Grapes Ruslan - a unique bouquet of pleasure

Grapes are a favorite treat for many of us. Large and small, green, red, blue, sour-sweet and sweet, like honey, - today there are a lot of different varieties. But an indisputable advantage is that you can grow almost every one of them in your own summer cottage. Today we will speak about one of the known varieties - a hybrid obtained by crossing varieties of Kuban and a gift from Zaporozhye to Ruslan grapes.

What is he - Ruslan grapes?

The hybrid hybrid form was introduced by the UkrainianVV Zagorulko. The main advantage of this variety is that it has quite early maturity. Acquaint themselves with sweet and sour berries, literally bursting with juice, you can already in early August. The grape variety Ruslan is frost-resistant - it perfectly tolerates the temperature to -24 degrees, so in some regions it is not even laid and covered for the winter.

grapes Ruslan

Its taste is somewhat similar to plum. Ruslan is used for making jams and jams, and is also indispensable in a bouquet of red wine. However, more often it is simply frozen in fresh form, after all, melted, it does not lose its flavor qualities at all, delighting in the winter with the sweet-sour taste of the sunny summer.

Variety description

The vine grows very strong and tall. The vine of this grape variety grows very quickly, the standard bunch weighs up to 700 grams. Oval berries of dark-blue color weigh not less than 12 grams each. In shape, the cluster resembles a cone, and that is very important, it is not prone to bearded (small berries in the cluster are absent).

processing of grapes in spring

The flesh of the berries is very dense,a small crunch. In each berry - 2-3 large seeds, but the peel is easily eaten (unlike many other large varieties of grapes, whose skin is more like peel). Flowers Ruslan chocolate-colored, with dark red knots. Peduncles differ in increased strength and have a brownish-green color. Grapes of this variety have very large, slightly cut leaves.

General characteristics

Very prolific is the main thing that one can sayabout the grapes Ruslan. The description of its characteristics will look like this. This kind of "shoot" even sleeping buds and stepchildren, which directly determines its fertility. For one escape, up to three inflorescences can enter. The vine ripens completely, along the entire length of its growth. The norm is not more than 35 eyes per bush. This variety is not inclined to rot, among ripe vines it is very difficult to find even a slightly spoiled berry.

grape variety

However, Ruslan does not tolerate excessive moisture. But the feeding is very good. Another attractive feature of this variety is that the grapes are not afraid of either gray rot, or wasps, or mealy dew. The only and main danger for matured berries is the birds.

Pests and diseases

As we mentioned above, Ruslan is not afraid of grapesneither grew, nor wasps, nor rot. And with birds, in principle, it is not difficult to fight - it is only to protect the vine with a grid with small cells, which even the smallest bird can not get through. The most dangerous for grapes is a disease phylloxera. Small insects feed on the roots of the plant, damaging the leaves. It is very difficult to fight with them, because this parasite can be withdrawn only by volatile carbon disulfide (agree, not every gardener on the farm has this liquid). The calculation for spraying is this - 400 cubic centimeters per square meter (for preventive purposes, processing of grapes in the spring). It should be noted that treatment with volatile hydrogen sulphide also harms the vine itself. However, if you choose the lesser of evils, it is better to take out this parasite once than to lose not only the harvest, but the vine itself.

Grapes Ruslan Description

Bacterial cancer

Another trouble that can damage the grapesRuslan, - bacterial cancer. It develops exclusively on the damaged parts of the vine, so when buying it is very carefully to inspect the entire branch. If there are damages, it is better to immediately replace it with another one. After planting the grapes, it is not necessary to disturb the planting plants once again. They are easy to injure, and bacterial cancers can occur even from the smallest damage. The result is one - the diseased bush has to be uprooted along with the rhizome and burned. It also requires the processing of grapes in spring, both in the form of pruning to obtain a good harvest, and in the form of getting rid of possible parasites that could winter with a vine hidden from the snow. Only it is worthwhile to know that the grapes are sprayed after the pruning in order to maximize the processing of open and accessible areas of the vine.


A real gift for the average inhabitant -this is the name of this grape grower. It is unpretentious, frost-resistant, not afraid of parasites, it is tasty and useful Ruslan grape. The reviews say that this variety is very stable, perfectly adapts to different conditions, excellent fructification both in solitary cultivation on a personal plot, and on huge plantations.

Grapes Ruslan reviews

This grape variety has flowers of bothsexes. This greatly simplifies the process of pollination. Ruslan's berries have many useful qualities - there are many vitamins and microelements in it, which contributes to a fruitful fight against anemia, kidney diseases and even cancerous tumors. Its large leaves are suitable for food, like the berries themselves. In the leaves wrap meat rolls or just use them for marinade. Perhaps the only drawback of this variety is the berries that crack from their own juice.

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Grapes Ruslan - a unique bouquet of pleasure Grapes Ruslan - a unique bouquet of pleasure Grapes Ruslan - a unique bouquet of pleasure Grapes Ruslan - a unique bouquet of pleasure Grapes Ruslan - a unique bouquet of pleasure