GTA: SA - machines and their variety

Automobiles are something that attracts manygamers to the games of the GTA series. Here you can use them in a variety of ways: to travel around the city according to traffic rules or to organize illegal races, ram other vehicles, throw drivers out of cars and take their place, and much more. Naturally, all this is done with a huge variety of machines of all kinds of classes. Moreover, there is a constant movement in GTA, as the open world requires it, so you will not travel through empty streets - sometimes these will be separate cars, and sometimes heavy traffic and even traffic jams. In any case, you need to know what are in the GTA: SA machine, so you can navigate in them and understand what you want (what car you need to save or what to look out for hijacking).


gta sa car

The list of vehicles in this game is simpleis huge, therefore to result all names there is no sense. It is much more effective to single out certain classes in GTA: SA. Machines are divided into different parameters, so this article will allow you to familiarize yourself with the most popular classes, and with the best cars in their categories. And first of all you should pay attention to jeeps, as they are famous for their impressive appearance. But, given the fact that the appearance is exclusively a matter of taste, it is worthwhile to consider more objective parameters, such as speed or control, and, of course, the price. And here Rancher is uniquely in the lead - it has the maximum speed for a jeep (170 kilometers per hour), as well as several other cars of this class, but it is much better controlled in comparison with them. And it costs at the same time 40 thousand dollars - not so much for such a good car. In GTA: SA, cars of inferior quality sometimes cost much more.

Law enforcement vehicles

the name of the machines in gta sa

One of the most pleasant pluses of the game is GTA: SA - machines of ministers of law. The police will always be a huge problem for you, because any action not on the letter of the law on your part will cause discontent on their part. And they will be happy to arrest you, chase your car around the city and send out more and more patrols if you continue to break the law. Police car is one of the fastest in the game - its speed is 200 kilometers per hour. And at the same time the handling for this speed is extremely high, and the price is incredibly low - only 25 thousand dollars. For comparison, you can take a car that belongs to the same class - "Reno". It is the most expensive in the game and costs 110 thousand dollars. The name of the machines in GTA: SA is a separate issue, you will find it difficult to remember, but many of the cars have a memorable appearance, so you do not miss them.


gta sa fashion for cars

Jeeps have already been considered, it's time to drawattention to trucks. The name of cars in GTA: SA can sometimes be deceptive, for example, a truck "Pony" is supposed to be slow, and it speeds up to 160 kilometers per hour. "Tanker", it would seem, should be difficult to control, but in fact it is quite easy to travel along the road. In fact, it will not be easy to single out any one model - except for the price. "Dune" is the most expensive truck - it costs 40 thousand dollars, which is more expensive than the price of any other car belonging to this class. Of course, in GTA: SA, the mods for cars will allow you to add other heavy cars that will cost even more, but in the original version of the game it is this model that is the most expensive in its class.

Sports cars

gta sa replacement of cars

Sports cars - this is what attractsmany and does not leave anyone indifferent. The fact that they look just great and at the same time have a huge speed. In GTA: SA, replacing machines with mods allows you to add those models that will accelerate to 300 kilometers per hour, but it's about the original version of the game, and here it is immediately worth noting two sports cars - Infernus and Turismo. They are the fastest in the game, they develop a speed of 240 kilometers per hour. Naturally, at the same time controllability suffers, but here it is necessary to highlight the "Cheetah", which develops a speed of 230 kilometers per hour, while maintaining high controllability. But he is worth 105 thousand dollars, only 5 thousand less than the most expensive car in the game. The new GTA: SA machines that you will add with modifications will cost more, but in the official version it is the Cheetah that boasts of such speed, controllability and cost.

Racing cars

Separately it is necessary to consider race cars,which are slightly inferior in speed to sports cars, but at the same time are professional cars with good handling and are, naturally, cheaper. There are not so many in the game - only six, and they all travel at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour. But "Elegi" stands out from the others, as it has improved controllability for the same money. Like the speed, the cost of all racing cars is the same - 35 thousand dollars. Whether there is a sense to buy such car, to solve to you.


new cars gta sa

Complete the review is not really machines, andmotorcycles, which in this episode received a much wider development. This section includes bicycles and quad bikes. By the way, the latter - it is "Quad" should be distinguished in comparison with the rest, since it is the cheapest in the class, but it is not inferior to others in terms of manageability. Only here it is very slow - only 160 kilometers per hour at 190 kilometers from the best motorcycles.

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GTA: SA - machines and their variety GTA: SA - machines and their variety GTA: SA - machines and their variety GTA: SA - machines and their variety GTA: SA - machines and their variety GTA: SA - machines and their variety GTA: SA - machines and their variety GTA: SA - machines and their variety GTA: SA - machines and their variety GTA: SA - machines and their variety GTA: SA - machines and their variety GTA: SA - machines and their variety