Greenhouse reinforced from polycarbonate: photo, reviews, build

Greenhouse structures made of polycarbonate came tothe replacement of traditional film and glass structures. The new material provided a number of advantages, including a unique combination of light transmission capacity and coating strength. Also polycarbonate is characterized by mechanical compliance, which simplifies its processing and assembly operations as a whole. The continuation of the concept of such structures has become a greenhouse reinforced, the photo of which is presented below. In this case, emphasis is also placed on strengthening the frame base due to high-strength metal profiles.

greenhouse strengthened

Features of reinforced greenhouses

The reinforcing function is assigned to galvanizedframe. Usually a U-shaped profile is used in different sizes. For example, the average cross section is 20 x 30-40 mm. By the length of the structure can reach 5 m, if it comes to private farms. The material from which reinforced greenhouses made of polycarbonate in the part of the basic structure is also important. Most often, steel is used, and the most expensive assemblies are completed with first-grade metal. This solution guarantees a high degree of reliability of the frame.

At the same time, ensuring stability before the wind andprecipitation is impossible without the use of appropriate connecting fittings. This task is performed in most cases by steel inserts. Depending on the general parameters with which the greenhouse is designed, profiles of different shapes can be used. In addition to the U-shaped profile, for example, pipes and square frames are also found. However, they heavier the construction and are only suitable for laying a full-fledged building foundation. On the other hand, for thick polycarbonate, a high load-bearing capacity is required, which corresponds to closed profiles.

reinforced greenhouses made of polycarbonate

Assembling a greenhouse reinforced

Regardless of the characteristics of the profile elements,Installation operations begin with the construction of the foundation. You can use ribbon or columnar technology - this choice will determine the way in which the main load-bearing elements are embedded in the basis of the greenhouse. This can be either a groove in concrete or the fixation of metal racks with fasteners. Already in the basic configuration, the reinforced hothouse has a set of hardware to implement the connection. The assembly can involve the above inserts, which increase the reliability of the fixation nodes. Also manufacturers provide technological grooves in the frames themselves.

By the way, the U-shaped profile in the installation planis the most reliable, since it ensures the maximum denseness of two elements. From the user it is only necessary to use the joiner's tool and twist the provided hardware into the corresponding niches. At this stage, the accuracy of calculations is particularly important. Then, polycarbonate sheets are fixed. They cover the steel frame, fixing through the same holes. In this case, it is especially important to properly use sealing pads that protect high-strength plastic from damage at the junction with metal frames.

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Additional equipment

Basic kits usually require the presence ofTwo windows and a pair of doors, providing access from opposite sides. As a supplement, you can use engineering support in the form of ventilation, lighting and heating systems. As the reinforced design expands the possibilities of its operation in the winter time, it will be superfluous to supply it with a thermal heat accumulator. Thanks to such equipment, a greenhouse reinforced will provide plants with energy that accumulates during the day. Next, the battery converts the accumulated potential into heat.

Positive feedback on strengthened greenhouses

assembly of a greenhouse

Such constructions can be attributed to high-gradefarm objects, but among their owners there are many ordinary gardeners and gardeners. Most of them emphasize the reliability of the frame, so that plants are protected from rain and wind gusts. The advantages of the buildings include the opportunities for building up the area. This requires only a few simple manipulations with the dismantling and subsequent integration of additional components in the form of polycarbonate sheets and profiles. But this is not all the virtues that the greenhouse possesses. The testimonies indicate that a strong frame allows us to use electrotechnical equipment without risks in the form of the same lighting and heating systems.

Negative feedback

If conventional film greenhouses based on aluminumand wood can be installed directly into the ground, the polycarbonate with metal frames requires an initial foundation device. Users note the possibility of acquiring good quality ready-made basics. But they significantly increase the total cost of the facility. Also, many point to the fact that the greenhouse is potentially susceptible to burning. This disadvantage is possessed by polycarbonate. There is another unpleasant feature of such structures. The fact is that the steel frame base can be covered only with polycarbonate. Glass in it is inexpedient to use because of brittleness, and the film does not require a high bearing capacity.


greenhouse reinforced photo

Mounting operations coupled with considerable value allThe same limits the circle of fans of the strengthened hothouse design. Nevertheless, for avid gardeners who have big plans for growing thermophilic crops, the presence of such an object on the site is a must. Correctly mounted reinforced greenhouses made of polycarbonate allow you to grow crops all year round. In summer, polycarbonate provides all the advantages of traditional designs, including light scattering and ventilation. In the winter, the regulation of the microclimate will be performed by special equipment in the form of thermal units and lighting and watering systems.

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