Grapes: growing from pits at home, especially care

Everyone knows a plant such as grapes,growing from the bones of which at home is of interest to many gardeners. To get a fruit-bearing bush, you need to know the correct technology of this method and tune in to what will last for a long time. Not many wine growers and gardeners use this method, because it is quite complex and not all can cope with it.

Why grow grapes at home?

Ways of growing grapes at home:

  • with the help of cuttings;
  • using pits.

The latter method is the most laborious and laborious, so not many take it. Let's consider this method of cultivation in more detail.

grapes pitted

On the question of whether it is possible to grow grapes frombones at home, experienced breeders and wine growers respond positively. But the harvest is fairly modest, so gardeners are doing it for the sake of:

  • Excitement. To grow such a plant is long and difficult, and this process requires great efforts, constant attention and care. Not every gardener can grow a garden culture in a pot from a small seed.
  • Experiment. For those who breed new varieties, grapes from the bone can become a sort of "guinea pig", where you can try out various fertilizing, as well as trace how the plant reacts to pests, diseases and other negative factors.
  • The stock. Grapes, growing from the bones of which passes under the conditions of an apartment, are used as a support for an ordinary garden vine. This will save on seedlings.
  • Decoration. Grown "home" grapes appearance does not differ from the garden. And as the plant itself is very beautiful, you can decorate your balcony.

What crop should be expected?

Is it possible to grow grapes from a stone

Berries obtained from the "home" vine, theirtaste qualities are significantly different from the garden. Fruiting begins after planting after 4-5 years. The first time the yield is expected to be quite small, but the taste of the berries is sour or have a slightly pronounced taste.

Seed preparation

Proper attention should be paid to seed preparationfor planting. It is best to choose new varieties, as this ensures that grapes, grown from the bones of which are carried out at home, will be resistant to various diseases and unfavorable conditions. Bones must be extracted from the ripeest berries, differing in variety qualities, which do not have deformation and without signs of damage to rot.

conditions of growing grapes

Grape seeds, which will beused for growing at home, should be very large and preferably beige-brown in color. They are carefully and thoroughly washed under water, and then not dried, but immediately laid out on moistened kapron sacks and wrapped in plain polyethylene film. Prepared grape bones are recommended to be placed on the lowest shelf in the refrigerator. It should be regularly inspected and periodically washed. As soon as a few months they will have cracks, this indicates their willingness to land in the ground.

Material planting technology

Is it possible to grow grapes from a stone at home?If everything is done correctly, then this is quitefeasible. The sprouted grape seeds are planted in individual containers, which fill the fertile soil. The optimum soil consists of a mixture of humus and sifted sand. Before sowing seeds, the soil should be decontaminated, for this purpose the ground is calcined in an oven at a high temperature or it is poured with boiling water with the addition of potassium permanganate.

growing grapes at home

After the tanks are filled with soil, itsmoisten and plant the prepared grape bones to a depth of 1-1.5 cm. In order for the sprouts to appear as soon as possible, pots with crops should be placed on a window sill where there is good light and a lot of heat.

Peculiarities of growing

If growing grapes from bones inhome conditions to create the optimal temperature regime, and crops are provided with the required amount of light, then we can expect the appearance of sprouts in 10 days.

The conditions for growing grapes are as follows:

  • plants must be regularly watered at room temperature, but do not over-wet or dry the soil;
  • The soil must be loosened, and it must be done very carefully, so as not to harm the sprouts;
  • if there is such a need, the watering is supplemented with additional fertilizing with mineral and organic fertilizers;
  • the plant should be protected from drafts, and if the weather is very sunny, then the grapes should be pritenit.

It is necessary to regularly inspect seedlings, as young plants are often afflicted with diseases or a spider mite. In the spring they are transplanted into larger vessels.

cultivation of grapes

If the growing of seedlings is carried outgrapes, then next year they are recommended to be transplanted into the open ground. It is also very important to temper the plants before they are planted in a permanent place. Thanks to this procedure, they adapt to the new growing conditions more quickly and take root more quickly.

Tips and Tricks

ways of growing grapes

Growing grapes at home continuesUntil he reaches a height of 1.5-2 meters. After that, the seedlings can develop only on the open ground. In this case, the growing conditions of the plant are as follows:

  • The landing site should be well illuminated and not be drafted. It is best if the north side is protected.
  • Choose a site preferably with a light, air-permeable and moderately moist soil.
  • Usually, grapes are grown ontrellises, which are very strong supports of two-meter growth with a stretched wire. Between planted plants should be a distance of 1.5 or 2 meters.
  • Grape should be provided with quality drainage in the form of stones of medium size or broken bricks. It is recommended to fill it with high-quality and fertile soil.

In the future, care for planted grapesprovides regular watering, loosening of soil, fertilization. If you competently care for the plant, then it will begin to bear fruit in three or four years after planting the bones of the grapes.


Thus, we have analyzed what isGrapes, the cultivation of which occurs in an apartment or a private house. This process is very complex and only experienced gardener can do. The vine can be grown not only to decorate your own balcony, but also to enjoy berries.

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Grapes: growing from pits at home, especially care Grapes: growing from pits at home, especially care Grapes: growing from pits at home, especially care Grapes: growing from pits at home, especially care Grapes: growing from pits at home, especially care