Group "Time Machine". Composition of the "Time Machine" in the history, photo

It often happens that the artist's name ormusical collective becomes for millions of people a symbol of the era they have lived - it is so closely integrated into their personal memories that it becomes an integral part of them. For many of today's Russians, and especially for those whose youth fell on the seventies and eighties, this is certainly the "Time Machine" group. The composition, photo and description of the creative path of the legendary collective will be the topic of our article.

Composition of "Time Machine"

How it all began

It all began in 1968, when studentsMoscow school number 19 was created by a rock band, called The Kids. The present old people well remember that in those times it was seldom possible to find a school in which there was not a vocal and instrumental ensemble. This fashion was a tribute to the general enthusiasm of the songs of the then-western idols of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and other inhabitants of the musical Olympus.

From English the name of the group could betranslate in different ways - "kids", "guys" and even "kids". So, the first line-up of these "kid-kids" included: Andrei Makarevich, his friend Mikhail Yashin and two female vocalists - Larisa Kashpero and Nina Baranova. Imitating their idols, the group performed without any special success with the English-speaking repertoire at various school evenings and concerts of amateur performances. Looking ahead, it should be said that the composition of the "Time Machine" will change many times over the years.

English version of the group name

Fate gave them a chance when in the same yearthem in the school was a professional VIA "Atlanta", and its leader A. Sikorski on an equal footing talked with young musicians and even during a break he played with them. This evening helped the guys to believe in themselves. The next year they create a new team, which included their peers from the neighboring school number 20 - the same Beatles fans as they themselves. The beginning of the road was laid.

The name of the group was taken, as in the first case,English - Time Machines, the prototype of the future "Time Machine", but in the plural. The first composition of the "Time Machine" was purely male. It includes: Andrei Makarevich (guitar, vocals) - he will be an invariable participant of all subsequent ensembles, Igor Mazaev (bass guitar), Alexander Ivanov (rhythm guitar), Sergei Kawagoe (keyboards), Pavel Rubin (bass guitar) and drummer Yuri Borzov. Of these, in the main, the future composition of the Time Machine will be formed.

Composition of the group "Time Machine"

Unsuccessful architects

In the same 1969 the first recording of the songs took placeTime Machines, which played mainly with the repertoire made up of cover versions of hits by American and English bands, supplemented by English-language compositions of their own compositions. Only after a while A. Makarevich began to write lyrics in Russian. Undoubtedly, during this period the musicians were influenced by the hippy movement popular among Western and Soviet youth. It was reflected on their songs, and on the whole lifestyle.

Seventies start for two participantsgroup Andrei Makarevich and Yuri Borzov with an important event - they enter the Moscow Architectural Institute, where, learning the secrets of architecture, continue to study music. They also get acquainted with Alexey Romanov, who was soon to join the "Time Machine", and a little later - and with A. Kutikov, who in 1971 was invited to the group to the place of I. Mazaev, who left for the army.

Official appearance of the name of the group

At the beginning of the seventies the collective continuedstay amateur, and its composition has changed many times. During these years, Time Machines successfully performs in the beat-club, which was established in Moscow under the patronage of the Komsomol City Committee. It is interesting that a year ago they were not accepted there because of the "low performing level". By the way, in the beginning of his career, the Beatles group was denied recording songs for the same reason.

The first composition of the "Time Machine"

Russian-speaking and familiar to all the name of the groupFor the first time officially appeared in 1973 and was permanently assigned to the collective. Until 1975, he experienced a difficult period, speaking on dance floors and occasional concerts. During this period, the composition of the "Time Machine" has changed many times. In this team managed to visit fifteen musicians. Problems arose in the life of the leader of the group A. Makarevich. Because of the conflict with the leadership of the architectural institute, he was expelled under a formal pretext.

Recognition of professionalism

The popularity of the group grew rapidly, whenAfter acquaintance in 1976 at the Tallinn festival with Boris Grebenshchikov, she got an opportunity to often go on tour in Leningrad. In the city on the Neva she enjoyed constant success. To the same period is the beginning of experiments with sound. The composition of the "Time Machine" in 1977 is replenished by saxophonist E. Legusov and trumpeter S. Velitsky. This gave the songs in their performance a new expressiveness.

In 1980, finally becoming a professionalcollective, the group receives an official status at Roskontsert. Her artistic director is O. Melik-Pashaev, and the musical director is A. Makarevich. This year, a grand success was awaited by the "Time Machine" at the festival in Tbilisi, where it was awarded the main prize, and thanks to which the first album released by the Melody Company appeared.

Creativity to live beyond the ideological framework

Those whose youth passed under socialism, remember,as a Soviet ideology, false and hypocritical in its essence, filled all spheres of life, and mass art languished under its particularly strict control. In order for the audience to see the new program, it had to receive approval in various instances and art councils, where its fate was decided by people who did not understand anything in art and took into account only compliance with the requirements of the current party line.

Composition of the "Time Machine" 2015

The success of the "Time Machine" at the Tbilisi Festivalis explained not only by the artistic merits of the performance of compositions. This was, in fact, the first time when musicians appeared on the official Soviet stage, sharply distinguished from the general faceless but ideologically consistent mass. Not without reason, the organizers of the concert, discouraged by their phenomenal success, took measures to ensure that the winning musicians left the festival before it was completed.

Triumph in the city on the Neva

In the eighties the popularity of the group in Moscowand Leningrad took unprecedented scale until then. According to eyewitnesses, the excitement on their concert tours was comparable only with the madness of the times of "Beatlemania". The Palace of Sports, where the speeches were held, was attacked by thousands of teenagers, and bus drivers who brought musicians had to resort to round-the-clock maneuvers to save the composition of the Time Machine from the enthusiastic crowd. 1980 was the beginning of their unprecedented rise.

The result of a twenty-year path

In the early nineties,sum up the first results. Ideological censorship no longer exists, and Andrei Makarevich releases his book "Everything is very simple," which tells about everything that the group had to endure in the past twenty years. "Time Machine" is still among the most popular musical groups in the country. She takes part in many festivals and often travels with tour programs. Due to the fact that the restructuring has opened the possibility to travel abroad without hindrance, the geography of their trips has significantly expanded, including many countries in the world.

"Time Machine" composition photo

Composition of the "Time Machine", by this time inmostly already established and time-tested, is periodically supplemented by invited musicians, among them Pavel Rubin, Alik Sikorsky, Igor Mazaev and a number of other names well known to rock lovers. Without the participation of Andrei Makarevich and his team in the nineties, not a single New Year's program and no any notable festival.

The life of the band in the difficult nineties

The group celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary in1994, a grand concert in Red Square, in which together with them many of the most popular musical groups of the country rose on the stage. Their official position was largely strengthened due to the support that they provided to Boris Yeltsin, participating in the 1996 "Vote or lose" campaign, which became part of his election campaign.

"Time Machine" composition of the group for the whole history

At the beginning of the 2000th the composition of the group "Machinetime "was added keyboard player Andrei Derzhavin. In their history, another stage begins, which includes a lot of work related to the search for new forms of sound and the use of various audio effects. At the same time, the collective does not stop the concert activity and release of CDs, both at Russian studios and abroad. In particular, their albums are released by the famous British company Sintez Records, famous for producing records of the Beatles group.

Events of the last decade

The second decade of the XXI century Makarevich begins withthe release of three of his new books, quickly became popular among music lovers of all ages. In 2012, a film dedicated to them, produced by M. Kapitanovsky, appeared in the box office. It was called "The Taymashin: The Birth of an Epoch" - this is a literal repetition of how it was designated in 1983 in the black list of ideologically unreliable music collectives "Time Machine".

The composition of the group for the whole history of its existencerepeatedly changed. Was not an exception and 2012 year. In late June, she left E. Margulis, who preferred to develop his own project. Soon, his place was taken by Igor Khomich, who had previously worked with the Kalinov Bridge group. In 2014, a jubilee charity concert was held with great success on the site in front of the Luzhniki sports complex, in which the Time Machine band performed. The composition of 2014 did not change, and on its 45th birthday the team performed the most popular hits.

Composition of the "Time Machine" 1980

Anxiety of our days

In early February 2015, the group's admirers wereare alarmed by the information that appeared in the press about the alleged split within the collective, connected with the different positions of its members regarding the events in Ukraine. This information seemed quite plausible, since recently political issues have become an exciting topic of discussion for many people. Fortunately, soon this was followed by a refutation.

Finally, let's call the composition of the "Time Machine"2015, remained unchanged to this day: Andrey Makarevich (guitar, vocals), Alexander Kutikov (vocals, bass guitar), Valery Efimov (drums) and Andrey Derzhavin (keyboards, backing vocals).

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