Hair color: golden-brown: shades, features of painting and recommendations

Many girls dream of beautiful and well-groomedhair. One of the criteria of this beauty is the hair color. To date, a lot of dyes, which can be chosen for every taste. But the first place in popularity is occupied by natural and natural shades of curls. This is understandable, because in fashion is the simplicity and innocence.

Golden-brown hair color

There is an opinion that light brown hair color is notattractive and makes the fair sex unattractive. This myth can be safely dispelled. After all, fair-haired hair is suitable for every woman, it all depends on the shade. Correctly chosen by the experts hair color makes the girl not only more attractive, but also younger. Golden-brown blends perfectly with light eyes and warm skin tones. Women who are in Balzac's age, are recommended this color. He will make his face lighter and fresh.

hair color is golden brown

In the golden-brown color there are several tones:

  • golden;
  • copper;
  • amber.

Perfectly suits the representatives of color"Spring" and "Autumn". But do not forget that the shade is very "capricious". To paint in such a color, preparatory work with hair should be done. After that it will be possible to proceed with staining.

Choosing the right shade

In order to get a hair colorgolden-brown, it is important to choose the right paint. Also, before you paint, you need to consider your type of appearance. So, of great importance is the color of the skin, the eye and the initial shade of hair. Warm shades of skin and brown eyes are suitable for golden and amber colors. They will perfectly harmonize and complement the image. When the skin has a blush, the golden-blond hair color is perfect. You can also opt for copper shades.

golden brown hair color of hair

Do not forget about the harm that canapply the dye. In the case where the paint causes allergic reactions, it is better to abandon it. If there is an urgent need for staining, alternative methods can be chosen. There are bezammia dyes that will help in this. If the base color of the hair is light, then you can use the tonic. He will give the hair a golden hue and at the same time it will not do much harm. But first of all you should determine your color.

Human chromotypes

At this point in time, there are four human colors, they include a combination of skin tone, hair and eyes. These are such as:

  • winter;
  • Spring;
  • summer;
  • autumn.

light brown hair color

For winter are characteristic brown, blue and blackeyes, skin of blue and white hue. Hair color is golden brown, dark chocolate, chestnut. For the spring - light eyes with a blue and nutty shade. The color of the hair is from light to golden, and the skin is yellowish. Summer color type includes such characteristics: light eyes with blue, gray and green tones. The skin of the face has a blue or pink color, and the hair, respectively, is light blond and flaxen. Autumn type is considered the most diverse. This includes the owners of brown, black, blue and green eyes. The skin color is golden or yellow. Hair from golden-brown to chestnut. If you know your type, you can easily choose the paint.

Light brown (golden) hair color

A beautiful light blonde color is an ornament of eachwomen. It is very important to choose the right paint, so that the shade is exactly what the client wants. It is known that with the initial dark tone of the locks it is very difficult to reach the color of the hair golden-brown. It is easier for owners of light strands. But the dark ones can also be repainted in this attractive tone.

light blond golden hair color

Everything depends on the natural color, in whichmay contain pigments. So, for example, to get out of dark-brown to golden, you need to take into account that in the bloom with clarification contains a very strong yellow pigment. And so cool colors are added to the dye. They muffle the yellow, and as a result you get a beautiful light blond with golden overflow color. If the dye does not have cold shades, it can go out so that the hair will become a "dirty" color.

Light Brown

One of the most commongolden dark blond hair color. It is suitable for women who have a color-type "winter". That is, the girl should have white skin color, the shade of the eyes does not matter. Painting in a golden dark-blonde color has its own nuances. First of all, everything depends on the natural shade of hair. If it is bright and recently there was a process of clarification, it is not recommended to immediately paint in dark blond. Otherwise it can lead to disastrous results. On the lightened hair, dark blond can give a green tint, so that this does not happen, it is important to turn to an experienced colorist.

golden dark blond hair color

Also, do not use this color to girlswith too dark skin. He can add age. The color of hair golden-brown will pay attention, if it is supplemented by melirovaniem. Light, lightened by several tones of strands will give a hairstyle of depth and texture.


Most women dream of having a fair, golden hair color. The paint should therefore be of high quality. To choose the right dye, you should use some recommendations:

  • When choosing a dye, attention should be paid to the date of manufacture.
  • To select the shade, you need to look at the numbers indicated on the package.
  • Dyes, which radically change the color of curls, contain ammonia. If you want only to refresh the color, you can use bezammiachnymi dyes.
  • Packaging must be free from damage.
  • Bezammia dyes are much less time on the hair.
  • After staining the curls require additional care.

It should be remembered not to damage the hair beforeyou do not need to wash your hair for a few days. This is done in order to protect the hair. Thus, natural fat envelops the strands and thus does not allow drying them with a dye. It is also recommended to carry out a sensitivity test in order to avoid negative consequences. When the sensitivity test is successful, you can safely proceed with painting. Do not also forget about leaving after the dye, because the hair becomes dry and brittle. They just need balms, masks and oils.

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