle is well maintained, again, due to the special technology of haircuts, and therefore, even after a shower, having dried the hair, it is not necessary to twist them with a curling iron: the shape will be bent inwards anyway.

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