A great gift for a girl - Disney dolls-princess!

The Disney Princess Dolls series is an incredible gift for a girl of almost any age. Even moms will be fascinated by these beautiful beauties. And some adult women will also be very happy for such a surprise, especially if they collect different dolls. These particular Disney princess dolls definitely will not leave any lady indifferent.

Heroes in dolls

Almost all Disney princesses (by the way, and not only them) were embodied in dolls: Rapunzel, Ariel, Snow White, Merida, Jasmine, Elsa, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Pocahontas and many other heroines of Walt Disney cartoons.

In addition to the princesses, the Disney company (and other toy makers) release various characters, one way or another connected with cartoons. There is also a funny snowman Olaf from “Cold Heart” and the Beast from “Beauty and the Beast”, the Prince from “The Little Mermaid” and many others.

Disney Princess Dolls: Specifications

If we talk about quality, then it really is high. Disney princess dolls don't smell like cheap Chinese toys. Of course, provided that the original product is purchased. Therefore, you should definitely check which company is the doll, who is its manufacturer, because there are a large number of fakes that are not very good, and sometimes frankly disgusting quality.

disney princess dolls

Separately, it is worth noting their hair, they are also made of quality material, well attached to the head (usually sewn), so they can be combed, make a variety of hairstyles, without fear that they will become entangled or look like a sponge.

The dolls have a well-drawn face, beautiful bright make-up is applied, probably they lack real fluffy eyelashes, but their absence does not spoil the face. The plastic from which they are made is pleasant to the touch, and on the body, by the way, are often drawn panties, completely matching the color of the dress.

There is a difference in how the limbs are attached to the body. Sometimes the hinge mount, then you can give the doll a lot of different poses. Sometimes it does not differ from what the old Barbie dolls were like, then there will not be such a variety of positions and poses of the princess, but this is enough for the game.

Dolls Reviews

Mostly reviews of Mattel dolls are positive. There is really high quality, good detailed drawing of the face, pleasant to the touch hair.

set of disney princess dolls

In addition, almost all buyers in the reviews note the incredible similarity of the dolls with the princess from the cartoons themselves, which also speaks in favor of this company. In addition, separately emphasized and the overall similarity of appearance: dresses, accessories.

However, there are some drawbacks regarding large dolls:

  • The dolls are probably more intended for the collection, and not for the game, because no matter how the child treats them carefully, they are still frayed, dirty and will not look very presentable.
  • The weight of the princess is not so small (more than one kilogram), so you should not give it to a very young child. In addition, such a doll is not cheap, so the baby will not be able to appreciate such a royal gift.
  • As already mentioned, too high a price, especially at the moment, when the dollar, although falling, but still did not reach last year's marks.

Mini dolls

Dolls "Princess Disney" babes, as the name implies, differ in their size: they are about 12 centimeters high.They are distinguished by bright colors and look, almost, like living. The material is quite plastic and flexible: the dolls can turn the head and limbs (arms and legs), they are quite stable. In addition, surprisingly, despite their diminutiveness, you can try to make clothes for them and dress, although their dresses are not made of fabric. The material is decorated with sparkles and charmingly shimmers in daylight.

disney mini princess dolls

Princess Disney dolls (mini) are often stocked with various accessories, for example, Rapunzel is complemented by a charming floral bouquet and a removable dress.

Why are these pupae comfortable? You can always take them with you. Unlike big princesses, such a baby can easily fit in the palm of a little girl.

Where can I buy?

A set of Princess Disney dolls can be purchased at almost any retail children's store and in almost every online store that sells children's products and a variety of toys.

Disney Princess Baby Dolls

In addition, in foreign and domestic stores you can buy a variety of accessories that will make playing dolls even more exciting: houses with various lighting effects and without them, sets of doll furniture, dresses and other clothes, animals, and so on.

Nowadays, there is really a huge variety of toys of all kinds on sale, and Disney princess dolls will be a wonderful gift for your baby.

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