Hair Brightener: Customer Reviews. Which hair clarifier is better?

In order to gradually change the shade of their hair, modern women of fashion most often use a variety of brighteners. Hair Brightener is considered the easiest and fastest way to create an interesting and unusual image, without changing its image drastically. Of course, you can visit a beauty salon or purchase cheap hair dye that will help you quickly change the color of the curls. But the trip to the master is often quite expensive, and cheap paints bring only harm. Therefore, if you do not even consider the above two options, then buying a clarifier or cooking it at home will be the best solution.

Hair Brightener

The sun is the most natural brightener

The best hair clarifier is definitely the sun. Under its rays, our strands become a few tones lighter.Probably each of us noticed that after three summer months, the hair looks much more unusual. This is all from the influence of ultraviolet radiation. The fact is that our skin darkens from the sun's rays, but the strands, on the contrary, brighten. All you need to do is fan out the strands under the sun, and they will absorb ultraviolet light. But do not forget about sunscreen, because your skin will need protection. An interesting fact is that dark hair under the influence of chlorine and sun will lighten faster. Therefore, to achieve the desired results, swim in the pool, and then go for a walk. Many girls speak positively of this method, because it does not require any special expenditure of energy or money, but it brings an effective result.

Hair clarifier reviews

Hydrogen peroxide - our moms recipe

If you ask our moms which hair clarifier is better, they will definitely indicate hydrogen peroxide. This widely available tool has been used for many years to create an unusual and interesting shade of curls. Of course, if you have too weak or thin hair, then hydrogen peroxide will only harm you, although it is much weaker than dyes.Before the procedure you should read the instructions so that the result is exactly as you expected. Reviews of our mothers are the best indicator that hydrogen peroxide is still quite an effective way to get lighter curls.

To see how your curls will react to this tool, first spray a little on one small strand and leave it for a day. If no negative consequences have occurred, you can lighten the whole head. Thus, you will be one hundred percent sure that you will not be allergic to hydrogen peroxide. Also, remember to use this hair clarifier in a well-ventilated area.

L'Oreal Hair Brightener

Tea and Lemon - Natural Brighteners

Each of us drinks tea daily. But few people know that this popular drink is an excellent and natural remedy for brightening curls. An interesting fact is that dark strands of tea will help to lighten a little, but light ones will darken. Therefore, you can cheap and easy to make a unique image. To use this drink in the form of a clarifier, you will need to pour boiling water over tea, let the drink cool and rinse your hair with it. Then you need to curls dried out under the sun. Later rinse the tea with shampoo water.Most of the girls who have tried this method indicate its striking effect and therapeutic effect on the hair.

Lemon today is considered, perhaps, the most popular means for lightening. Lemon brightener for hair, reviews of which only prove its effectiveness, can be easily created at home. But remember that citric acid is very strong and undiluted can harm your hair. Therefore, it should be diluted with plain water. With this mixture, you can rinse your head every day after washing. After testing this tool, you are unlikely to want to return to the professional, because the lemon not only brightens, but also has a beneficial effect on our hair.

Best Hair Brightener

Masks and decoctions of herbs for lightening hair

Hair Brightener can be completely natural, because many natural ingredients help us make curls a few shades lighter. If you want to achieve high results, then you should make homemade masks or decoctions of herbs. For example, a great option would be a mask of olive oil and lemon juice. If you mix these ingredients, you will not only lighten your hair,but make them healthier and stronger. Chamomile tea with lemon also helps to make hair lighter. Even girls with fairly dark hair in their reviews indicate that their curls have become a few shades lighter after using this home remedy.

Professional Hair Brightener

Cinnamon - Aromatic Brightener

Cinnamon in combination with other natural ingredients can also significantly lighten your curls. To create a homemade brightener for hair with cinnamon, you will need: half a glass of honey, 3 tablespoons of ground cinnamon, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and 1 cup of distilled water. Mix all this until smooth. Apply to hair and leave for an hour. Then rinse with shampoo water. Cinnamon masks are best made in plastic or ceramic dishes, as they can oxidize to metal. It is easiest to distribute the mask over the entire length using a comb if you have long enough hair. If you read reviews about this tool, then we can say with confidence that it is not only the most pleasant, but also the fastest. Cinnamon is the number one natural brightener, it was often used even in ancient times, so modern girls gladly took it into account.

Professional Hair Brighteners

If you do not want to spend your time on creating a home remedy, then you can easily choose any professional hair brightener. Moreover, today many manufacturers offer their customers new and more advanced products. In modern cosmetic stores you can find oxidizing lotions to create the image of a fatal blonde, ordinary hair brighteners, as well as a brightening powder.

Which hair clarifier is better

Of course, each hair clarifier (reviews about him can tell how positive he is) has its own characteristics, so it can be suitable for someone, but for someone it will not bring any results at all. Therefore, before buying the best to know the opinion of a specialist.

Recently, Loreal has become a very popular company. The dye for her hair in the form of a paste has fairly good reviews that indicate its effectiveness. Due to its pasty form, the paint turns out to be very thick, it is easy to put on curls and distribute over them to get a more even lightening.If you do not know how to do it correctly, you can read the instructions offered by the specialists from L'real.

Hair Brightener is available in two forms: with and without ammonia. Each lady can choose the one that suits more. The mixture without ammonia does not have an unpleasant smell and does not burn the scalp. Consumers indicate that the hair does not "crunch" during the wash, as is the case with other professional means.

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