GTA (GTA) 4. System requirements are worth it?

After the release of the fourth part of Grand Theft Automany people asked themselves a question, launching "GTA-4" - the system requirements justify themselves or not. The graphics in the game are really beautiful enough and surpasses most of the games of that time, but given that even the minimum requirements do not fit all computers, they seem somewhat overstated.

What is GTA IV?

gta 4 system requirements

Of course, looking at the fact that in the "GTA-4" systemrequirements, the players faced a dilemma: to abandon the expectation of a new game and forget about it, or to buy a new computer that will result in a considerable amount. The choice is quite complicated, because buying a new computer is a serious step.

If you are going for a long timeto update your car, then you definitely should at last do it for the sake of "GTA-4". The system requirements of the game fully correspond to the quality of its performance. Perfect graphics, beautiful effects, storyline and complete freedom of action - these are the main advantages that this game is different.

What are the advantages of this game?

gta 4 system requirements are minimal

The full name Grand Theft Auto fully reflectsthe essence of this game. We have to become a criminal who will go through a difficult journey from the simple "six" to the boss of the whole group. Practically in each new part we are offered a similar plot, and the only difference is only our allies and certain elements of the storyline. In the rest everything is the same: robberies, contract killings, smuggling and the like.

However, the fans of the series are capturing not the plot, butcomplete freedom of action in the vast world that GTA 4 provides us. The system requirements of each new part are quite high, but for true fans of the game this is just another reason to update your computer. Everyone wants to feel like a particularly dangerous criminal, which goes away from pursuing helicopters, the army and a number of military equipment, destroying everything in its path, and to feel it with better graphics and special effects.

Is it worth it?

 GTA 4 system requirements are maximum

For those who have played before only in San Andreas,GTA IV will seem just an ideal of expectations, because it involves graphics, close to modern standards, as well as stunning special effects, comparable to Hollywood blockbusters. Add to this the fact that the game has a lot of new features compared to the previous parts, and it will be an excellent opportunity to update your computer, even before which puts the "GTA-4" system requirements are maximum.

For those who first saw only the fifthpart of the series, the fourth is mainly interesting only as an analog of what has already been experienced. Not such a big world, but the same attractive graphics, and more importantly - an absolutely new story, which for many people is decisive.

In this case, if you could play in GTA V, then bycompared with it in "GTA-4" system requirements are minimal. In other words, in this case you do not even have to update the computer, and you can just install a new game and run it without any problems.

After all, the minimum requirements are available to almost everyone:

  • Dual-core processor with a frequency of 1.8 to 2.4 Hz.
  • RAM: 1.5 GB.
  • GeForce 7900 or Radeon X1900 with 256 MB of memory.

The recommended requirements are not much higher, the main thing is to have from 2 GB of RAM and a more modern video card with at least 512 MB of memory.

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GTA (GTA) 4. System requirements are worth it GTA (GTA) 4. System requirements are worth it GTA (GTA) 4. System requirements are worth it GTA (GTA) 4. System requirements are worth it GTA (GTA) 4. System requirements are worth it