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Armen Sergeevich Grigoryan is a famous Soviet and Russian rock musician. He founded the Moscow rock group "Crematorium", was its leader and vocalist. Grigoryan is a multifaceted and talented person. He is not only an extraordinary singer, but also an artist, a poet, an actor and even an architect. This artist deserves special attention.

Brief biographical information

Armen was born in 1960, November 24. His hometown is Moscow. In his childhood, he paid attention to sports, loved football, and participated in city championships. While studying at school, Grigorian Armen decided to establish his first musical group called “Black Spots”. It was still in 1974. Three years later, the young man enters the Aviation Institute and studies at the faculty of radio electronics. He has new comrades: Yevgeny Khomyakov (John) and Alexander Sevastyanov (Steve). The three of them friends organized a group called “Atmospheric Pressure”.

Armen Grigoryan

Creation of the rock group "Crematorium"

1983 was marked by a great event in the world of rock music. Armen Grigoryan organized the “Crematorium” group. At first, the newly minted team performed only in apartments. But “Crematorium” very quickly earned a good reputation and great popularity in the rock circles of Moscow.

In 1986, an album entitled "The Illusory World". After this event, Grigorian’s musical group reached the All-Union level of fame. In the same year, the group performed at the Moscow Rock Laboratory and received the main award. 1988 was significant for the crematorium musical group. Their new and most famous album entitled “Coma” was released. The editors of the then-popular Aurora magazine awarded Coma the title of one of the best albums of the year.

A little later, Armen Grigoryan decided to make a video for the song “Garbage Wind”, which was broadcast on television some time later. The rest of the compositions from the “Coma” album also became hits. Already in 1988, the crematorium rock band began their touring tours.

Armen Grigoryan

Father of russian rock

In 1994, the film "Tatsu" was shot, in the creation of which the "Crematorium" participated.The film as a result turned out to be rather weak and did not enter the rental. But a lot of shots from the film were used as the basis for a number of video clips of a rock band. In the 1990s, Armen Grigoryan and other members of the “Crematorium” group lead an active and creative lifestyle. They release several new albums and tour the countries of the former Soviet Union and abroad (they collect halls in Israel, Germany and the United States of America). The rock band is not deprived of the attention of music critics and many fans.

One of the fathers of Russian rock - such a reputation entrenched for Grigoryan. Armen is a many-sided and talented lyricist who combines two worlds in his songs, real and otherworldly. Grigorian's favorite themes are life after death and various religions. In the 1980s, the leader of the Crematorium group deliberately wrote rude songs that often carried only domestic loads. But today the texts have changed.

Armen Sergeevich Grigoryan

Mid zero

The music of the Crematorium has always been influenced by various currents, starting with the waltz and ending with hard rock. Grigoryan pays special attention to the violin, which sounds on the same level as the solo guitar. That is why the "Crematorium" is always a special color.

After the 2000s, Armen Grigoryan decided to try to reach a new level in creativity. He became the founder of his solo project, which he called “The Third Angel”, and in 2006 released the album “Chinese Tank”. But Armen did not forget about his first brainchild, the “Crematorium” group. He continued to participate in both teams in parallel. During a performance at the famous rock festival “Invasion”, Grigoryan was the only participant who performed simultaneously in two acting musical groups.

Songs of Armen Grigoryan

Not only singer

Not only as a musician, but also as a versatile creative person, Armen Grigoryan managed to prove himself. The photo, where he embodied the image of the undertaker, scattered throughout the network. It was High Fashion Week (spring-summer 2007). It was then that Grigoryan took part in a play-show called “Hamlet. The loss of certainty. " In addition, the singer was realized in two more creative professions: an actor and an artist. In the 2000s, he opened several solo exhibitions and hit all the published catalog of his own works.

In the film "Tatsu" Grigorian had a major role. He also starred in the movie "How to find the ideal," where he also appeared in the image of the main character.Surprisingly, Armen had enough time and effort to create a number of architectural projects.

Armen Grigoryan photo

New wave of success after a break in creativity

In 2008, the six-year hiatus in Grigorian’s musical activity ended. The Crematorium Group has released its fourteenth disc called Amsterdam. This album received unconditional recognition among the old and new fans of the team. The main song - "Amsterdam" - not once took the first places in the charts "Chart Dozen" on the waves of "Our Radio".

At the end of 2008, the All-Russian Phonogram Manufacturers Association awarded the Golden Disc Group for excellent sales results. At the same time, Grigoryan decided to completely change its composition. After that, the Crematorium collective resumes its active concert activities. In 2012, a new album was recorded entitled "President's Suitcase". The title song soared to the top of the charts. From that moment, Grigorian began his new creative career period. He was again at the height of glory and success.

Armen Grigoryan singer

Last released album

Undoubtedly, a talented and versatile personality is Armen Grigoryan.The singer is not only an excellent vocalist, but also an original lyric poet. In the fall of 2016, his sixteenth album entitled "Invisible People" was released. Compositions were recorded in the studio, where there were many tube amplifiers. Grigorian himself wanted to move away from the digital recording method as far as possible. The album "Invisible People" has its own storyline and tells the story of one person in a mirror reflection of reality. As the singer himself said, he created different characters with the help of which he wanted to look into himself.

The songs from the new “Crematorium” CD harmoniously unite the orthodoxy of Russian rock, snide remarks on sociopolitical themes and ballads of a love nature. Without any doubt, the songs of Armen Grigoryan are unique creations of their kind. It is not known who inspires a man to write such masterpieces, but in his compositions a new world has been created, where original characters constantly appear who will always interest the listener.

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