Greasy hair what to do?

The hair of every woman is her wealth and pride. What man will pass indifferently past a girl with beautiful and well-groomed hair? And if the hair, despite the care of them, quickly fade and do not have a look? If you have fatty hair, you do not know what to do, then read this article carefully.

The reasons for the active work of the sebaceous glands on your head are different. This can be the cause of incorrect nutrition or stress, improper care or illness.

Greasy hair what to do? Probably, it is necessary to address to the endocrinologist, the reason can be in disturbance of job of glands. And also be sure to analyze what you eat: fatty foods, also one of the possible causes of oily hair.

Why do you have fat hair and do not know what to do with them - do not worry, everything is fixable. The main thing is your desire, perseverance and faith in victory.

Greasy hair what to do? First, you need to choose a shampoo suitable for frequent use. When choosing a shampoo, pay attention to its appearance. It should be without dyes, which can, settling on the hair, stimulate the sebaceous glands. The best option for you will be a virtually transparent shampoo. Remember with frequent use of shampoo is better to change every month to any other similar, so that there is no addictive effect.

Secondly, wash your head as often as possible, but only with warm water. Why is the hair washed with warm water? Yes, because hot water is contraindicated for them.

Third, forget about air conditioners. However, if you can not give up the conditioner for the hair. Acquire the conditioner with the smallest fat content. And in no case, when applied, it should not get on the scalp - only on the tips of the hair.

Oily hair - what to do, you think? Traditional medicine is your reliable assistant in the struggle for the beauty and health of your hair.

Make shampoo for oily hair alone: take 1 yolk and drip into it a drop of camphor oil, mix it thoroughly and wash it with a head. Rinse with warm water. Then wash the head again, but with the usual shampoo. Especially this way of washing hair will suit those who have thin fat hair.

Traditional medicine offers a huge choicerinsers for oily hair. For example, you can use the following rinse aid recipe: 2 liters of boiling water pour 4 tbsp. spoons of oak bark in enamel or glassware, let it brew for 30 minutes. After cool and strain. Use the decoction once a week for several months, and you will forget what a greasy shine of hair is.

For an integrated approach, do more masks from the arsenal of traditional medicine

for hair with high fat content. Take half a cup of kefir or curdled milk and apply carefully on the hair and hold it on the head for about an hour. After gently wash and rinse your head with usual shampoo.

Take 2 tbsp. spoons of chemist's chamomile and pour a glass of boiling water, let it brew for 1.5-2 hours. After this, in the strained infusion, add 1 egg white, thoroughly whipped. Apply gently on the scalp and leave until completely dry.

Oily hair what to do with the hair? Forget about licking the hair in the tail or something like that. This only aggravates the matter. So the fat secreted by the sebaceous glands is easier to spread over the hair. Do naches and use a varnish to create a hairstyle - all this will not allow the fat to spread through the hair.

Another way to deal with greasy shineis a perm, which dries the hair. Or you can make a short haircut. However, such radical ways are not suitable for everyone. It's a matter of choice and taste.

Traditional medicine is a real storehouse of information and recipes for the beauty of hair. If you do not trust her, you can always contact a specialist and get the help you need.

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